Bhagawan Krishna says ‘I am telling you these secrets just because you are my devotee and friend, just because you are near and dear to me’

In the next verse, Kṛṣṇa says:

sa evāyaṁ mayā te ‘dya yogaḥ proktaḥ purātanaḥ I

bhakto ‘si me sakhā ceti rahasyaṁ hy etad uttamam II 4.3

He says, ‘I am telling you about this very ancient science of the ultimate Enlightenment or entering eternal bliss, and being My devotee and my friend, you will understand the supreme mystery of this science. Continue reading “Bhagawan Krishna says ‘I am telling you these secrets just because you are my devotee and friend, just because you are near and dear to me’”

This thought-current I am giving you has liberated me!

If your room is too hot, suffocating, the moment you come out of your room you will feel a little breeze, cold, nice, even though the weather is not as you think. As a comparison, you will experience the weather is better. But for somebody who is already standing outside, may want to go into the room. Understand, comparative realities are not existential realities. Comparative realities are more for the sake of comfort. It is more for the sake of comfort. You plan: ‘Better shall I do this job or that job?’ It is a comparative reality. Most of the time you exist and die in comparative reality itself! No! The biggest conspiracy against human-beings is atheism! Atheism, where more than comparative reality, no other reality is not only not accepted, even possibility to explore is denied!

Today in the Nithyananda Times Video, one of my Balasants, Dhyanananda, when he was telling, ‘Jnanatma challenged me to bring rain. I asked, I created space; rain happened. Then I suddenly realized I can play with Nature!’ First thing I want to tell you, I studied, I already heard about this whole incident and studied; it was true! It was not that automatically it rained. It rained actually by the space created by Dhyanananda. That is true. What he said is true. Second, a kid feeling, ‘I can play with Nature’, God, it is just unimaginable boon anybody can receive especially when they are kid! Jnanatma is also saying, that also, only in that town it rained, that village it rained! Nowhere else! Continue reading “This thought-current I am giving you has liberated me!”

Why ?

WHY?! This is the first stone you face in the life. You can take this stone as obstruction and never move beyond it. Or you can use this stone as a stepping stone and start going up. Or you can use this stone even to take off!

This great ‘WHY?’! Please understand whatever is said and done, human-beings can move only with this ability to handle the great ‘WHY?’ If you are not able to answer to this great ‘WHY?’, if you are not able to convince yourself for this ‘WHY?’ you will continuously suffer lack of inspiration, energy, laziness, boredom. 

I tell you, the worst things can happen to human-beings is laziness attack, boredom attack. People talk about panic attack. No! I tell you, boredom attack and laziness attack is more costly than panic attack.

Panic attack happens to you if you have too many answers for ‘WHY?’

Boredom attack happens to you if you don’t have answer for ‘WHY?’

Laziness attack happens to you if you don’t even want to know the answer for ‘WHY?’! 

The great ‘WHY?’ which created philosophies, gave birth to principles, gave birth even to gods, goddesses, gave birth to religions, gave birth to spiritual groups, cults, sects, cultures, we will today indulge on this great ‘WHY?’
I have a news. You can take it as a good news or a bad news. For this great ‘WHY?’ you have to discover answer. It can be a good news if you are interested in finding the answer. It can be bad news if you think, ‘Oh, I have to find out! Nobody else will give me the answer!’

I tell you, with Integrity and Authenticity I tell you, please do not accept anybody’s answer for the ‘WHY?’ If you accept my answer for ‘WHY?’ you may be living for my answer. At the most, my answer can be an inspiration for you to find out the answer for ‘WHY?’

This ‘WHY?’ created religions, made many people reach their peak and killed many people brutally in religious terrorism. For the religious terrorism to spiritual enlightenment, for the whole – see, one end of the spectrum is religious terrorism, one end of the spectrum is spiritual enlightenment – for both, “WHY?” is a reason. If you don’t find the answer for “WHY?” and eat somebody else’s answer, you can even be made as a religious terrorist! If you find your own answer for the “WHY?” you will become spiritually enlightened! 

This great “WHY?” this was the yesterday’s discussion with me and my, I can say that top organizers of Dhyanapeetam who run my sangha literally. I was having discussion. 

All of them asked, ‘We need to answer this one question, Swamiji, “WHY?”! 
So, I contemplated, contemplated, contemplated on it. I told them straightaway, ‘Now I don’t have answer. I will get back to you.’ Thanks to the disciples who give me the space to say, “I don’t know”, understand, it is a; it is not greatness of me; it is the greatness of my disciples! They are ready for an answer of this sort from me that ‘I don’t know! I will get back to you guys!’ Of course, I have started contemplating, meditating, and I can see the answer is evolving. 

They were asking me, ‘Why these four tattwas? Why meditation? Why kriya? Why all this?’ We go on teach people ‘HOW’: how to live the four tattwas; how to do the kriya. But still we have yet to answer this great question of “WHY?”

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