The eight-fold path of blissful living or Ananda Ashtanga!

Living in bliss
– The eight-fold path of blissful living or Ananda Ashtanga

These are:

1.  Blissful Laughter
2.  Blissful Affirmation
3.  Blissful Cleansing
4.  Blissful Yoga
5.  Blissful Meditation
6.  Blissful Tools
7.  Blissful Energy
8.  Blissful Chant

Ananda Ashtanga or Blissful Living is a simple eight-fold pathway to Living Enlightenment. These are simple techniques that take you into the experience directly without the need to understand and absorb.

Blissful Laughter

Laughing meditation or Haasya Dhyana Meditation

As soon as you wake up in the morning, even before you get up from your bed, laugh for five minutes! Read More

Whatever you decide you are going to decide forever becomes the decision for Life immediately!

Just the other day I was telling in the satsangh, if you decide clearly that, till death you are going to decide only FOR wealth, you will feel, ‘Then why should I delay till death? Come on, let me start deciding NOW, and let me start expressing!’ Life will be aligned, tuned!

I tell you, frustrated beings, frustrated beings are the criminals of Planet Earth. Listen! Frustrated beings are the criminals of Planet Earth! When somebody is frustrated, starts deciding AGAINST LIFE, they are the dangers to Planet Earth. When somebody constantly decides FOR LIFE, they become the juice of Planet Earth, the essence of Planet Earth!

Listen! Go on deciding, go on deciding FOR LIFE. And, know, when you need to change, even your change will automatically happen when you decide FOR LIFE. For example, if you decide for Wealth, thinking that is life, after sometime you will realize, much more than Wealth there is something in you which is more important for life; you will start deciding for that. That may be Health. And, after some time, you will realize, more than Health something more important exists in you that is life. That is Enlightenment. So, ultimately, if you go on deciding FOR LIFE, FOR LIFE, FOR LIFE, you will decide for LIVING ADVAITHA! But, when you believe Money is life, don’t decide FOR Living Advaitha; then you will be hypocritical.

When you believe MONEY IS LIFE, decide for Money.

When you realize HEALTH IS LIFE, decide for Health.

When you realize ENLIGHTENMENT IS LIFE, decide for Enlightenment.

When you realize EVERYTHING IS LIFE, decide for Everything! You will have energy to have EVERYTHING – Money, Health, Enlightenment, EVERYTHING!

Deciding FOR LIFE consciously in every step makes you free from all the Karma.

  • Your health is simply totality of your beliefs.
  • Your whole body is new within 1 year 8 days (373 days).
  • Every moment know very clearly that Life around you is you. 

Carrying powerlessness as cognition is Life impriosonment !

Having the wrong idea about you, you carrying wrong cognition about you, you thinking that powerfulness happened in your life once in a while only as an accident, otherwise powerlessness is your nature, is the worst life imprisonment. Whole day, whole night, you will be in that prison.  

I still remember very funny incident.  One police officer, when he was trying to arrest me illegally in Himachal Pradesh, I was very cool, calm, relaxed and going and just sitting in the car. He was so agitated, I think he knows he is doing something illegal; he should not be arresting somebody so illegally without even having any false complainant.  At least, he should cook up a false complainant and then arrest.  Without even cooking up a false victim he is arresting, he knows.  He is completely agitated.  He hit himself in the car frame and started bleeding and he was complaining of back-pain.  I just put my hand, immediately the bleeding stopped and back-pain became alright. But, I saw, poor guy he can’t directly express his gratitude.  I saw he was bending as if he dropped his kerchief and the kerchief is at least two feet away from my feet but his hand comes near my feet and touch. I was laughing inside.  I was thinking, ‘Poor fellow must be in the life imprisonment inside.’  But what to do?  He is only an arrow; he is not responsible for his actions.  He is forced to do what he is doing.  Who forced, nobody knows? Anyhow, leave it, what has happened has happened.  

I was just seeing whether it is police officials or the human-beings, or the devotee, or a disciple or a sannyasi or brahmachari, whoever you may be, if you have a wrong idea about you, you are in life imprisonment.  You are in life imprisonment, be very clear.

Technique for all the big-belly

Resistance forms the basic blockage which creates stress.  That is the reason for the cholesterol. The cholesterol which comes due to stress, starts getting built in your life and I tell you, I can give this as a technique for all the big-belly.  No, really, all the people who are little big-bodied, who have too much cholesterol, I  give this one technique:

Stop resisting !

I am not teaching acceptance.  Stop resisting. Suddenly, the stress level in you will drastically drop because you need to know, the stress in you, the stress built in you is not because of your life, but because trying to finalize the whole flow of life sitting in one room. It is like, before even you start living, you try to have the whole picture of your life.  When you stop resisting, suddenly your whole internal thinking will be free from stress and the cholesterol will melt as if it is put in the fire, like a ghee melts when it is poured in the lamp or the Homa. 


Listen every moment !


Every part of your body carries some or the other memory. For example, when you have worry, your stomach gets agitated. You should know one more truth and that is that every part of your body every moment awakens its memory inside you.Your thinking is nothing but the collection of the memories radiated by all the parts of your body. That is why there is no logic in your thinking. Sometimes because of small-small problems you experience self-hatred. And sometimes people are able to come out of diseases like cancer even because of their self-confidence. To silence the memories of your muscle memory you need the power of listening.


Listen every moment!


In the state of listening don’t allow your agitation to interfere. If you listen, whatever you do after that, will not be aggression but activism. Listen to every sound in life, whether that is the sound of a bird, or the sound of thoughts or feelings generated inside you.


Your thoughts are nothing but the sounds of your muscle memory.

Your feelings are nothing but the sounds of your biomemory.


Listen to both – sounds outside and inside you. The sounds outside you are the action. The sounds inside you are reaction. Action is reality but reaction is not natural.


When the sounds of the reaction inside you reduces, then your Kundalini Shakti awakens. Just the power of listening is enough to awaken the kundalini energy. Listening is the tool to awaken your consciousness, that is why Mahadev has not given the facility to close the ears. When the outer sounds silence the inner sounds, your Kundalini energy awakens.


Your body is an integrated intelligence!

When was the last time you sang with your eyes? Danced with your smile? Throw your whole body and being into anything, just anything?

If you notice children, their whole body is one organic unity. Whatever they are doing, their whole body just flows into that action. They don’t create separation in the body. It is not as if the head is important and the feet are unimportant. The truth is that there is no division in your body, no natural demarcations exist. But by and by demarcations start coming up. Then the head becomes the master, and the whole body is divided into parts. We stop experiencing our body as a whole. We create roles for each part of our body, and then limit them in these roles. We forget to be total in anything. In the martial arts tradition, students are told, Your whole body should become an eye! Just imagine! This is the kind of sensitivity that needs to be developed in the body! This is what is being total. Totality is the way to live. Your mind is always limiting you. Drop your mind and be total in whatever you do. Then there will be no hangover in anything. Everything will become a joyful meditation. You will experience fulfillment in whatever you do. When you miss the totality, you become fragmented. When you are total, you become integrated. Being integrated is your true nature.

Whatever you are doing, it naturally becomes your meditation for that moment. When you are looking at something, look with your whole body. Understand, you don’t just see with the eyes. You can see with your whole body! When you are looking at something intensely, totally, your whole being flows towards that. But we rarely enter into anything totally. Now, be total and integrated in all your body movements. When you are listening, listen with your whole body. Let a deep silence be created in your center. Let your listening happen from that center. When you are laughing, feel the laughter rising from deep inside you. Let your whole body bubble with laughter! Even when you are working, using only your hands, feel the movement in your whole body. Experience your body as an integrated whole. Experience every pore of your skin looking, listening, laughing. Don’t think, how can I see with my skin? There are many interesting incidents where blind people have taught their fingers to ‘see’ colors!

You don’t realize, your body is an integrated intelligence! You never use all the possibilities of your body. When you are total, a new sensitivity flowers in your body. Your body responds as a whole to life. You begin to live completely with your body. Not only that, you will find your body expressing abilities that you never imagined. Your body has a tremendous potential that you have never used. When you fulfill all the possibilities of your body, naturally you become ready to go beyond the body.

One word is enough !

Once a small town was visited by a saint. As he passed by a small hut, a woman came to him and begged him to pray for her critically-ill child. Since the saint was new to the town, a crowd gathered around him and see if he could do anything. 

The woman brought the sick child to him and he said the prayer over her.

‘Do you really think your prayer will help her when medicine has failed?’, yelled a man from the crowd. From the crowd one guy shouted, ‘Will your prayer work when medicine has failed?’

‘You idiot, you don’t know what I am doing! and just shut up’, said the saint to the man.

The man became furious with these words with his face grew hot and red. He was about to say something or perhaps hit the saint.

The saint walked towards him and said, ‘If one word has such power to make you so angry and hot, may not another word have a power to heal?’

When one word can make you mad, another word can make you heal!

Please understand, single word can break relationship of ten or twenty years. Single word can make the relationship which was not there for ten or twenty years. Single word can break the relationship of ten or twenty years. Single word can make the relationship which was not there for ten or twenty years.

Even when you decide in your feeling that you are going to take the responsibility for the words you uttered, for the words you are uttering, the Power of Words expresses through you.

Power of Words

I can give you one small example.
If you just go on uttering for a few days “I am sick, I am sick, I am sick!”, and others also utter that words towards you, you will simply be sick. I am giving you a negative example, because the negativity catches you very quickly, you catch negative examples very quickly.

Same way, if you constantly tell yourself “I am healthy, I am healthy, I am healthy!”, and you use the same words towards others also, to others also – “I am healthy, I am healthy, I am healthy!” – I tell you, from somewhere the courage and energy and Kundalini will be awakened in you. The courage and Kundalini will be awakened in you, you will be really healthy.

As natural programming, you tend to hold your words up and high. So, when you give word to yourself and others “I am healthy, I am healthy”, the extra Kundalini awakens in your system and holds your declaration as reality, holds your declaration high and up. Words you utter towards you, the words you utter towards others are so powerful, you need to know, the words you utter towards yourself and others guides your thinking, the way your thinking flows.

Constantly, the emotions you cherish becomes the source of your bio-energy. Whatever is the source of your bio-energy impacts your thinking. Please understand, it is like a vicious circle. It is like one feeds to the other. If you are constantly agitated, having depression, that becomes your bio-energy. If depression and agitation become your bio-energy, naturally you tend to think towards more depression and more agitation. So, what you think becomes your bio-energy, what is your bio-energy forms the basis for your thinking.

Authenticity is nothing but completing with the incompletions you carry about being active. Complete with all the incompletions you have about being active ! Most unfortunate thing, happened in the world is parents not able to handle the kids when they are active and kids getting controlled for it. Kids start developing a pattern that being active is bad !!!! 

The first thing that will happen when you complete with the incompletions you carry in life regarding being active is: your lust pattern will leave you. Lust is just a side effect of being incomplete with being active…you are trying to be secretly active !!!

Completion and Listening are the foundation

Disciple asks Master, ‘What is the difference between you and me?’ Master replies, “I eat when I eat, I sleep when I sleep!’

Only if you are complete, you can do this! Only when you are complete, you can eat while you eat, you can sleep while you sleep. Unless you are complete, you can’t eat while you eat. You will be doing everything while you are eating! You will be doing everything while you sleep! Eat while you eat, sleep while you sleep.

Completion is enlightenment! Completion is auspiciousness! Completion is consciousness!

Complete!You will become more conscious.

Complete! You will become more auspicious.

Complete! You will have enlightenment!

Complete! You will have life!

Understand the life! Understand the strength! You will stop feeling powerlessness only after completion. Till completion, every moment of your life, in some way or other, you will have that shivering, feeling powerlessness continuously in you. Feeling powerless happens because you are broken to pieces! 

Integrity makes you feel powerful, strong. Strength happens in you with Integrity. Strength happens in you with Integrity. Knowledge happens in you with Integrity. Energy happens in you with Integrity. Power happens in you with Integrity. Everything good happens in you with Integrity, but Integrity happens in you only with completion! So, Completion and Listening are the base foundation on which these four principles stand as a pillar, and the space of miracles stands as a roof, enlightenment as a Kailash, and this is the building of Jeevan Mukthi!

Completion and Listening are the foundation. Without this foundation, nothing is possible. So, learn to find your root-pattern and complete! Learn to find your root pattern and complete!