Carrying powerlessness as cognition is Life impriosonment !

Having the wrong idea about you, you carrying wrong cognition about you, you thinking that powerfulness happened in your life once in a while only as an accident, otherwise powerlessness is your nature, is the worst life imprisonment. Whole day, whole night, you will be in that prison.  

I still remember very funny incident.  One police officer, when he was trying to arrest me illegally in Himachal Pradesh, I was very cool, calm, relaxed and going and just sitting in the car. He was so agitated, I think he knows he is doing something illegal; he should not be arresting somebody so illegally without even having any false complainant.  At least, he should cook up a false complainant and then arrest.  Without even cooking up a false victim he is arresting, he knows.  He is completely agitated.  He hit himself in the car frame and started bleeding and he was complaining of back-pain.  I just put my hand, immediately the bleeding stopped and back-pain became alright. But, I saw, poor guy he can’t directly express his gratitude.  I saw he was bending as if he dropped his kerchief and the kerchief is at least two feet away from my feet but his hand comes near my feet and touch. I was laughing inside.  I was thinking, ‘Poor fellow must be in the life imprisonment inside.’  But what to do?  He is only an arrow; he is not responsible for his actions.  He is forced to do what he is doing.  Who forced, nobody knows? Anyhow, leave it, what has happened has happened.  

I was just seeing whether it is police officials or the human-beings, or the devotee, or a disciple or a sannyasi or brahmachari, whoever you may be, if you have a wrong idea about you, you are in life imprisonment.  You are in life imprisonment, be very clear.

What is it that can make human-beings enrich themselves and others?

I wanted to share a very important truth with you all. I was meditating, contemplating on what is the one important truth I need to share with people, really, really, really helping them to enrich themselves and others. Kaalabhairava has revealed that this one truth is enough; that is, “you don’t need to accept, but stop resisting”! Please understand, you don’t need to accept, but stop resisting. You may or may not accept, but stop resisting. Whatever you resist in your life, the memory of resistance stops your Kundalini awakening.

Kaalabhairava revealed today early morning very beautifully to me! Usually, that early morning time is the downloading time for me, to teach. Every day satsangh, whatever subject I’m talking, it happens in that early morning downloading! And thanks to this hand, early morning it doesn’t allow me to sleep. It wakes me up. No pain, but it asks for my attention. And I was just sitting, I had only one question in my space, contemplating: What is it that can make human-beings enrich themselves and others? Kaalabhairava revealed that this is the foremost truth! He said this should be taught with more importance, even prior to Integrity, Authenticity! I was shocked! ‘Oh, God!’

For example, if you are resisting, if you are constantly afraid of a disease…..I am not saying accept, like ‘Alright, if that disease comes, what can be done?’ No! Then you will trigger the fear and you will trigger another pattern: ‘If I am constantly meditating on this disease, it may come on me!’ You may trigger other complications. I am not saying accept; all I am saying is decide not to resist. Decide, whenever the fear of that disease comes, you are not going to resist.

Please listen! If you are afraid of poverty, I am not saying accept poverty. No! Accepting poverty is like going back in your life. No! I am not saying that! All I am trying to tell you is, don’t resist poverty. Whenever the thought of poverty happens in you, do not resist.

I tell you, in India, these engineers, Public Works Department people who plan for roads, bridges, these fellows never visit the site. Sitting in the office in the AC, they see the map and finalize the plan, freeze it and approve it. Only the people who have to work on the ground, when they go there, they find suddenly a big hole in the place where the road has to happen. Now, because of that big hole, you cannot build a road, you have to build only a bridge! Otherwise, where they have a bridge, you will see a beautiful flat land. You don’t need to build a bridge there, you need a road! On the center of the road, some important, monumental protected, archaeological monument temple will be standing! And you know one funny thing, these fellows had made a road exactly in the middle of our banyan tree! There is a law in this country, if any tree is more than hundred years old, you can’t touch it. Then we had to write to them, made them understand, made somebody come here and see, and then they stopped. Our tree was saved. No, it really happened, I think in 2006!

Please understand this example: with this example, I wanted you to understand a very important truth. How these guys don’t go to the spot and decide the details, same way how they sit inside the office itself in the air-condition and finish all the decisions from the beginning to the end, they already see that they have a road and cars and other vehicles are moving without even seeing the ground. You have the same pattern of without entering into life trying to have a sketch of a complete life, which is arrogance! Please understand, I am defining arrogance. Continue reading →

It is just your personality which makes you Brahmana or Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra.

“Impossible” personality is what we call “Shudra” in Vedic tradition.  In Vedic tradition, “Shudra” is not defined based on birth.  The “impossible” personality, the person who is stuck with the “impossible” personality, means doubt on yourself, doubt on others, doubt on your ability to relate with others, when you are stuck with the “impossible” attitude, you are “Shudra”.  

But you are stuck with self-doubt, but you don’t have any doubt towards your ability to relate with others, then you become “Kshatriya”. 

Your doubt on others, whether others can do or not, only that is there, but otherwise you don’t have doubt about yourself, then you become “Vaishya”.

If you have completed with all the doubts, neither you have self-doubt “whether I can do it or not”, nor you have doubt on others “whether he can do it or not”, or you don’t have doubt towards your ability to convey, inspire the other person, all doubts are complete, you become “Brahmana”.

Understand, it is just your personality which makes you Brahmana or Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra.  The community based on understanding and ability, not by birth, community based on understanding and ability, not by birth, that should be the lifestyle. 


Anandamaaga irungal

Today is a very auspicious day for our whole Sangha, because today is the day I was reborn in 2000. On the same Diwali day, the rebirth has happened. I had many extraordinary spiritual experiences, but realization of my incarnation-hood, who I am, the original state, that realization completely disconnected me from the world. Around nine months I was completely away from this body and mind. Even though this body and mind was taken care of by Kalabhairava, Kalabhairava was handling it, it was at least doing the activities to keep itself alive, like breathing, eating rarely once in a while; body was doing those basic actions. But there was no sleep or 1-2-3! The body was doing minimal activity to keep itself alive, but I was completely out. So, after nine months…..

See, the last moment I remember was 2000 January 1st, till evening. After that I can recollect only this 2000 Diwali, almost nine months after! Only on the Diwali day, nine or ten months after, on the Diwali day, evening between 4:30 to 6:00, I saw very clearly, as a motherly, feeling compassionate, loving Kali energy landed into my body, and the first word came out in Tamil language – “Anandamaaga irungal” (be blissful)! After almost nine to ten months gap, that was the first word. Just like a cracker explosion it came out! After that, a few words started getting formed, then a few sounds, then that coherence, expression of words started happening. I think, by next April, in 2001 April, the free, coherent speech has started. 

So, Diwali is the auspicious day Mother Kali gave rebirth to this body, and this is the day the world was blessed with that beautiful blessings – “Be Blissful”. Even now, I always see, if that word comes out as a blessings, that is it! Whatever the person is asking, such a strong space is created as a blessing for that person, and I can say it is a real “Thathaasthu”! It happens!

I was nearing Arunachala. I was staying in a place near Kanchipuram. I was able to move my hands and legs coherently. So, the body was going in a bus, public transport, to Arunachala. Please understand, all these without any words inside…..just a vague memory only I had! Kalabhairava was moving the body. May be I saw Arunachala from a distance in the bus. The bus has entered the Arunachala energy field. I saw after five to six minutes suddenly that Kali’s energy landed in the body and the word came out. I can say that is the rebirth! That is the rebirth! 

Actually, after that experience, straight I went into the forest of Arunachala, and sat in a place, rested for almost three days in that joy. And, incidentally, exactly that property is now our Tiruvannamalai Ashram. Exactly the same property! Actually I didn’t know that property belongs to whom and nothing. Later on, exactly the same property was gifted to us by one of our devotees and pre-monastic relatives, and that is where our Tiruvannamalai Ashram is at present.

So, with all my heart, with the space of Mahakali and Maha Kalabhairava, I bless you all and the whole world and everyone, everybody – “Anandamaaga Irungal”! Let bliss overflow in all of you! Be blissful! Blessings to the whole Sangha! Let all of us radiate the eternal bliss! “Anandama Irungal”! Let everything be auspicious from now! Let everything be blissful! Let everyone be established in the space of Completion, Poornathwa! Let everyone radiate joy and enlightenment! Let the energy of Mahakala and Mahakali be on all of us! Let us all live enemy-less, enmity-less life! Let us all live and radiate eternal friendliness, eternal joy! Let Mahadeva establish all of us in the space of Completion, Poornathwa, and always powerful! 

Don’t follow rules and tradition blindly !

In the Olden days, people in India did not stitch clothes after sunset. This is because all stitching was done by hand with a needle. In the dim candle or kerosene lamp light it w$as not possible to see properly and one could get hurt by poking the fingers with needle. Even now in India, some people will not stitch with a needle after sunset. Even seamstresses and tailors will not do it, though we now have electricity and lights. They may not even stitch using machines! When we don’t have the necessary understanding of a practice, it becomes a dead rule, a superstition. With understanding, any rule can become a technique, a tool that helps us to lead life happily.

With deep understanding, it will dawn upon us that all rules were basically created to help people live blissfully and happily. The rules were meant to ensure that you were in peace with yourself and the others around you. Today, we have forgotten the basis for these rules. We create hell for ourselves and others with these rules.

There are people who truly believe that meditation and prayer will save their lives. They have been told so! They fuss a lot before they begin to meditate at home. They silence the children and all others around. They turn the whole household upside down. All for the sake of ten minutes of meditation! Let us see how the meditation proceeds. The moment meditation begins, they doze off! After a minute or two, they will start swatting mosquitoes. A couple of minutes later, a major itch manifests on some part of their body. Then, the back will begin to ache. Enough is enough, they decide, “I will continue this tomorrow. It is enough for today.”

Meditation is done for the sake of peace and silence. Why meditate at all, if inner awareness cannot be created? It is like a speaker trying to silence the listeners by outshouting at them. Will it help? If the listener is not interested however much one shouts, it is of no use. You cannot silence your inner chatter by making others quiet. You need to become silent, not others. We follow rules and tradition blindly. That is why religion has such a powerful hold on us.

Let us awaken to the powers that are within us! Nature has endowed us with unimaginable energy to be free. Be alert, awake and reach for this liberation!

Completion – Poornatva

What is Pattern. A action unfulfilled as per your fantasy either because of outside hindrance or inside hindrance is in-completion. Please understand ,if expectations are not met yourself or by persons outside ,it remains as incomplete , for
example, you always wanted to wake up early morning and practice yoga but you never succeeded in that ,it remains as in completion.You always wanted your father to be very loving and caring and he never honored your expectation that remains as in completion. Completing, please understand completing all the in completion is the basic step in the life.Whatever hurts you are carrying ,if any body reach out to that person feel complete.If you are not able to reach out to that person at least sit in front of the mirror , invoke that person and complete. Unless Poornatva happens ,nothing nothing can be done. Life does not start. Same way within you ,if you have certain fantasies about you ,the ideas about you either fulfil them or drop
them. If you can afford to fulfill them with your adopted life style fulfill, if you cant fulfill it authentically with your adopted life style drop.

Authentic listening. Please understand, authentically listen to the cries of your heart , Your heart continue to cry for your attention. Authentically listen. Listening does not mean you will just do your heart says. Even if you are ready to give your ear ,after telling your heart says it is OK you have heard me that is enough. Many time even in your family, in your team people does not want you to solve their problem , they just want you to listen to their problem. Once you listen even if you don’t solve it is OK .

First thing understand complete with yourself and complete with others. Completion has to be taken like spiritual practice for at least one year. One year go on dig out with whom all you carry in completion. If you are carrying in completion with me sit with my photograph. Every photograph listens to you and respond to you, it is independent intelligence. Understand very authentically and with integrity, I tell you this word – This Body is Chinmaya Vigraha. Embodiment of super-consciousness without any rajas and tamas i.e. restlessness and inertness.It is Shuddha-Chitta Chinmaya Vigraha, any shadow of it, even if you painted it because you paint it after you visualize it. Already the Chinmaya Vigraha has entered your heart and came out through your hand , it has filled your inner space.Even my remote paintings , pictures done by eN genius kids about me is Chinmaya Vigraha. 

Understand Chaya is Kaya – Shadow is original. Portrait is being . Either is rajas or thamas is added in the body then all photographs may not be chimaya vigraha. Only when I am in satwa photographs taken is Chimaya Vigraha. But I tell you I have not added this time anything. A pure Shudda-Chitha Chinmaya Vigraha. Any of my photograph, any painting , any portrait done by any amateur artist is Shudda-Chitha Chinmaya Vigraha. Sit with any one of that and complete, I will listen to you. I am listening to you. I will help you to listen to your own heart.

First learn to listen to your own heart’s cry. Most of the time you are not listening to yourself. Sit in front of a mirror talk what ever you wanted to tell yourself, spend time with you. Talk, talk. Listen as a person inside the mirror. Listen,listen,listen .This one process of completion of yourself humanity will walk out of depression.

Humanity can invite this one practice as lesson in your schools, educational organizations as curriculum for bringing up human beings. Helping humanity to sit with mirror and talking to themselves. Completing with your self – swapoornatwa.
Swapoornatwa means completion of your self. Try this any of you have knee pain, back pain ,can’t sit straight, can’t sit in vajrasana, do this swapoornatwa, sitting with mirror and completing with you. Next day you will sit with out pain.Because every pain you carry inside you as different parts of your body is nothing but not completing with you.

Yesterday one of my ashramite came and told me, I was speaking to one of our brahmmachari, he was feeling very disturbed, I asked him the reason. He said our ashramites and devotees when they come to the ashram they should use some decent dress , they should not wear churidar. He is a brahmmachari , he was telling, they should not use the dress and body language provoking, inviting. Moment I heard , I felt so sad. Understand, the disturbance is from not from outside it is always disturbance from inner woman. It is always from the woman in the inside.This is nothing but in-completion inside. 

There is a beautiful story in Narada’s life .Before he was given the status of Chiranjeevi, Deva Rishi. Seems Narada was made to go through. Life with Narada, He is one of the celestial media officer, that is the right word to use. He was made to go through living with beautiful naked woman and the rivers of nectar, alcohol, somarasa all types of pleasures and wide varieties and wild quantities because He was not touched by all this He was given the title of Deva Rishi. I know I am not going to put you in that situation, I know what chaos you will create. Don’t worry, don’t fantasize, I am going to help you for that.

All I am telling you is completion inside. Listen to your heart’s cries. May be your heart is crying that it want certain pleasures, lust or love that may come from lust. Your heart may be craving for it listen. I am not saying just go behind heart and fulfill. No. Just listen. By listening itself your heart will get finished saying that is all I wanted, leave it, don’t need any thing more.

Sit in front of a mirror ,connect with the person you are seeing in the mirror eye to eye. With your eye contact sit alone with the mirror, alone with yourself. One of the great Avadhutas happened in Southern part of India, He is called Vaikuntapathy Ayya. He was called Ayya, Vaikuntapathy, a great Avadhutha, great social reformer , still they have around 3000 temples all over the world . There only mirror is the deity. He knew this technique and He promoted this technique. Mirror is the deity, you go and stand infront of the mirror and talk to your self , complete with yourself. Do Poornatwa and come back . His samadhi is there near Kanya kumari.He is called Vaikuntapathy, great Avadhutha . In his memory, respect to him, we will dedicate a mirror in all our centers and ashram , where people can come and do swapoornatwa. Beautifully framed mirror should be kept in all our centers and ashrams , where people can come and do swapoornatwa.

As a reminding the process of Swapoornatwa. Please understand completing with yourself. Let me describe the technique:-

Comfortably be seated in front of the mirror. 

Have deep eye to eye contact with the body and reflection.Please understand both put together is you. I will call as Kaya and Chaya ,both put together is you.

Let the kaya and chaya have a deep eye to eye contact. The moment you have deep eye to ye contact. First thing you will have is ripples. You are waiting to cry yourself. You are waiting to cuddle and cry yourself.Cuddle yourself and cry yourself for so many things you did to you or others did to you .The injustifications you did to you and others did to you ,waiting to cuddle with you and cry. Cuddle your chaya ,hold your chaya and cry. Nothing wrong. Complete.

Just this Swapoornatwa eases so much and makes the miracle space available in you. Ananda Gandha is what I call miracle space. Complete, complete it with yourself . Let you talk to your shadow, your chaya. You will be surprised ,your shadow will start talking to you., advise you. Listen to you. Will relive you from fear, relive you from many of your lust patterns, relive you from many of your attention need , will relive you from many of your guilts.

Sit with mirror to Swapoornatwa. Complete with yourself. Whenever you feel any disturbances in you, just sit with a mirror and complete. If you sit with mirror and start completing, you will learn two things. You will learn to listen to yourself. Please understand , when you start learning to listen to yourself , then you will know how to listen to others. Listen, listen listen, that is the completion starts, whether the completion with in you or others.It starts by listening.