What is it that can make human-beings enrich themselves and others?

I wanted to share a very important truth with you all. I was meditating, contemplating on what is the one important truth I need to share with people, really, really, really helping them to enrich themselves and others. Kaalabhairava has revealed that this one truth is enough; that is, “you don’t need to accept, but stop resisting”! Please understand, you don’t need to accept, but stop resisting. You may or may not accept, but stop resisting. Whatever you resist in your life, the memory of resistance stops your Kundalini awakening.

Kaalabhairava revealed today early morning very beautifully to me! Usually, that early morning time is the downloading time for me, to teach. Every day satsangh, whatever subject I’m talking, it happens in that early morning downloading! And thanks to this hand, early morning it doesn’t allow me to sleep. It wakes me up. No pain, but it asks for my attention. And I was just sitting, I had only one question in my space, contemplating: What is it that can make human-beings enrich themselves and others? Kaalabhairava revealed that this is the foremost truth! He said this should be taught with more importance, even prior to Integrity, Authenticity! I was shocked! ‘Oh, God!’

For example, if you are resisting, if you are constantly afraid of a disease…..I am not saying accept, like ‘Alright, if that disease comes, what can be done?’ No! Then you will trigger the fear and you will trigger another pattern: ‘If I am constantly meditating on this disease, it may come on me!’ You may trigger other complications. I am not saying accept; all I am saying is decide not to resist. Decide, whenever the fear of that disease comes, you are not going to resist.

Please listen! If you are afraid of poverty, I am not saying accept poverty. No! Accepting poverty is like going back in your life. No! I am not saying that! All I am trying to tell you is, don’t resist poverty. Whenever the thought of poverty happens in you, do not resist.

I tell you, in India, these engineers, Public Works Department people who plan for roads, bridges, these fellows never visit the site. Sitting in the office in the AC, they see the map and finalize the plan, freeze it and approve it. Only the people who have to work on the ground, when they go there, they find suddenly a big hole in the place where the road has to happen. Now, because of that big hole, you cannot build a road, you have to build only a bridge! Otherwise, where they have a bridge, you will see a beautiful flat land. You don’t need to build a bridge there, you need a road! On the center of the road, some important, monumental protected, archaeological monument temple will be standing! And you know one funny thing, these fellows had made a road exactly in the middle of our banyan tree! There is a law in this country, if any tree is more than hundred years old, you can’t touch it. Then we had to write to them, made them understand, made somebody come here and see, and then they stopped. Our tree was saved. No, it really happened, I think in 2006!

Please understand this example: with this example, I wanted you to understand a very important truth. How these guys don’t go to the spot and decide the details, same way how they sit inside the office itself in the air-condition and finish all the decisions from the beginning to the end, they already see that they have a road and cars and other vehicles are moving without even seeing the ground. You have the same pattern of without entering into life trying to have a sketch of a complete life, which is arrogance! Please understand, I am defining arrogance.

Arrogance means, “Without getting to the ground reality of life, trying to have the whole sketch of life and forcing your life that it should accept your plan”, is arrogance.

I am not saying you need to accept life as it is. I am not even teaching you acceptance. Acceptance is one of the biggest mental triggering patterns. When I say “accept poverty”, thousands of things will be triggered: ‘Arey, how can I accept? I cannot!’ I know, suffering and all the fears, everything related to poverty, will be awakened in you. So, that will be such a calamity, and so much of resistance from your very bio-energy, the very source of life will happen in you. You will never be able to accept, you can only fight with acceptance. I am just saying one word: Do not resist! That’s all! When you don’t resist, two things will happen. Immediately, two things will happen in you. One, you will not judge. Second, you will not have negative or positive attachments!

These negative or positive attachments… If you are resisting poverty, you have a negative attachment with poverty, which is also dangerous. The negative attachment, “thathaata”, “IS”ness, does not mean acceptance. “Thathaata”, “IS”ness means “NO RESISTANCE”. “No resistance” is not “acceptance”. 

I am not saying accept. For example, if you are afraid of jail, I am not saying accept jail. No! I am just saying, drop the resistance you have. I tell you, most of your problems are because you sit in your AC room and decide to see the end. Just drop resistance. When you drop resistance, the judgment will drop, and positive or negative attachments will drop.

Please understand! Your negative attachments do more harm to you than your positive attachments! If you resist disease, you will be thinking about disease million times more than the objects with which you are attached. For example, if you are attached to your boyfriend or girlfriend and you resist disease, every day whenever you remember your boyfriend or girlfriend, make a note in your cell phone and record. Whenever you remember about the disease, record that. I challenge, what you resist, you will be remembering more number of times than what you are attached to! So, negative attachment is more dangerous, takes away your energy more. Negative attachment is more difficult to break. These negative attachments stop your Kundalini. This word “Thathaata”, the “IS”ness – see the practice of the “IS”ness, is supposed to be “no resistance”, not “acceptance”!

“Thathaata”, “Isness”, does not mean you need to accept and, I tell you, you can’t accept. No one can be successful in acceptance, but you can be immediately successful in non-resistance. Non-resistance is a dhamma which does not need practice; just understanding, you are there.

Dhamma means which happens in you just by understanding, which does not need special spiritual practice or special spiritual contemplation.

Shravana leads to Nididhyasana, Nididhyasana is dhamma – “Non-resistance.”

Contemplate on this “No Resistance”, but I am not asking you to accept. You may, may not accept. That is different, but no resistance. Sit and complete with all the resistance you carry about everything in life and decide “No Resistance” – no resistance with you, with life, with God, with Guru, with world and with universe. That does not mean you need to accept, you need to change your strategies towards acceptance, no. Just no resistance. No resistance takes away the whole internal stress you create while you are thinking. Actually, in reality, there is not so much of resistance but in your thinking there are tons and tons of roadblocks you have, that only creates more and more stress.

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