What is Deeksha or Initiation, Muscle memory, Bio-memory, Bio-energy ?

I’ll define Deeksha. Super Consciousness intensely, electrocuting…..understand the word ‘electrocuting’….your existence and raising you to the frequency of it’s existence, is Deeksha.

It can happen through Guru, through the Deity, through even a tree, river, hill, with whoever Deeksha has happened for you, He is – that is, your Ishta Devata. Understand. Deeksha means Super-Consciousness electrocuting you, please understand, it will always be electrocuting. It can never be mild 120 volt. No. Not even 240. It will always be 10,000 volts. 120, 240, all that does not really carry the strength of the word when I am uttering ‘electrocuting.’ It is only 10,000. Literally, lightning landing on your system. Read More

Bharata Desha was ideologically centred, economically independent! It was such a powerful, beautiful, unimaginable, inimitable system!

I will continue to expand on the truths I was revealing about “desha” (“देश” ) and “nation”.

Understand, “desha”, the very concept of “desha” is from the truth of the Vedic Tradition:

|| अन्नम् बहु कुर्वीत ||

“Annam Bahu Kurveetha”.

Listen! अन्नम् बहु कुर्वीत (“Annam Bahu Kurveetha”); means, “Let us produce food in large quantities”.

Producing not just food, but everything in large quantity, and making it available to everyone as easily as possible is “desha”.

“Nation” means, even the natural things, making it as complicated as possible, and not letting the common-man have access to it, through this claiming your superiority.

Understand, there is a big difference. In original Vedic Civilization, the concept of “desha” is: “Produce as much as you can and exchange it”. It was not that in Vedic Civilization we did not have business. We had! But there was never a low value for shoes and high value for knowledge, understand? It is the modern civilization which is really caste-oriented. The moment you put low value for shoes and high value for food or knowledge, you have already made a difference between Brahmana and Shudra! There was never valuation between shoes and knowledge. The man who produces shoes, produces in large quantity, and makes it available to his community. The man who makes knowedge, makes it available for everyone. Don’t ever spread the lie that Shudras were not allowed, did not have access to education. No! No! Read More

All we need is fearless, greedless businessmen, fearless, greedless rulers. That’s all !

The last few days I am constantly soaked in the consciousness of the Vedic civilization. When I was looking – I was just looking into the Akashic Records – I saw at that time of the Vedic civilization, on an average, a man worked only two to three hours a day. And, listen, please listen, the society has four divisions (“varnas”):

· “Brahmana” – means, the teachers;

· “Vaishya” – business community;

· “Kshatriya” – rulers;

· “Shudra” – working class.

And, you need to know, please understand, there was no “higher” and “lower” between these groups; all of them were doing different responsibilities. There was no “higher” and “lower”.

In these four, there are four “ashramas”:

· “Brahmacharya” – means, students;

· “Grihastha” – married;

· “Vanaprastha” – retired;

· “Sannyasis” – completely dedicated to teaching this science to the world, the enlightenment science to the world, to live and radiate this enlightenment science to the world. Read More

It is just your personality which makes you Brahmana or Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra.

“Impossible” personality is what we call “Shudra” in Vedic tradition.  In Vedic tradition, “Shudra” is not defined based on birth.  The “impossible” personality, the person who is stuck with the “impossible” personality, means doubt on yourself, doubt on others, doubt on your ability to relate with others, when you are stuck with the “impossible” attitude, you are “Shudra”.  

But you are stuck with self-doubt, but you don’t have any doubt towards your ability to relate with others, then you become “Kshatriya”. 

Your doubt on others, whether others can do or not, only that is there, but otherwise you don’t have doubt about yourself, then you become “Vaishya”.

If you have completed with all the doubts, neither you have self-doubt “whether I can do it or not”, nor you have doubt on others “whether he can do it or not”, or you don’t have doubt towards your ability to convey, inspire the other person, all doubts are complete, you become “Brahmana”.

Understand, it is just your personality which makes you Brahmana or Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra.  The community based on understanding and ability, not by birth, community based on understanding and ability, not by birth, that should be the lifestyle.