What is Deeksha or Initiation, Muscle memory, Bio-memory, Bio-energy ?

I’ll define Deeksha. Super Consciousness intensely, electrocuting…..understand the word ‘electrocuting’….your existence and raising you to the frequency of it’s existence, is Deeksha.

It can happen through Guru, through the Deity, through even a tree, river, hill, with whoever Deeksha has happened for you, He is – that is, your Ishta Devata. Understand. Deeksha means Super-Consciousness electrocuting you, please understand, it will always be electrocuting. It can never be mild 120 volt. No. Not even 240. It will always be 10,000 volts. 120, 240, all that does not really carry the strength of the word when I am uttering ‘electrocuting.’ It is only 10,000. Literally, lightning landing on your system. Read More

Your decision to seek will make you experience it!

There are few Master keys that I received from my Masters, which I used in millions of places and realized the Truths.

One more Master key I received with Ramsurat Kumar, a great Yogi. I was sitting next to him, it was a midnight, two-o-clock in the cremation ground, Amaavasya [moonless night] dark night, some sound, dog barking or something in the cremation ground in one corner. I asked him slowly, “Swamiji everyone always talks about this ghost, bhuta, preta, are you not afraid of it? how are you handling? What mantra are you doing to protect you from that bhuta, preta?

He laughed and just slapped me. He has the habit, whenever he gets excited he will just slap people. This Ramsumat Kumar, whenever he gets excited he will slap people. He slapped me and said, “Aye fool, you, everything outside me, you and everything outside me, all these are my projection. Me, everything outside you, is all your projection, even we are the projection of each other, then how can bhuta come without me projecting it outside!

Listen, he said beautifully. Listen carefully I will explain, I will explain. What he meant, “Even things which you are seeing in front of you is your projection, then unless you project how can a ghost or bhuta or preta can come?” He said beautifully, “Even you are my projection, unless I project, how can bhuta, preta, pisacha can come separately.” It’s all our projection. I don’t know how whether it clicked with you guys or not, but the moment he said, the way he said it just clicked with me, like a Master click, Master key. So after that, anytime, anybody speaks about bhuta, I only applied this; and maybe in 6 months the very idea of bhuta disappeared from me. All these bhuta, preta, pisacha, all that idea, the very idea disappeared from me; because it clicked so strongly with me – “Arey, even the people whom you are seeing, even the things you are experiencing in this world is your projection, even this is your projection. If you see a bhuta, preta, pisacha or ghost or anything that is also your own projection, the moment you remember it is your own projection, they will disappear.” It was such a strong click in me, for that moment it clicked with me so much. Read More

Creation of Cosmos (Jagat Janana)

When “I” becomes “We” by the incompletions added it is hell. When “I” becomes “We” out of joy and the space of creation it becomes Brahman becoming Prakriti. 

When the “I” becomes  “We” because of incompletions added it is hell. Most of you, why you took birth, the “I” became  “We” because of incompletions added.  Your experience of “I”, the pure “I” started experiencing  “We” means as multiple.

In the original state whether you or God feels the pure “I”.  Without “you” or “they” or “we”. It’s a pure “I”.  The “I” becomes “we” when the incompletion is added to it.  Listen. When you have an incompletion to be fulfilled, that becomes the reason for making you feel you are multiple, something else other than you also exists. When the “I” becomes “we” because of the incompletions inserted, it is hell!  So, in every step, the incompletion goes on, goes on, goes on adding more and more incompletion.

“I”, when it experiences itself as “we” due to the pure Completion and creation, that is what is called the “Jagat Janana”.  The pure substance of the Existence, Shiva, out of creativity, joy, powerfulness, completion, becomes Devi and starts celebrating his own existence.  

When the “I” becomes “we” out of incompletions added into it, it becomes the Karmic life.  When the “I” becomes “we” out of pure Completion and the creativity, it becomes Avataric life.  Whether your life is a karmic life or avataric life, you diagnose, you decide.  And you can change from Karmic life to avataric life.  You CAN change it from karmic life to avataric life!  So understand start moving from pure Completion.  Move yourself to more and more and more Completion.    

When the “I” becomes “we” out of Completion, when the “we” merges into the “I” out of Completion, you are an incarnation!  Yoga will make “I” becoming “we” out of Completion.  Completion will make “we” becoming “I” out of Completion.  Morning Yoga, you will see the “I” becomes “we” out of pure Completion.  Night Completion, you will see the “we” becomes “I” out of pure Completion.  Out of pure Completion when “I” becomes “we”, and “we” becomes “I”, your life is the life of an incarnation, Jeevan Muktha.