What is Deeksha or Initiation, Muscle memory, Bio-memory, Bio-energy ?

I’ll define Deeksha. Super Consciousness intensely, electrocuting…..understand the word ‘electrocuting’….your existence and raising you to the frequency of it’s existence, is Deeksha.

It can happen through Guru, through the Deity, through even a tree, river, hill, with whoever Deeksha has happened for you, He is – that is, your Ishta Devata. Understand. Deeksha means Super-Consciousness electrocuting you, please understand, it will always be electrocuting. It can never be mild 120 volt. No. Not even 240. It will always be 10,000 volts. 120, 240, all that does not really carry the strength of the word when I am uttering ‘electrocuting.’ It is only 10,000. Literally, lightning landing on your system.

Understand. It can happen when you see a Deity or Guru. It is not necessary, it should happen only by the touch of the Guru. It can happen by the Darshan of the Guru or with river, with Ganga – how many millions had initiations!  With the tree, with our Banyan Tree. I should say from the time the Tree exist here, surely few millions had Deeksha through this tree. River, tree, hill – Arunachala – how many millions had Deeksha through Arunachala. Understand. It can happen through any of this – tree, deity, hill, river. It can happen through any of this. All you need to know is some conscious breakthrough has happened in you. After which you are never again the same old person. The old thought currents, lifestyles suddenly becomes irrelevant. It is no more powerful enough to pull you back.

Only if your bio-energy is raised, blasted, electrocuted, bombarded and that manifest as a powerful cognitions in your bio-memory and that manifest as powerful responses in your muscle memory, that is the only way for transformation.

You know whether God exists in this deity or not, “I am going to be connected to this deity, whether this God Himself is a imagination or reality, I don’t know, I am going to be connected. I do not know whether He is enlightened or not, I am going to be with Him.” That’s starts happening in your system. “ I don’t know whether He is Incarnation or not, but I know for sure, for me He is God.”

mannāthaḥ śrI-jagannātho madguruḥ śri-jagadguruḥ |

 Whether He is Jagadguru or not, who cares – madguruh -jagadguru.

mannāthaḥ śrI-jagannātho madguruḥ śrI-jagadguruḥ |

mamātmā sarva-bhutātmā 

The highest electrocution happening to your Being is Deeksha.

Sometime in the initial level, certain level will happen with the Deity, then when you see the Guru, the next will happen or you will see a Guru in the initial level who will give you certain initiation and then you move to the next level Master and then the next level initiation happens. It happens. Especially when Masters leave body, they make sure if you are sincere to them, they make sure you reach the feet of living Sathguru. That is the biggest gift your Guru gives when you when he leaves his body. It is gift for your sincerity to him. He will make sure you will feel connected to your Sathguru.

mannāthaḥ śrI-jagannātho madguruḥ śrI-jagadguruḥ |

With whom that electrocution of Super Consciousness happens to you, is your Guru, is your Ishta Devata, is your God.

Deeksha penetrates all the 3 levels – your muscle memory, bio-memory and bio-energy.

Let Me define these 3 words.

Muscle memory means the memory of your muscles which carries all your action related cognitions – how you respond to certain situation, how you respond to certain persons, how you respond, act, react. The memories, the methods, the patterns, the ways, you react and respond, everything is stored in muscle memory. Understand. All your instigations and reactions are stored in your muscle memory.

All your cognitions, which is root cause for your instigations and reactions, is stored in bio-memory. Your cognition – What is God, what is humanity, what is Universe, what is life, what is good, what is bad – if you have a cognition,” humanity is good,” your reactions will always be Saatvik. If you have the cognition, “human beings are around me only to cheat and exploit,” your reactions will only be angry, agitated. The source of your reactions is your cognitions. Your cognitions get stored in bio-memory. The method of your reactions gets stored in your muscle memory. How you act, react, respond, your response, is in muscle memory. Your spontaneity is in your bio-memory. The cognition, which is your spontaneity, which is your depth, which is your core identifications – what you call as fundamental understandings you carry about life.

One of the worst thing happens to humanity is, collecting cognitions from unenlightened sources when you are young. That is the most dangerous thing happens to humanity. Most blessed beings are those who come to Gurukul, when they were really young. The kids who reach before physical maturity are the most blessed, because it is after the physical maturity, your cognitions start getting solidified. The solidification of cognitions, starts after physical maturity. Blessed are those who reached here before physical maturity and stayed back, because most of the fundamental cognitions about body, about mind, about love, about lust, about anger, about fear, about world, about God, about humanity, about nature, Prakriti, tattvas, Purusha, vairagya, jnana, all the major cognitions gets solidified in the system after physical maturity. The space where your cognitions are stored is bio-memory.

Bio-energy is the conscious frequency, which operates in your body. Understand. Consciousness in its original frequency is Sadāshiva Himself but in its original frequency, you do not allow it to operate in your body and mind, in your bio-memory and muscle memory. The frequency in which you let the consciousness operate in your muscle memory and bio-memory is bio-energy.

It can either be always inspiring, exciting, joyful, manifesting powerful cognitions or polumbingfying, polluting.

You need to know, Manu defines ‘Shudra’ as depressed one. Understand. The definition of Shudra in Manu Dharma, in Manu’s Shastra….go to Manu and read precisely, what’s the definition he gives for the word ‘Shudra’ – always encouraging depression, powerless cognitions. The depressed one is Shudra. Even if the King is depressed, he is Shudra, he cannot sit on the throne, he should just retire to palace and only when he is out of the Shudratva, he has the right to sit on the throne and run the kingdom and make decisions. Me a staunch believer and promoter of Manu Dharma Shastra. Understand. It is clearly recorded

ShivaleelarnavaMeenakshi ruled the whole Madurai based on Manu Dharma Shastra, Manu Neeti Shastra, was the Shastra. She used to rule, administer, the whole Universe when She was ruling in the physical form, in the physical body. Whenever you are manifesting powerless cognitions for you and for others, you are a Shudra. You have no right to administer others. You have no right to take decisions for others. You have no right to pass judgments. You have no right to administer any power vested in you. Shudra, is not based on birth. It is based on the state you are in, based on your bio-memory.

Understand. Cutting across the muscle-memory, bio-memory, bio-energy, raising the very frequency of the bio-energy to Sadashiva’s bio-energy, vibrating it that is what I call electrocuting it. Literally, vibrating it, reverberating it is what I call Deeksha.

Whenever Deeksha happens in you, your very cognitions are blasted to powerful cognitions. Your old powerless cognitions are just literally bombarded. The powerful cognitions starts manifesting. When the cognitions become powerful than your responses in your muscle memory, naturally becomes powerful. When your cognitions become powerful, your bio-memory changes. When your bio-memory changes, your muscle memory changes.

The whole process, understand, if it goes from muscle memory to bio-memory and bio-memory to bio-energy, it is called ‘practice.’ “Eauwa, eauwa.” ‘practice’ – “ You pick up a habit, start waking up at 4 o’clock and blow the nose 21 times and whatever hole through which the air comes out, comes out and goes in, bend the body 7 times and do this, this, this, this, that, that, that, that, choo, choo, boochoo……..,” for 12 years. Some of the stupid so called ‘seekers,’ ‘disciples,’ they feel very proud about,” Swamiji, I am initiated in that Kriya and I am practicing it for last 22 years Swamiji.” Is it not a disrespect to your Guru, and you, your Kriya ?

Practice, starting from muscle-memory, moving into bio-memory as a cognition and then moving into bio-energy as frequency – When?! – When?! – When?!

Only if your bio-energy is raised, blasted, electrocuted, bombarded and that manifest as a powerful cognitions in your bio-memory and that manifest as powerful responses in your muscle memory, that is the only way for transformation.

When this will happen is up to you. Where this will happen, I know, Mysore Road. When this will happen is up to you, where this will happen is Bengaluru Aadheenam, where the practice is 4-letter word.

No! Nidhidhyasana is not practiced. Vedanta does not promote practice. Vedic tradition does not promote practice. It is all Initiation and Shaktipaatha. That’s it. Initiation and Shaktipaatha. That’s it. Practice is….practice does not belong to Hindu tradition. Even the word ‘Abhyaasa’ cannot be translated as practice. Abhyaasa means again and again – manifesting. See the Sanskrit word. Abhyaasa – break it and translate – again and again – manifesting, not practice.

Listen. For any great happening, Initiation is required. Deeksha needed to happen. Deeksha is needed for any great happening.

Today, Vishesha Deeksha, initiation and authorizing all of you, to the Shiva Puja. Understand. If I give My personal cell phone number and tell you, “Everyday on particular time, you can call and I will answer.” – Will you take that as a bondage, “Oh, everyday I have to call,” or “Wow, now I have direct connection.” Vishesha Deeksha is a hot line connection with a most hottest person. It is not bondage that you have to do Puja everyday, it is a right, you can do Puja and He will respond. You are not bound, you are empowered! You get a new, extraordinary, amazing, kitchen facility. Do you feel,  “Oh, everyday I have to cook and eat?” “ I have a freedom to cook everyday and eat as I want.” The right powerful cognition, understand. The right powerful cognition. When you get a kitchen, are you going to feel, “Oh, everyday I have to eat,” or are you going to feel, “Wow, everyday I can cook what I want and eat.” Understand. When you are given Vishesha Deeksha, you are empowered. You are empowered to connect with Sadāshiva everyday. Now, you have a right and understand – He has authorized Me, to initiate all of you. When you call, he has to respond because He authorized Me, I am an authorized channel to give His number to you. If you….If He does not respond, I will be responsible, so He will respond.

Vishesha Deeksha, is empowering you to connect with Sadāshiva everyday. To connect with Sadāshiva everyday. I should say, it’s a most powerful Shaktipaatha. Understand. If you are not initiated, it is Shaktinipata. You are here and He is in Kailaash. If you are initiated by His authorized agent, it is Shaktipaatha not Shaktinipaata. He is there – where you are sitting!! The Atma Linga given to you, because it is energized by His authority, it makes the whole Puja into Shaktipaatha not Shaktinipaata.

Shaktinipaata means remote, you are in some space, He is in some space. Shaktipaatha means – you are in the same place where He is. From Vatican STD, from Kerala local call, from Thiruvannamalai Intercom, here you don’t have to call – He will be calling through the mic. It is not Shaktinipata, it is Shaktipata. When you are initiated, Puja becomes Shaktipata not Shaktinipata. Puja becomes Shaktipata not Shaktinipata. So get ready for this amazing Vishesha Deeksha, you are all going to have today, Shiva Deeksha level 2. Authorizing, getting authorized to do Shiva Puja. You are getting connected through the authorized agency. Get ready.

So, essence of today’s Satsang is – Deeksha makes your whole life Shaktipata not Shaktinipata – Means Infinite, Infinite, immediate. If you read books, you know about Infinite, Infinity. If you listen to Satsang, then you will understand – Infinity is Infinity. Only when you have Deeksha, you will understand – Infinity is Infinity is immediate. So, today through this Vishesha Deeksha, we will make the Infinity-Infinity immediate. I should say with all the joy and pride that the Sadāshivatva software is successful. Human Beings from all background, various background, literally global specimens are having conscious breakthroughs successfully, in spite of their backgrounds. It is establishing Sadāshivatva software, is successful. Humanity, get ready for a conscious breakthrough!! Get ready for a Super Conscious breakthrough!!

source: nithyananda.org

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