What is Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha ?

Understand, all the Sampradayas of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, I call it ‘Omkara Parivara’; means, all the Sampradayas which accept ‘OM.’ Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Shakta, Shaiva, Vaishnava, all the Sampradayas, which accept ‘Omkara’, the Omkara Parivara, accept this three things. Understand, Hinduism is a open architecture, that is our strength; because the future is going to be only for the open architecture religions. The closed thought currents have already reached the expiry date. They are waiting to be buried. They don’t have future. It’s only the open architecture thought currents are going to be surviving. That is why I say only Sanatana Hindu Dharma has a future. Understand, that is why, again and again, I am repeating – Only Sanatana Hindu Dharma has a future.

All these Sampradayas of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, all of them agree on these 3 things:

One, Om – sacredness of Om

Second – Sacredness of Gomata – Cow.

And Spiritual practice, need for the Spiritual practice.

Repairing your body, setting your biological clock in tune with the nature, rhythm; Spiritual practice is mandatory. The morning routine is mandatory.

Understand. Your values, in tune with the Cosmic values – is Dharma.

What is Dharma? The Cosmic rhythm is Dharma.

Cosmos, the way it functions and vibrates – that is Dharma.

When Cosmos constantly expands that is Artha – wealth.

When Cosmos celebrates itself – that is Kaama.

The complete freedom, absolute free state of the Cosmos – is Moksha.


When your personal values, beliefs, are in tune with the Cosmic values – that is Dharma.

When your ambitions for expansion, wealth, is in tune with the ambitions of the Cosmos – that is Artha.

When your desires for Kaama, is in tune with the Cosmic principles of celebration – that is Kaama.

When your cognition, understanding about freedom, is in tune with the idea of the Cosmic freedom – that is Moksha.

If your personal values are in tune with the values of the Cosmos, it is Dharma.

Your desire to expand, is in tune with the Cosmic values of expansion, that is Artha. Understand. If you make money by contributing, that is what I call Artha. If you have a Artha and you make Artha, it is Artha. Means, if you mean something for society and make wealth out of it, it is Artha.

In Sanskrit, word Artha has two meaning – ‘meaning’ and ‘wealth’ If you have a meaning….if you mean something for society, humanity and make wealth out of it, that is Artha. You have both ways, you can make wealth – by creating weapons to kill others and by healing and by treating, giving medical care. You can do for-life things and anti-life things; both brings money. I think sometime anti-life things brings more money. But only if your means is in tune with the Cosmic expansion, it is Artha.

Kaama, Cosmos celebrates itself continuously. If your ideas about pleasure, enjoyment, is in tune with the Cosmos idea of celebration, it is Kama.

Moksha, Your ideas about freedom, is in tune with the ideas of the freedom as per the Cosmos… many time I have explained. Freedom means….freedom to eat means what? Freedom to eat rich healthy food, not because it is promoted and it has multi-colours…. it can trigger your taste buds. That is not freedom to eat. That is, you are a slave, you just eat what is shown. Your concept of freedom and the Cosmic concept of freedom, when it is in tune, that is Moksha. 

A person who has this dharma, artha, kaama, moksha, is Hindu. The definition of Hindu is – who is already in tune or striving to be in tune with the Cosmos in dharma-artha-kaama-moksha, he is Hindu. If you are either already in tune or you are striving to be in tune, then you are a Hindu.

Spiritual practice, our morning Spiritual practice – Yoga, Pancha Kriya, Puja and Kirtan and Satsang, it completely tunes your Dharma-Artha-Kaama-Moksha. It creates certain chemistry in your biology, which can be used as a fuel, to reach the higher dimensions and higher planes of Consciousness, higher planes of the Universe.

source: nithyananda.org

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