Your decision to seek will make you experience it!

There are few Master keys that I received from my Masters, which I used in millions of places and realized the Truths.

One more Master key I received with Ramsurat Kumar, a great Yogi. I was sitting next to him, it was a midnight, two-o-clock in the cremation ground, Amaavasya [moonless night] dark night, some sound, dog barking or something in the cremation ground in one corner. I asked him slowly, “Swamiji everyone always talks about this ghost, bhuta, preta, are you not afraid of it? how are you handling? What mantra are you doing to protect you from that bhuta, preta?

He laughed and just slapped me. He has the habit, whenever he gets excited he will just slap people. This Ramsumat Kumar, whenever he gets excited he will slap people. He slapped me and said, “Aye fool, you, everything outside me, you and everything outside me, all these are my projection. Me, everything outside you, is all your projection, even we are the projection of each other, then how can bhuta come without me projecting it outside!

Listen, he said beautifully. Listen carefully I will explain, I will explain. What he meant, “Even things which you are seeing in front of you is your projection, then unless you project how can a ghost or bhuta or preta can come?” He said beautifully, “Even you are my projection, unless I project, how can bhuta, preta, pisacha can come separately.” It’s all our projection. I don’t know how whether it clicked with you guys or not, but the moment he said, the way he said it just clicked with me, like a Master click, Master key. So after that, anytime, anybody speaks about bhuta, I only applied this; and maybe in 6 months the very idea of bhuta disappeared from me. All these bhuta, preta, pisacha, all that idea, the very idea disappeared from me; because it clicked so strongly with me – “Arey, even the people whom you are seeing, even the things you are experiencing in this world is your projection, even this is your projection. If you see a bhuta, preta, pisacha or ghost or anything that is also your own projection, the moment you remember it is your own projection, they will disappear.” It was such a strong click in me, for that moment it clicked with me so much.

If something clicks with you the moment your Master utters, your heart is waiting for that truth, understand. Your being was waiting for that truth. When Vibhudananda Puri explained about the Seeking, “Aye, don’t worry just keep the seeking, means that Seeking is powerful enough to make the seeker to merge with what is sought after. So you don’t need to have something else, or you don’t need to worry or entertain any other fear, will I achieve what I am seeking?”

It was such a powerful click for me. I think the right word was told to me by the right person when I was in the right temperature. It straight entered into my system. After that in any of the spiritual practices, there was nothing called impossibility or obstruction or obstacle. She will tell, “Okay, chant this mantra and realize Bhuvaneshwari.” I will not even have a second thought, “if I just chant this mantra, will I have darshan of Bhuvaneshwari? how can it be?” I will not even have that thought, even if that thought comes, I will tell, “hey, Mataji told me, ‘my power of seeking, the seeking is powerful enough to make me experience the space I am seeking.’ So then I am seeking to experience Devi Bhuvaneshwari and here is the mantra, this is enough, powerful enough to make me experience the space of Bhuvaneshwari, I don’t need to worry whether I will have her darshan or not, experience her or not, come on let me sit.” Over! Because of this confidence and energy, and intensity, simply I was mastering different, different, different methodologies, techniques, yoga, pranayama, kriya, everything she was teaching, I was just mastering, because that click become my bio-memory.

Understand, the other day I was telling in the satsang that our Gurukul kids are going to radiate more and more powers. You might be thinking – “oh, to give one or two powers itself it took 6 months for Swamiji. How are they going to radiate 400 powers? 400 into 6, 200 years, 400 into 6 months, 200 years.” No, calculation does not go in that way. First 1 or 2 powers only I need to break their SDHD – self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial, then after that it is only circuit. After that it is only switching on the different circuits.

See to give this click to me – that your seeking is capable of making you to experience what you are seeking – to give that click to me, she has to work at least 3-4 years with me. But once that click happened, she need not work to make me realize every component of sadhana, every component of spiritual practice, every technique, every tantra, every Agama, every spiritual process, she does not, she did not need 3 years and no need for spending 3-4 years for her. Please understand, the first breakthrough reduced the amount of time she needs to spend with me to open up certain power or certain technique or certain methodology. After 3, 4 powers she need not even spend time and she will just initiate me and ask me to practice and come back, and report to her. That is why I am saying – for me to open up the 1st power, 2nd power in the Gurukul kids took 6 months, no doubt. But the next, next things are not going to take that much because I already broke some of the major impediments, some of the major things have already clicked with them.

Listen, today I wanted the definition of Seeking to click with you guys, so that I can go on explaining the 400 different powers Mahadeva expresses in Agamas. If I have to explain and make it all as an experience to you guys, I have to give you the breakthrough and help you to click with Seeking.

So listen, your Seeking is complete and powerful enough to put you in the space you are Seeking, without any assistance, external help or other support.

Please listen, your Seeking is independently intelligent enough without the assistance of technique, support, any other external measures to give you, to make you experience what you are Seeking.

When this truth clicked with me thousands of dwanda-vighna are dropped.

Listen to this word dwanda-vighna: it means anything you start you will not do second day, third day. You will learn about Hatha Yoga with all the excitement and inspiration, jump into it the first day, second day Jata Yoga. No, first day Hatha Yoga, second day Jata Yoga. That dvanda vighna is because of the idea — it may be impractical for me, I may not be capable, how do I know I am going to achieve it? This lady uttered some mantra and told me, ‘this is Bhuvaneshwari mantra’, who knows whether Bhuvaneshwari is sitting there and this is the right password, the moment I type she will pick up the call and talk to me? This doubt, this concept of impossibility makes dwandva vighna, means the second day breakup, dwanda vighna! Listen to that word, most of you have this dwanda vighna problem, you may not know this word, but you know this concept very well. Look in, you will see that he is your closest friend, dwanda vigna, means anything you start you know second day, “I think this is not going to work for me, maybe for him, but not for me….”, that is called dwanda vighna.

Please understand, by giving this one click to me that — your seeking is capable enough to give you the experience of what you are seeking without any external help or support; by giving this click, she removed that dwanda vigna, that impossibility from me, once for all. If she gives me Rajeshwari mantra today, I just know within the next 48 hours I will have the darshan of Rajeshwari and I have to go back and report to her. If she gives me Varahi mantra, I just know within next 48 hours I will have Varahi darshan and go back and report to her. If she gives me the Tithi Nitya Devi’s mantra, I just know, I will have to go and sit and practice it, and I will have darshan of that and I have to go back and report to her. That idea that it may work out for me, it may not work out for me, the impossibility whether it is going to happen for me or not, that she broke. See when that is taken away, so much of excitement and joy, that very excitement makes the whole very path short.

Path is long only when you create hurdles by the self, by yourself. Path is always short when you create only excitement. Only when you produce excitement, path is always short. Understand, out of the food you ate, if you produce only energy, life is always exciting, but if you start producing gas, life is always tiring. Same thing, out of your thought current, if you produce only energy, excitement, sadhana is always great, exciting, enjoying, beautiful, but out of the same thought current, if you produce again and again, impossibility, SDHD, spiritual practice is tiresome. Who knows what is happening? Who knows what is true? What is wrong, what is right? Will I have it, will I get it?, or maybe it worked for him in those days when his body was without toxins, now who knows, my body is full of toxin and will this same process work for me. You will have one thousand stupid questions, to make you strongly believe – it is not possible at least for you. That is what I call dvandva vighna. The 2nd day over, over, breakup. If you fought with your girlfriend and did not pick up her calls one night, 40 times she broke up with you, and 41 times she has come back to you. If she is too emotional, 80 times. If you are smiling it is clicking with you, understand. No really, that is exactly the way you deal with spiritual practice also. You have one thousand questions to make you feel it is impossible. At least within 3 or 4 days you are convinced, if it is not 2nd day or 3rd day. Within 3 or 4 days you know, “this is not for me”, over. I tell you, liberating me from that dvandva vighna mental set up is the greatest thing my Guru has done to me, with this one click.

Somehow this one word, strongly clicked into me — Seeking is powerful enough to take me to the space I am seeking without any other help, support or technique or methodology. 

This was so powerfully sitting inside of me, any doubt this is like a bullet [tatak] it will open up and finish that doubt. I tell you, if this one truth clicks with you all, I can guarantee this next 400 powers I am revealing, it will all become experience for you guys, not just satsang. Not just satsang, it’ll be an experiential process. Just this one click has to happen inside you guys — your seeking is powerful enough to make you experience the space you are seeking. Because that confidence, you will simply start realizing every technique given to you without killing them. The moment you decide ‘impossible’, the seed is burnt, the seed I put inside you, that is burnt. It can never sprout again. The moment you decide, “No, no question of impossibility. My seeking is powerful enough to make me experience the space I am seeking without any external support, without any intelligence input, I neither need intel help or mental help, and I can achieve it.”

This one click will make your sadhana exciting, inspiring, and no impossibilities. Straight, go, go, go ahead forward, forward, forward. I tell you at least one thousand techniques I would have practiced and realized it’s conclusion and completion, just because of this one key—whenever, even when the most difficult spiritual sadhana I am initiated also, if that doubt comes, I know immediately this key will come up — my seeking is capable of making me experience what I am seeking, nothing else is required. This click, that’s it, all this impossible will just disappear, will just disappear. Understand, if this one truth clicks with you guys, you don’t need to have any other worry in the life. Consider yourself already liberated and enlightened, because this one click is so powerful it can destroy any obstacle cooked up by you or put inside you by your husband. No this truth is so powerful it can clear the doubt put inside you by your husband and wife, even your husband cannot take away your confidence, even your wife cannot take away your confidence, no one can take away your confidence, if this one thing clicks with you. Really, I am telling you. When my Guru initiates me into the sadhana of Subramanya, even if one minute that idea crosses, “How do I know that I am going to achieve it? How do I know I am going to experience Subramanya, have darshan of Subramanya?”— immediately it will open up, “Aye, my seeking is powerful enough to make me experience what I am seeking so I don’t need to worry whether I am going to achieve it or not, whether I am capable of reaching it or not, let me start.” That’s it, just this one click, how many thousands of obstacles I crossed. There are some stupid mind, “Oh, they will tell like this only, but with that also finally you only you have to work hard and reach out nah. With this one idea they made me work so much”, you can complain. I tell you, be aware of negative people, they have problem for every solution. No, just like I have solution for every problem, I know there are people, they have problem for every solution. No really, I don’t know how they spend their time especially to find problem for every solution. Give any solution they have a problem, ready.

Listen, essence of today’s satsang is: You are capable, your seeking is powerful enough to make you reach whatever you are seeking, independent of any external help, without any external support or help. Your seeking is powerful enough to make you experience the space you are seeking. Meditate on this, just mediate on this one truth. If this one truth clicks with you, that is enough, I can guide you into this 400 hundred powers of Mahadeva. What 400 powers of Mahadeva? I can guide you into Mahadeva Himself. Just this one truth has to strongly click with you guys.

Your seeking is capable enough of making you experience the space you are seeking without any external help, assistance, or input; by just its own intelligence. That’s all need to click with you. If this one truth clicks with you guys, that is enough, I can lead you into what Mahadeva describes in Agama Living Shuddhadvaita, living pure Advaita, manifesting the experiences and powers of Advaita, manifesting experiences and powers of Advaita.

Understand, be informed, I am very seriously manifesting all these powers, very sincerely manifesting for the sake of training this first batch of Balasants, so I am opening up the shop, which is free. It is now your decision to seek, is going to make you experience all of this.

Listen, I am opening it, now your decision to seek will make you experience it. That is why I am saying mediate on this one truth tonight when you go and lie down.

See I will describe seeking in a much more practical sense. It can start as in as simple as look at the sky, what is there so much, beyond all this what is there? You can start even with that simple question. Any question you have about this four; Universe, Self, God and universe which you are perceiving, Nature, the part, which you are not perceiving is Universe; the part which you are perceiving is Nature. So let me repeat; any question you have about Universe, which you can’t perceive, God, Self and Nature, Prakriti. In this four, any question you have about this four can provoke seeking in you, can invoke seeking in you. Go behind that question, decide to align your life with the answer you are finding. Listen, having deep question about any of these four or any of these four is Seeking. Deciding to go behind the answer is Courage. Deciding to align you life to the answer by renouncing unnecessary things is Vairagya.

Understand, having questions about these four is Seeking; deciding to go behind the questions is Courage, deciding to leave all the other unnecessary things behind and align your life to the answers you will discover is Vairagya. Invoke seeking, that is enough you don’t need to be worried about vairagya, courage all that now.

You can never teach about delivering a baby to a small girl, “Oh God, such big baby from my tummy will come out, no, no, no I don’t want that.” Only when she comes to that age when she can understand, only then you can explain and make her understand. Now you don’t need to talk about that. Same way, till the Seeking flowers in you guys I don’t want to talk about renunciation, immediately you will ask, “Oh, do I have to give up my family, everything to become a Sannyasi and only then will I have seeking, then will I only have enlightenment”. No, I am not going to talk about that now, that is what is going to happen later, that is different. But now I am not going to talk about it with you now—because anything you speak in prematured way, people may get frightened and disappear. I am not going to say — that is what is going to happen later or that is what is going to happen, or may or may not happen, let me keep it in suspense, why unnecessarily frighten you guys. But all I am trying to tell you is — now awaken Seeking, that’s enough; awaken seeking, that’s enough.

Understand, the seeking is intelligent enough, efficient enough, powerful enough, for you to experience the space you are seeking. This clarity, the basic questions of life, not pushing them under the carpet, facing them even if they make you powerless is Seeking. Rekindle that in your life; awaken that in your life.

I can give you one more explanation also. Decide whatever truths your Master when He utters, whatever truth clicks with you, if you decide to start living them, aligning your thinking and lifestyle to that Truth, even then your seeking will become intense. Listen, for example, you are thinking about death, if you think on your own and try to find out what will happen, that is also seeking, or your Master says, “don’t worry once you die you will only be with Me, you will be with Me in the Kailasa, don’t worry”. If suddenly that answer clicks with you and you start aligning yourself to that answer, thinking that answer, cherishing that answer, enjoying that answer, planning for that space in your inner space, even that will intensify your seeking. Either seeking on your own, or the answers your Master gave — cherishing them, entertaining them, enjoying them, enriching them, encouraging them in your system, even that will intensify your Seeking. Then naturally you will start thinking; how the Kailasa will look, will I have western toilet or eastern toilet there? Or will I not have 1, 2, 3 at all in the Kailasa, or will I have food and no 1, 2, 3 or no food and no 1,2, 3 or food, no 1, 2, 3. What is the combination? Will I have pain and pleasure? Will I have only pleasure and no pain? Or Will I have only pain and no pleasure? — even these questions will invoke seeking in you. Understand, then what is the best way I can prepare to go there, should I be lean so that I can be flown immediately, or should I have heavy weight so that I can be carried on the Nandi? What will be the transport, how should I be, even this? — even though these questions look very playful, when you sit and talk it out inside you, within you, they will start provoking many of the corners of you which you have not attended.

Listen, many of the corners of you, which you have not attended, will be provoked, that is what I call Seeking. That just melts you. That will bring intensity in you. You will no more be inauthentic in any of your action, in any of your action. You will no more be inauthentic. Before doing every action, you will ask yourself — is this going to intensify my seeking and help me to reach where I want to go? Intensifying the seeking, intensifying the seeking. Authenticity means all your actions aligned to seeking.

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