Seeking is powerful enough to merge the seeker into that which is sought after!

I will continue to expand the subject I left the day before yesterday’s Satsang, SEEKING. I have not yet completed defining it, and expanding on it. Then I will enter into the next verse, 16th verse. Before that I am reading a question, which is in all your minds, and I wanted to answer – it is not too heavy, so don’t worry. [laughs, referring to His matted hair worn on top of crown]. It’s not too heavy, and it’s very light, and I am very happy about it. I am enjoying it, and I’m really enjoying it. So because I am enjoying it, you guys also enjoy, come on! Tirumular varkavedda sivayoga vedda – means the form of Mahadeva.

I will expand on this great truth – Seeking. Understand, one part of you feels so strongly that you are going to exist forever and you don’t need to worry about the questions of after-life. It is like whenever you see people dying or you hear the news of somebody’s death—you always think for a few seconds, what will happen to me? And then somehow you end up in the conviction that you are going to exist forever, or the problem is not going to come immediately at least, or you just decide that you don’t need to attend to this question at least NOW.

Something, something happens you loose attention and focus from that spark. Please understand, come back to the basic questions — whatever makes you powerless is basic question you are not able to face it. Listen, whatever makes you powerless, is a basic question you are not able to face it—that is the seed of Seeking. Whatever makes you powerless, is the question you are not able to face it; and deciding to face those questions is Seeking.

Listen carefully, I will repeat once more. Whatever makes you powerless, what will happen after death, will I be all alone during my death, or in deathbed all the pain I may have to go through, will I be able to handle? Or if suddenly some poverty happens in my life, if I loose somethings, what will happen? So the questions which makes you powerless, if you decide not to face them, you push yourself into delusion again and again; if you decide to face them, that is Seeking.

Understand, I am defining Seeking; come back to the basic questions of life.

What is life?

What is death?

Before you assumed this body, how your face looked?

After this body stops functioning, how you are going to exist and face?

These all may be the basic questions of life, just because you pushed them under the carpet, the questions cannot disappear. Just because these questions have been asked many times by others or yourself or by yourself to you, don’t think you know the answer. Sometimes because we are familiar with problems we assume we know the solution to that problem. No. Please listen, being familiar with that problem does not mean you found the solution for that problem. Being familiar with a problem for quite a long time, because of the familiarity, assuming you know the solution for that problem is delusion. Just because you know a question, for last 25 years, you assume you know the solution, is delusion. Or you push it under the carpet and you think, “ah, aree this question, Ramana Maharishi spoke about it, I read when I was at the age of a 7-year-old boy, and this question only Paramahamsa Nithyananda is talking, what is there? I think I know what he is talking.”

Understand, familiarity with the problem should not give you the delusion you know the solution. All alone when you are alone in your bed and not sleeping, when you are alone, ask these questions towards you. If death comes, tonight, am I prepared to face it? What is Life? What is it, that gives me such a strong confidence that I am not going to die, I am going to eternally exist.

I am not saying that your belief that you are going to eternally exist is a lie, no. There is a component in you, which is externally going to exist. Unfortunately, you do not associate yourself with that component permanently. That’s all I am trying to remind you. Listen, I am not asking you to get depressed thinking about death, I am not interested in taking away your confidence, which you carry that you are going to exist forever. I am not interested in taking away that confidence and that confidence is not false; that’s a good news. Yes, you are going to exist eternally, but please decide to associate yourself with THAT permanently. It is like a, just by having the fish smell, you imagine you ate fish. Just by having the confidence, which is the smell of the Eternal Consciousness, you start deluding yourself – you experienced the Eternal Consciousness. That is what I am telling you, smell is not eating.

Please listen, sometime if you are planning to eat just for the sake of taste, not because of hunger, even if you enjoy the smell of the hotel, you will feel like you ate already, you won’t feel like eating. If you are not really feeling hungry, but you decide to eat just for the sake of taste, or you saw the photographs of that food in the hoarding, in the poster, if you just decide to eat for the sake of taste, or for the sake of the way the food looks – even if you enjoy the smell of the food sitting in the hotel for a few minutes, you won’t feel like eating, you will be full. Same way, if you are superficially looking into you, what is there?  all that? Even the smell of you consciousness is which is confidence….

Let me explain, it is a very subtle point I am trying to explain.

Listen, there is part of you which never dies, which is eternally alive, your consciousness, your bio-energy. There is part of you, which dies. Unfortunately, you associate yourself with which dies, but you draw confidence from which does not die. It is like just by smelling the food, you feel you ate and you are fulfilled. Smell can never fill your stomach. Listen, only if you eat, it can fill your stomach. Same way, just the confidence of bio-energy that you are never going to die, will not make you enlightened. Solve the issue once for all, the confidence of bio-energy that you are never going to die will be there till your nail gets broken or you face a small fracture. A hairline crack is enough to take away your confidence that you are eternal – you are not going to die.

Please listen, you are eternal, you are not going to die, that confidence is only the smell of your bio-energy not experience of you bio-energy. Making it as an experience, deciding to make it as an experience is what I call Seeking.

Listen, please listen, once I went and told my Guru, Mata Vibhudananda Puri Devi, I went and told her, “you are telling me that I am beyond the life and death”. She read out Ribhu Gita to me that day, and explained some of the great truths in Ribhu Gita, and I’ll strongly recommend all my disciples read Ribhu Gita, and if you have time, no make time. If I say if you have time, you will never have time, make time, read Ribhu Gita. It is one of the greatest scriptures in Hindu tradition. And she explained to me a concept about immortality, and I went and slept over it.

Next day I went and told her, “you explained, but I am afraid whether I will enter into that space at all, how to enter into that space?”

She said, please listen, this word is very important for all of you, “just entertain this desire to experience that space so strongly, the fear whether you will experience or not will BREAK, that is the moment you will experience that Space.”

Listen, she told me beautifully, “tedu tale tedu bavanai tedu vadarka aaki kedel seyum shakti vaindada – in Tamil she said, I will translate in English – “Seeking is powerful enough to merge the seeker into THAT which is sought after.” She said beautifully, “What you are seeking, entertain that. That is intelligent enough to break the fear whether you will achieve it or not, and make you enter into that space which you are seeking.”

It was such powerful click for me I tell you. This is the key I used to experience everything described in Agama and Tantra and Vedanta and Yoga. This is the Master key, this is the Master key.

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