Technique to bring Awareness of the neutral space while moving the body

Total Duration: 30 minutes

Sit straight, preferably on the ground. Close your eyes. Inhale and exhale as slowly as possible, as deeply as possible.

Step 1: Duration: 3 minutes

Slowly, very slowly, put your attention only on the incoming breath. Be aware of the incoming breath. Read More

Meditation Technique to get centered on your very being!

This technique has three steps.

First, feel an object or person before you. Do not just see the object or person, but feel the object or person, become completely lost in them.

Second, feel the absence of all other objects and persons but this one. Exclude everything else. Just be completely absorbed with that one object or one person.

Third, when you really feel there is no other object or person, when you have achieved the state of excluding everything or everyone else, then unclutch from that one object or person also. Read More

Nithyananda Yoga is the science, the formula, that will give others the same experience of enlightenment which happened in me.

Until the age of thirteen, Raghupati Yogi prepared my body and mind to enter into and stay in the experience of enlightenment. Entering into the experience, having a glimpse of the no-mind state, having that experience of satori and unclutching is actually not very difficult. But to remain in the experience and more importantly, to express that energy though your body, both your body and mind needs to be prepared.

Yoga thus prepared my body for holding the ultimate energy of enlightenment.

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For whatever purpose you bend your body or move your body, that memory and idea will become completely inserted or completely recorded in your body and mind!

On some days, Raghupati Yogi would ask me to sit still and be very peaceful, to meditate on stillness, peace and tranquility. Then after ten minutes, he would suddenly tell me to stand up and run around the entire temple as fast as I could!
He would make me bend this way and that way. In the temple where he would teach me yoga, there were twenty to thirty pillars. He would make me climb every stone pillar and come down. Also I had to use only one hand to climb the pillars and come down!

Understand, doing asanas for solving a disease is not the purpose of yoga!

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Raghupati Yogi, the master who had experienced that consciousness or the inner space of Patanjali

Yoga is a state of being. When the mind ceases to exist, you reside in the state of yoga, the state of no-mind, the state of ultimate consciousness or enlightenment.
When the state of no-mind and pure consciousness is experienced, you undergo a complete psychological revolution related to the understanding and experience of the self (jeeva), the world (jagat) and god (ishwara). You realize through experience that these three entities are not separate but one whole. Both the world and god are experienced within you. Read More

Bringing yourself completely out of the waking, dreaming and deep sleep states, is what I call being in meditation!

Many people think meditation involves blindly believing in something. People fear this. They come and tell me, ‘I am afraid that I might get too attached to meditation.’ Understand, meditation itself is nothing but removing your attachment! So you can’t get too attached to it.

Meditation is all about changing the inner software.

People are also afraid that their desires, fears and whatever else they think of as their life will be taken away from them if they start meditating. In a way this is true! Once you start meditating, whatever you thought of as your life until then, will no longer be important to you! The real truths will start revealing themselves to you. All the illusions you were holding until then will start leaving you. All the time you are trying to protect yourself from the basic truths only because you are afraid of losing your illusions about life. Read More

When you are completely open, an Avatar can simply download the software of an enlightened physiology into your system

Your ego is not powerful enough to take away your enlightenment! Understand that your ego is not so powerful that it can take away your enlightenment. You need to stop thinking that you have an ego. Even your ego is not as big as you think. You are not as big as you always think! So even your ego cannot take away your enlightenment.

Whether you believe it or not, experience it or not, you are eternal Consciousness.

Your logic is also not as strong as you think. I always tell people, your ignorance is not so strong as to take enlightenment away from you. Even in your ignorance or ego you are not that big a person, and that is the truth! Read More

The first conscious step towards responsibility towards oneself and to the world is Sannyas

The river heads only towards the sea. It does not stagnate anywhere. A sannyasi heads only towards his goal of enlightenment. He knows no distractions. The river flows blissfully, whatever be the things thrown into it on its way. So many things are thrown into the river – flowers, twigs, food, animals, birds, dead bodies, etc. But the river flows, not bothering about anything. Similarly, a sannyasi moves blissfully, untouched by anything that comes his way. The current pulls the river over its obstacles, and it gurgles, with a constant music, moving towards the sea. The cosmic intelligence pulls the sannyasi over obstacles as he moves towards the ultimate goal. He knows not what obstacles are. For him, they are all stepping stones on the path to bliss. Read More

Realize that all leaders are channels of the collective positivity or negativity created by the masses

First, we have to understand that every major decision taken at the higher level of power and governance is an expression of collective positivity or collective negativity, because it is the mass consciousness or collective consciousness that creates the leaders. So before blaming others like leaders, politicians, or officials, if we can put a little bit of energy towards ourselves and start working to create more positive consciousness in our inner space, we will be doing something really useful.

Peace needs to be brought into the individual’s heart. Then it will radiate like the fragrance of a flower and transform the whole planet earth.

There are two ways to handle anything.

One is just talking about things and the other is actually doing things. If you are interested in just talking about things, then you will blame everybody around you, starting from your neighbor to the politicians, business and world leaders. Blaming and criticizing everybody is not going to be directly useful. Not only that, it will really pull down your own energy. This is one common, but ineffective way of working. Read More

An individual’s inner satisfaction, increase in awareness, creativity, and intelligence will automatically lead to global peace, prosperity and harmony.

A beautiful story from the life of Buddha:

Devadatta, a cousin of Buddha, joined Buddha’s order of monks. He was hungry for power and status. He wanted to become the head of the order of monks. But Buddha would not allow such an immature person, who was running after status instead of enlightenment, to lead his mission. So Devadatta harbored jealousy and ill feelings towards Buddha and even made several attempts to kill him.

Once Devadatta persuaded the royal elephant-keepers to release a fierce elephant on to Buddha’s path. The elephant was intoxicated and let loose on the streets where Buddha used to walk regularly. The mad elephant ran wildly. People panicked and fled in all directions. The elephant came upon Buddha.

Buddha kept walking, radiating the same peace and calm even in the face of this danger. His bliss and peace was not at all affected by the threat of the wild elephant. The elephant came rushing towards Buddha in a mad fury.

Once it reached Buddha, it immediately calmed down completely. Its wild nature simply dissolved in Buddha’s enlightened presence. Buddha touched the elephant’s forehead and stroked it gently. Calmed by the patting, the elephant bent on its knees and bowed down to Buddha. The people watching the whole scene were simply shocked! Read More

Vacuum is energy not absence of matter

Q: According to science, vacuum is the absence of matter. But according to you, vacuum is energy. Matter is manifestation of energy. How would you define vacuum?

Please understand that science has changed its view. Now scientists are coming up with a clear-cut idea that no such thing as ‘vacuum’ can be created. Even in space, where you say vacuum exists, ether is present. Ether is the gross form of energy. Science is also coming up with the fact that ether is also matter. It can be measured and handled. Science has evolved to the extent that it can understand spiritual truths to a certain degree. They have started understanding that vacuum is not the absence of matter. It is the absence of certain parts of matter. There are five major elements – earth, fire, water, air, ether. Vacuum is the absence of four of these major elements – earth, water, fire, air. That’s all. It is not the absence of matter, it is the absence of four elements. Thousands of years ago the eastern rishis developed the science of Vastu Shastra. It is the science that teaches one how to utilize the power of ether in daily life. It is the technique of building homes and houses in a way that the ether energy is enclosed in the space of the home in the best possible way. Today, scientists are working to understand methods of how to use ether! So, according to me and according to science, vacuum is energy. Vacuum is not the absence of matter.

source: Living Enlightenment

In a hologram, every single part of the hologram, even if split, reflects the totality of that hologram. Likewise, Universe is a hologram and we are a part of that hologram, we too reflect the totality of the universe!

If you have observed a school of fish swimming or a flock of birds flying together, you will see a fleeting synchronicity in their motion. There may be hundreds of birds flying together in a V-shaped formation, but when they have to change direction, they will all do so at the same time, with no confusion or time delay! Scientists have been trying to understand how this is possible. Even studies of insects and animals have shown that when faced with threats, their responses are so fast that they cannot be explained by normal methods of communication.

Because of our false sense of identity and ego, we have lost touch with nature and have become insensitive to the direct signals of nature

An interesting experiment was done to study the power of thought on dogs.

The dog owners were asked to leave the house with no intention of going to any particular place. After leaving the house, they were given instructions to go to specific places and then at random times, they were asked to come back. It was found that at the time the owner started back home, almost always at the same time, the dog would go to the door and wait for the owner.

In the huge tsunami that rocked the Andaman and Nicobar islands of India, it was found that before the tsunami hit the islands, all the animals, including the huge ones like elephants, had all moved to higher grounds, safely away from the ocean. There have been a number of accounts of animals and insects being aware of upcoming earthquakes minutes before the earthquake actually strikes.

There are hundreds of electromagnetic waves in the air but your television set picks up only the waves of the frequency to which it is tuned. Similarly, the minds that are ready and waiting for the floating ideas will tune in and convert that potentiality into reality! Read More