The source of all tiredness, boredom, disease, death, is your biological clock not in tune with the nature. Morning waking up and doing yoga, puts your whole biological clock in tune with the nature!

Today I’ll explain, alchemical transformation need to happen in our system. Listen. Due to your food, entertained depressive thought currents, cherished incompletions, the first damage you do to you is disturbing the biological clock. Cat, dog, cows and calfs in our Goshala, chicken and hen in our Gurukul, birds, everything, see the moment Sun is going to rise, Brahma Muhurta, all of them are up, alive, jumping, running around; only human beings….. Our biological clock, is beaten left and right. Instead of going towards the super conscious break through, it is falling down lower than the animal structure.

Understand. What kind of a biochemistry you enjoy while you are in the body, you will create, manifest, the same kind of a biochemistry for the next Janma. If sleeping is your greatest pleasure, be very clear, next Janma, you will only be buffalo. Continue reading →

Fire, Dhi is responsible for the knowledge to happen in you and it gets fully awakened by Integrity!

I will repeat the verse once, read out the translation. Then give you the commentary.

agne naya supathā rāye asmān viśvāni deva vayunāni vidvān |

yuyodhy asmaj juhurāṇam eno bhūyiṣṭhāṁ te nama-uktiṁ vidhema || 18 ||

I will read out the exact translation.

O Agni, the Fire God! Knower of all our actions, and all that is worth knowing, you must take us along the righteous and auspicious path of completion..

Please listen, you need to understand this, first line “O Agni, the Fire God! Knower of all our actions and all that is worth knowing” – means: even the modern science proves when your brain knows something that area gets lit up. The knowing action happens when the Fire moves into the certain part of the brain. Please understand, everything may be there outside you, you will not know if the Fire does not move in your brain. If the Fire moves in your brain, only then you will know what is happening. So, Fire is responsible for knowledge, knowing to happen in you.

Listen carefully.

Fire is responsible for the knowledge to happen in you. I tell you, Fire gets fully awakened by integrity. Nothing, just follow intensely integrity, in twelve months you will have a kind of a Fire in you through which you can know anything you want to know. Anything which comes in front of you, and you want to know it, you will know it. That fire is called ‘dhi’ in Sanskrit we use the word, a single letter ‘dhi’. All the ancient languages the fire is addressed as ‘dhi’. In Sanskrit, in Tamil, in many of the ancient languages. Listen, ‘Dhi’ comes as a gift to you, because of your integrity. Just twelve months decide, I will live in the space of integrity, no question of missing. Its just awareness, awareness practice, nothing else. The ‘dhi’ will be awakened in your brain. That ‘dhi’ will give you the intelligence to know everything you want, anything you want. Continue reading →

Anandamaaga irungal

Today is a very auspicious day for our whole Sangha, because today is the day I was reborn in 2000. On the same Diwali day, the rebirth has happened. I had many extraordinary spiritual experiences, but realization of my incarnation-hood, who I am, the original state, that realization completely disconnected me from the world. Around nine months I was completely away from this body and mind. Even though this body and mind was taken care of by Kalabhairava, Kalabhairava was handling it, it was at least doing the activities to keep itself alive, like breathing, eating rarely once in a while; body was doing those basic actions. But there was no sleep or 1-2-3! The body was doing minimal activity to keep itself alive, but I was completely out. So, after nine months…..

See, the last moment I remember was 2000 January 1st, till evening. After that I can recollect only this 2000 Diwali, almost nine months after! Only on the Diwali day, nine or ten months after, on the Diwali day, evening between 4:30 to 6:00, I saw very clearly, as a motherly, feeling compassionate, loving Kali energy landed into my body, and the first word came out in Tamil language – “Anandamaaga irungal” (be blissful)! After almost nine to ten months gap, that was the first word. Just like a cracker explosion it came out! After that, a few words started getting formed, then a few sounds, then that coherence, expression of words started happening. I think, by next April, in 2001 April, the free, coherent speech has started. 

So, Diwali is the auspicious day Mother Kali gave rebirth to this body, and this is the day the world was blessed with that beautiful blessings – “Be Blissful”. Even now, I always see, if that word comes out as a blessings, that is it! Whatever the person is asking, such a strong space is created as a blessing for that person, and I can say it is a real “Thathaasthu”! It happens!

I was nearing Arunachala. I was staying in a place near Kanchipuram. I was able to move my hands and legs coherently. So, the body was going in a bus, public transport, to Arunachala. Please understand, all these without any words inside…..just a vague memory only I had! Kalabhairava was moving the body. May be I saw Arunachala from a distance in the bus. The bus has entered the Arunachala energy field. I saw after five to six minutes suddenly that Kali’s energy landed in the body and the word came out. I can say that is the rebirth! That is the rebirth! 

Actually, after that experience, straight I went into the forest of Arunachala, and sat in a place, rested for almost three days in that joy. And, incidentally, exactly that property is now our Tiruvannamalai Ashram. Exactly the same property! Actually I didn’t know that property belongs to whom and nothing. Later on, exactly the same property was gifted to us by one of our devotees and pre-monastic relatives, and that is where our Tiruvannamalai Ashram is at present.

So, with all my heart, with the space of Mahakali and Maha Kalabhairava, I bless you all and the whole world and everyone, everybody – “Anandamaaga Irungal”! Let bliss overflow in all of you! Be blissful! Blessings to the whole Sangha! Let all of us radiate the eternal bliss! “Anandama Irungal”! Let everything be auspicious from now! Let everything be blissful! Let everyone be established in the space of Completion, Poornathwa! Let everyone radiate joy and enlightenment! Let the energy of Mahakala and Mahakali be on all of us! Let us all live enemy-less, enmity-less life! Let us all live and radiate eternal friendliness, eternal joy! Let Mahadeva establish all of us in the space of Completion, Poornathwa, and always powerful!