Only if you know why you are perceiving what you are perceiving, you will know why you should pursue what you need to pursue!

I welcome you all to be OUT OF THE MATRIX. My love to you all, of you who have decided to come out of the Matrix. My respects to all, who are struggling to come out of the Matrix. I welcome all the Beings here. You have already decided, you just need to understand WHY you have decided? You have already decided, you just need to understand WHY you have decided. Understand. If you think you have decided. Listen very carefully. If you think you have decided and do not know WHY you have decided, then you are inside the Matrix.

Listen. If you perceive you are in bondage, you have decided to be in bondage. You just need to know WHY you decided. If you perceive your struggling, to get out of the bondage, you decided to perceive that way. You need to know, WHY you decided to perceive that way. If you perceive you are liberated, you have decided to be liberated. You need to know, WHY you have decided to be liberated. Understand. Whatever is your perception now, is your decision earlier. You have decided. Knowing the decision as your perception, not knowing WHY you decided is MAYA MATRIX.


Liberation has nothing to do with whether you perceive bound, whether you perceive liberated, perceive struggling, it is all about knowing WHY you have decided what you decided.

Listen. Even if you perceive liberation and you do not why you decided liberation, you are under Matrix, so it is one more method of controlling you. Understand. Even if you perceive bondage, if you know why you decided bondage, you are liberated. You are out of the Matrix. Even if you perceive liberation, even if you don’t know why you decided liberation, you are under the Matrix. You all perceive life, but you don’t know WHY you decided to live, means you are under the Matrix. You all perceive life, means you decided life. But if you don’t know why you decided life, you are under the Matrix. LIFE is a struggle between Sadāshiva and your forgetfulness. I have a good news for you, it is not war. It is not war as Matrix movie presents. Read More

I closed the door but never locked it!

Introducing Sadashivoham is introducing Sadāshiva Himself. His words, teachings, understandings, logical conclusions, grand strategies for your existence. All this make your logical dimension, the length of you to manifest Sadashivatva.


You have 3 dimensions – length, breadth, depth. Length is your logic, intellect. Breadth is your visualization, heart, love, poetry. Depth is your Being, manifesting powers. Understand. Sadashiva’s words, His teachings, His grand strategies for your existence, when He says, “Practice Completion,” it is not only His teaching, His grand strategies for your existence. He Himself is strategizing for your existence. All this will make your logic manifest Sadashivatva. Breadth, the visualization dimension, when you manifest powers, the new idea you develop about you, the new identity you develop about you, breaking all this small, old identity, the new Being you develop about you, that makes your breadth dimension manifest Sadashivatva.

Initiation and spiritual alchemy products, which makes your body and mind retain Initiation, they make your depth manifest Sadashivatva, your cognition manifest Sadāshivatva. Listen. Listen carefully!  Read More

Completion – Poornatva

What is Pattern. A action unfulfilled as per your fantasy either because of outside hindrance or inside hindrance is in-completion. Please understand ,if expectations are not met yourself or by persons outside ,it remains as incomplete , for
example, you always wanted to wake up early morning and practice yoga but you never succeeded in that ,it remains as in completion.You always wanted your father to be very loving and caring and he never honored your expectation that remains as in completion. Completing, please understand completing all the in completion is the basic step in the life.Whatever hurts you are carrying ,if any body reach out to that person feel complete.If you are not able to reach out to that person at least sit in front of the mirror , invoke that person and complete. Unless Poornatva happens ,nothing nothing can be done. Life does not start. Same way within you ,if you have certain fantasies about you ,the ideas about you either fulfil them or drop
them. If you can afford to fulfill them with your adopted life style fulfill, if you cant fulfill it authentically with your adopted life style drop.

Authentic listening. Please understand, authentically listen to the cries of your heart , Your heart continue to cry for your attention. Authentically listen. Listening does not mean you will just do your heart says. Even if you are ready to give your ear ,after telling your heart says it is OK you have heard me that is enough. Many time even in your family, in your team people does not want you to solve their problem , they just want you to listen to their problem. Once you listen even if you don’t solve it is OK .

First thing understand complete with yourself and complete with others. Completion has to be taken like spiritual practice for at least one year. One year go on dig out with whom all you carry in completion. If you are carrying in completion with me sit with my photograph. Every photograph listens to you and respond to you, it is independent intelligence. Understand very authentically and with integrity, I tell you this word – This Body is Chinmaya Vigraha. Embodiment of super-consciousness without any rajas and tamas i.e. restlessness and inertness.It is Shuddha-Chitta Chinmaya Vigraha, any shadow of it, even if you painted it because you paint it after you visualize it. Already the Chinmaya Vigraha has entered your heart and came out through your hand , it has filled your inner space.Even my remote paintings , pictures done by eN genius kids about me is Chinmaya Vigraha. 

Understand Chaya is Kaya – Shadow is original. Portrait is being . Either is rajas or thamas is added in the body then all photographs may not be chimaya vigraha. Only when I am in satwa photographs taken is Chimaya Vigraha. But I tell you I have not added this time anything. A pure Shudda-Chitha Chinmaya Vigraha. Any of my photograph, any painting , any portrait done by any amateur artist is Shudda-Chitha Chinmaya Vigraha. Sit with any one of that and complete, I will listen to you. I am listening to you. I will help you to listen to your own heart.

First learn to listen to your own heart’s cry. Most of the time you are not listening to yourself. Sit in front of a mirror talk what ever you wanted to tell yourself, spend time with you. Talk, talk. Listen as a person inside the mirror. Listen,listen,listen .This one process of completion of yourself humanity will walk out of depression.

Humanity can invite this one practice as lesson in your schools, educational organizations as curriculum for bringing up human beings. Helping humanity to sit with mirror and talking to themselves. Completing with your self – swapoornatwa.
Swapoornatwa means completion of your self. Try this any of you have knee pain, back pain ,can’t sit straight, can’t sit in vajrasana, do this swapoornatwa, sitting with mirror and completing with you. Next day you will sit with out pain.Because every pain you carry inside you as different parts of your body is nothing but not completing with you.

Yesterday one of my ashramite came and told me, I was speaking to one of our brahmmachari, he was feeling very disturbed, I asked him the reason. He said our ashramites and devotees when they come to the ashram they should use some decent dress , they should not wear churidar. He is a brahmmachari , he was telling, they should not use the dress and body language provoking, inviting. Moment I heard , I felt so sad. Understand, the disturbance is from not from outside it is always disturbance from inner woman. It is always from the woman in the inside.This is nothing but in-completion inside. 

There is a beautiful story in Narada’s life .Before he was given the status of Chiranjeevi, Deva Rishi. Seems Narada was made to go through. Life with Narada, He is one of the celestial media officer, that is the right word to use. He was made to go through living with beautiful naked woman and the rivers of nectar, alcohol, somarasa all types of pleasures and wide varieties and wild quantities because He was not touched by all this He was given the title of Deva Rishi. I know I am not going to put you in that situation, I know what chaos you will create. Don’t worry, don’t fantasize, I am going to help you for that.

All I am telling you is completion inside. Listen to your heart’s cries. May be your heart is crying that it want certain pleasures, lust or love that may come from lust. Your heart may be craving for it listen. I am not saying just go behind heart and fulfill. No. Just listen. By listening itself your heart will get finished saying that is all I wanted, leave it, don’t need any thing more.

Sit in front of a mirror ,connect with the person you are seeing in the mirror eye to eye. With your eye contact sit alone with the mirror, alone with yourself. One of the great Avadhutas happened in Southern part of India, He is called Vaikuntapathy Ayya. He was called Ayya, Vaikuntapathy, a great Avadhutha, great social reformer , still they have around 3000 temples all over the world . There only mirror is the deity. He knew this technique and He promoted this technique. Mirror is the deity, you go and stand infront of the mirror and talk to your self , complete with yourself. Do Poornatwa and come back . His samadhi is there near Kanya kumari.He is called Vaikuntapathy, great Avadhutha . In his memory, respect to him, we will dedicate a mirror in all our centers and ashram , where people can come and do swapoornatwa. Beautifully framed mirror should be kept in all our centers and ashrams , where people can come and do swapoornatwa.

As a reminding the process of Swapoornatwa. Please understand completing with yourself. Let me describe the technique:-

Comfortably be seated in front of the mirror. 

Have deep eye to eye contact with the body and reflection.Please understand both put together is you. I will call as Kaya and Chaya ,both put together is you.

Let the kaya and chaya have a deep eye to eye contact. The moment you have deep eye to ye contact. First thing you will have is ripples. You are waiting to cry yourself. You are waiting to cuddle and cry yourself.Cuddle yourself and cry yourself for so many things you did to you or others did to you .The injustifications you did to you and others did to you ,waiting to cuddle with you and cry. Cuddle your chaya ,hold your chaya and cry. Nothing wrong. Complete.

Just this Swapoornatwa eases so much and makes the miracle space available in you. Ananda Gandha is what I call miracle space. Complete, complete it with yourself . Let you talk to your shadow, your chaya. You will be surprised ,your shadow will start talking to you., advise you. Listen to you. Will relive you from fear, relive you from many of your lust patterns, relive you from many of your attention need , will relive you from many of your guilts.

Sit with mirror to Swapoornatwa. Complete with yourself. Whenever you feel any disturbances in you, just sit with a mirror and complete. If you sit with mirror and start completing, you will learn two things. You will learn to listen to yourself. Please understand , when you start learning to listen to yourself , then you will know how to listen to others. Listen, listen listen, that is the completion starts, whether the completion with in you or others.It starts by listening.