No verbalization based excitement, no visualization based inspiration. Allow only the pure Oneness to excite you and push you, drive you to live your life. Deity Alankaram and Goseva are the best lubrication for body to settle down with the new fuel, Kundalini Shakti!

Understand. Shakti, power, can be generated in your system through 3 ways.  Certain words, ideas can generate Shakti, like when you have a hope, thought current, that your future is going to be very rich, brilliant, bright. Those words, generate certain kind of enthusiasm, excitement or visualizations.  It can be simple as visualization of your vacation – “Wow, if you do all this, end of the day you are going to have “weekend” or a sexual visualizations – “ I am going to have this pleasure.” Understand. Sex does not mean only the physical relationship. I call everything which you consider pleasure under the title “sex.” It can be coffee, it can be some special food, it can be some special music, it can be some special place or a time with a special person, anything, anything visually excites you and makes energy ooze out in your system. Continue reading →

This technique is so powerful it will give you the clear experience that you will never die!

Duration: 24 hours a day, for 21 days

Visualize that you are light, that there is nothing else inside and outside. There is nobody, no world, there is only intense light. Visualize this from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep, whatever you may be doing. Continue reading →

Enlightened masters don’t have inner chatter, they experience the pure and ultimate visualization!

The very source of intelligence is clear visualization. You need to plan only when you don’t have complete and clear visualization. Pure and clear visualization expresses the total concept in one glimpse. If we don’t have such visualization, we do linear planning or step by step logical processing.

Enlightened masters don’t have inner chatter, in other words they don’t have the continuous train of thoughts going on in them. So they experience the pure and ultimate visualization. Anybody with clear visualization does not require planning. Spontaneity is enough to do the job. Events happen spontaneously around such a person. Any updating or development that is required also happens automatically. Even if events change they will beautifully fit within the framework initiated. Only a person with pure visualization can create a real, tangible program and update it constantly with spontaneity and intelligence.

We see so many examples of this in our own organization like in our ashram in the temple town of Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu in South India. Tiruvannamalai is home to the sacred, mystical hill Arunachala. A once empty piece of land near the base of the mountain was converted into a full scale ashram in a record breaking time of 18 days! At the end of 18 days, it had one dozen deities installed, 1008 Shiva lingas (dome shaped representation of the male and female energies of creation) consecrated, as well as accommodation and food facilities. Over a hundred thousand people witnessed the inauguration and stood testimony to the play of spontaneous intelligence at work.

source: Living Enlightenment

We need to have intelligence even to do new mistakes!

Our entire educational system is based upon evaluation of information, not intelligence. It is driven by intellect and verbalization, not visualization. When you try to move on the basis of information you lose the ability to be intelligent. In fact, if you are logically logical you will understand that logic itself is not logical.

Life is not logical. It cannot be explained with the mundane logic and intellect. It happens in a plane much higher than the intellect. The intelligent person lives moment to moment, not through logic. He does not believe in borrowed answers. He sees the challenge of the situation and directly responds to it. The intellectual person is like a photograph, he has the imprint of the past on him. The intelligent person is like a mirror, he reflects and responds to reality and is therefore spontaneous. Continue reading →

Visualization Meditation Technique

This technique can be practiced any time. Feel the cosmos as a translucent, ever-living presence. Try to feel the life in everything that is around you. Try to see it. Try to feel it. First, try to feel the life inside your body. Then try to feel the life inside the chair on which you are sitting. See how you are feeling alive inside your skin. In the same way, visualize and feel you are alive inside the chair, inside the cushion. Then visualize you are alive inside the people who are sitting next to you.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you put a bamboo stick in a river. Now you can see a part of the river on the left of the bamboo and another part to the right of the bamboo. But does it mean the river has now been divided into two parts? No! If the bamboo is taken away, there is no right side or left side anymore. There is no boundary. It is just one river, that’s all.

Life is just like the river. The bamboo is your ego. Because of your ego, you say ‘I’ and ‘you’. You have two sides – you and the world. You see duality because of that bamboo. If you just take the bamboo of your ego away, there is neither ‘I’ nor ‘you’. It is pure ever-living presence.


source: Living Enlightenment

I closed the door but never locked it!

Introducing Sadashivoham is introducing Sadāshiva Himself. His words, teachings, understandings, logical conclusions, grand strategies for your existence. All this make your logical dimension, the length of you to manifest Sadashivatva.


You have 3 dimensions – length, breadth, depth. Length is your logic, intellect. Breadth is your visualization, heart, love, poetry. Depth is your Being, manifesting powers. Understand. Sadashiva’s words, His teachings, His grand strategies for your existence, when He says, “Practice Completion,” it is not only His teaching, His grand strategies for your existence. He Himself is strategizing for your existence. All this will make your logic manifest Sadashivatva. Breadth, the visualization dimension, when you manifest powers, the new idea you develop about you, the new identity you develop about you, breaking all this small, old identity, the new Being you develop about you, that makes your breadth dimension manifest Sadashivatva.

Initiation and spiritual alchemy products, which makes your body and mind retain Initiation, they make your depth manifest Sadashivatva, your cognition manifest Sadāshivatva. Listen. Listen carefully!  Continue reading →

  • Ability to speak into your listening is going to keep you in perpetual Completion.
  • When you carry the same frequency and come near each other, simply the visualizations are transmitted.
  • If you are thinking to resolve an issue, be very sure there is incompletion.
  • More and more you plan, you visualize to cause others reality; more and more depth will happen to you. Your ability to be joyful, excited will become stronger.
  • Quality and quantity of you feeling powerlessness would shrink day by day by causing.
  • Putting the decision of causing others reality ahead of the decision of causing your reality is Sacrifice.

How to handle fear without fear ?

First of all understand that all small fears are mere projections of the ultimate fear of death. Second, don’t resist the fear in fearyou. Just keep repeating to yourself that you are scared and go through it, that’s all! You will soon find that the fear is no longer there because you saw it through. Start doing this every time you feel fear. When you consciously work on this, you will understand that what you call fear is nothing but your response or reaction to an incident or thought. Depending on how you respond, you can claim that you did not have fear or had fear. And, with more and more awareness, you can respond towards fear without fear. Remember one thing: No one can claim to be fearless. One can learn to handle fear without fear, that’s all. If anyone professes to be fearless, be very clear that they have not analyzed deeply the subject of fear and human response to it. Don’t start thinking that they are super-humans and you are a lesser human being.

It is only a question of bringing awareness into our fears. You will then wonder what it was that caused the fear in you!

You can even sit by yourself and imagine that your fears are happening to you. In your imagination, confront them with deep awareness and calmness. If you suffer in the process of visualization, it is alright. Don’t suppress it or punish it.  If your body shakes with fear, let it. Just co-operate with it.Anything suppressed only takes up another form. It doesn’t get uprooted totally. So, suppression is not the way to overcome fear. Awareness is the way. In fact, if you suppress fear, you are missing the chance of overcoming it. Anything when lived out completely will have no effect over you. All your fears are simply fear of your fears, that’s all. 

When you continuously look into your fears with awareness, even when death comes, you will look into it with awareness and allow it to happen to you. It is important to be able to do this because ultimately all your fears are nothing but the fear of death. When you work on your day-to-day fears, your fear of death unconsciously decreases, and when your fear of death decreases, your day-to-day fears decrease! It is virtuous cycle.