We need to have intelligence even to do new mistakes!

Our entire educational system is based upon evaluation of information, not intelligence. It is driven by intellect and verbalization, not visualization. When you try to move on the basis of information you lose the ability to be intelligent. In fact, if you are logically logical you will understand that logic itself is not logical.

Life is not logical. It cannot be explained with the mundane logic and intellect. It happens in a plane much higher than the intellect. The intelligent person lives moment to moment, not through logic. He does not believe in borrowed answers. He sees the challenge of the situation and directly responds to it. The intellectual person is like a photograph, he has the imprint of the past on him. The intelligent person is like a mirror, he reflects and responds to reality and is therefore spontaneous.

The intellect is a beautiful mechanism but only as long as it remains a tool. It should not become the controlling factor. When you put your intellect aside, a deeper intelligence awakens inside you. You start functioning from your center instead of from the periphery. Your center is pure intelligent energy. Intelligence can be rediscovered. The only way to rediscover it is meditation.

Meditation destroys all the barriers and blocks which society has created, that prevent you from being intelligent. Like in a flowing river, it’s as if meditation removes the rocks so that the water can flow smoothly. Intelligence needs tremendous courage. It needs a love for adventure! When you are always going into the unknown, then intelligence grows, it becomes sharpened. It grows only when it encounters the unknown every moment. Intellect is only a mental game, it cannot be creative. Intellect is imaginative, but not creative. Intelligence is creative because it is a part of the divine energy.

If you see your life, if you have the habit of keeping a diary, you will understand that you have been making the same types of mistakes for so many years! For the last twenty to thirty years you can see that you have been making the same type of mistakes. Maybe the scale is different, the place where you do it is different, or the time when you do it is different. But the mistakes will be almost the same! We need to have intelligence even to do new mistakes! When you live intelligently, you will never do the same mistake again. Because when you are intelligent, you bring in awareness and learn the lesson the first time itself.

source: Living Enlightenment

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