You have the capacity to make your dreams into reality as reality is nothing but a dream!

There are two important statements I would like to make now that you need to understand.

The first is, whatever you think of as the world is made of the same stuff of which your dreams are made. This is an important statement. If you understand this statement, you can use it for many purposes. If you know how to use the power with which you create your dreams, with that same power, you can express your dreams. Your dreams are the energy out of which your real world is created.

The second is, whatever you see has been created by you, so you have the capacity to change the whole thing also! We always think our life is an accident. No, it is not an accident, it is an incident. If you understand this one statement, your life can change in so many ways. It can change your visualization, your thinking pattern, and your imagination which creates your dreams.

Most of the time, we create dreams that contradict themselves, that cause confusion. The energy wasted in unnecessary dreams, if it is conserved and put to proper use, the reality that you can create will be much better than the reality you live in now. You will have the important ability or power to realize your dreams, and more importantly you will realize that everything you see as reality is also just one more beautiful dream!

These two things together can transform your life – the capacity to make your dreams into reality and realizing that all reality is nothing but a dream.

The power of intention, the power of creative visualization, and the power to use your dreams, are very important in creating and achieving whatever you want in your life. These powers can create the energy and mood to live your life with complete fulfillment. But that is only one side of the coin. The important thing that science has missed is the intelligence to realize that whatever you see as reality is nothing but your dream! Only when you understand that, you can settle down with yourself in deep relaxation. Till then, you are with a continuous feeling of non-fulfillment all the time. It is this feeling of non-fulfillment that keeps you in a state of subtle irritation.

source: Living Enlightenment

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