How to handle fear without fear ?

First of all understand that all small fears are mere projections of the ultimate fear of death. Second, don’t resist the fear in fearyou. Just keep repeating to yourself that you are scared and go through it, that’s all! You will soon find that the fear is no longer there because you saw it through. Start doing this every time you feel fear. When you consciously work on this, you will understand that what you call fear is nothing but your response or reaction to an incident or thought. Depending on how you respond, you can claim that you did not have fear or had fear. And, with more and more awareness, you can respond towards fear without fear. Remember one thing: No one can claim to be fearless. One can learn to handle fear without fear, that’s all. If anyone professes to be fearless, be very clear that they have not analyzed deeply the subject of fear and human response to it. Don’t start thinking that they are super-humans and you are a lesser human being.

It is only a question of bringing awareness into our fears. You will then wonder what it was that caused the fear in you!

You can even sit by yourself and imagine that your fears are happening to you. In your imagination, confront them with deep awareness and calmness. If you suffer in the process of visualization, it is alright. Don’t suppress it or punish it.  If your body shakes with fear, let it. Just co-operate with it.Anything suppressed only takes up another form. It doesn’t get uprooted totally. So, suppression is not the way to overcome fear. Awareness is the way. In fact, if you suppress fear, you are missing the chance of overcoming it. Anything when lived out completely will have no effect over you. All your fears are simply fear of your fears, that’s all. 

When you continuously look into your fears with awareness, even when death comes, you will look into it with awareness and allow it to happen to you. It is important to be able to do this because ultimately all your fears are nothing but the fear of death. When you work on your day-to-day fears, your fear of death unconsciously decreases, and when your fear of death decreases, your day-to-day fears decrease! It is virtuous cycle. 

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