Meditation technique to become empty and witness

Duration: 21 minutes

Sit and be as relaxed as possible. Do not put your weight on the spinal cord. You can support yourself with your hands.

Visualize energy leaving your body through your eyes, nose, tongue, ears and other sense organs. You are becoming completely empty. Continue reading →

Meditation technique to experience the intelligence, the energy, the enlightenment, awakening in you.

Duration: 21 minutes

Mentally scan your spine so that you will be able to visualize it easily in this meditation. In the center, alongside the spine is a flow of energy like a slender thread, and that is what we call sushumna nadi. It runs from the base of the spine to the crown, passing through each of the seven vital energy centers in our body called the chakras.

The ida nadi, another slender thread, begins and ends on the left of the sushumna nadi, and the pingala nadi, a third slender thread, begins and ends on the right of the sushumna nadi. The ida and pingala spiral around the sushumna, crossing each other at every energy center, and all three meet midway between the eyebrows. Continue reading →

This technique is so powerful it will give you the clear experience that you will never die!

Duration: 24 hours a day, for 21 days

Visualize that you are light, that there is nothing else inside and outside. There is nobody, no world, there is only intense light. Visualize this from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep, whatever you may be doing. Continue reading →

Chanting or just listening to the mantras revealed by enlightened masters will simply create the effect in you of what the mantra stands for, what your name stands for!

Duration: 10 minutes

Close your eyes and just sit.

First, choose the word or words with which you are going to work.

If you have a spiritual name (given by your master), that is best, or choose the god or the master with whom you feel deeply connected. Continue reading →

Anahata Dhwani Meditation

Feel the energy flowing in your body. Become completely energized.

Duration: 21 minutes

Close your eyes and use both your thumbs to close your ears. Close them completely so that you hear that uncreated sound inside you called the anahata dhwani. It is the un-struck sound of the cosmos that can only be heard by one who meditates. Continue reading →

Omkaara Meditation Technique

Total Duration: 21 minutes

Close your eyes and just sit in a relaxed way.

Step 1:

Duration: 11 minutes Continue reading →

Listen to the music, not from outside but from inside your head and transform

Duration: 21 minutes

This technique needs a piece of soft music to be played. Close your eyes and sit in a very relaxed way.

(Turn on the music) Continue reading →

Technique to follow the source of the sound and merge with the very source of everything

There is a music that permeates Existence, an un-struck sound. There are many techniques that help you hear this sound. When you can hear this sound, you have heard the music of Existence!

Total Duration: 20 minutes

Close your eyes. Just inhale and exhale as slowly as possible.

Step 1: Continue reading →

Meditation technique to withdraw from senses and experience thoughtless inner space

Even if you experience that thoughtless rest for two or three seconds, it will give you so much energy that you will feel you had eight to ten hours of sleep!

Duration: 5 minutes a day or 1-2 minutes, five times a day

This is an anytime meditation. Initially you may not be able to do this meditation for five minutes at a time. You can reduce the time to one or two minutes, but try to do it five times per day. You can try once in the morning before breakfast, once before lunch, once before dinner, and also twice between meal times.

Wear loose clothing; let nothing touch your body. Continue reading →

Realize the internal changing reality and let it grab or swallow the external changing world, then nothing will touch you.

Understand the change that is happening and consume the change through the change. You will find the ultimate unchanging consciousness.

You are constantly changing eternal energy. Let you consume the constantly changing external world. Let the changing internal world swallow the changing external world. Let the chaos swallow the chaos. Let the chaos be covered by chaos. Let the chaos be filled by chaos. Become centered in the peaceful, deep, restful awareness. Continue reading →

Consciously go into it the emotional memory to disconnect your inner space from it

Whenever you are stuck with some emotional memory, sit with it and meditate on it, consciously going into it. Whether it is fear or love or greed, go fully into it. Slowly, your inner space will be disconnected, purified from that emotional memory. As long as there is any energy or charge attached to that memory, continue to meditate on it. You will soon go beyond the memory and enter your inner space.

When you reclaim your inner space, you will be able to fall in love with the Whole, your heart will melt effortlessly. If you practice this a few times, you will see the Truth.

source: Living Enlightenment

Just Stop!

This is a very powerful technique to strongly bring your awareness to the present moment.

Just Stop! was used widely by enlightened master George Gurdjieff. Continue reading →