Meditation technique to withdraw from senses and experience thoughtless inner space

Even if you experience that thoughtless rest for two or three seconds, it will give you so much energy that you will feel you had eight to ten hours of sleep!

Duration: 5 minutes a day or 1-2 minutes, five times a day

This is an anytime meditation. Initially you may not be able to do this meditation for five minutes at a time. You can reduce the time to one or two minutes, but try to do it five times per day. You can try once in the morning before breakfast, once before lunch, once before dinner, and also twice between meal times.

Wear loose clothing; let nothing touch your body.

Close your eyes and mouth tightly. Now close your ears with your hands. Stop all sensations coming in through the eyes, ears, mouth and sense of touch. Naturally, the thoughts that you already have inside will start coming up, such as what happened yesterday, what happened the day before, what needs to be done tomorrow. All these thoughts will start running through your mind. Do not bother about them. They will not have life for more than three kshanas, the time gap between one thought and the next. I repeat, they will have life only for a maximum of three kshanas.

Unless new information goes through your senses and the process happens, the processing system cannot continue for more than three kshanas. You may be thinking, ‘No, no, I can sit and visualize forever.’ No! In that case, you must be allowing input through the senses. You must block the sense organs, it is especially important to lock the tongue. Within three kshanas, three or four thoughts may come. The fifth thought cannot happen.

It is important to allow the breathing to be natural during this process. Just sit for a few moments. Suddenly you will see there is a space where there are no thoughts.
Even if you experience that thoughtless rest for two or three seconds, it will give you so much energy that you will feel you had eight to ten hours of sleep!

It is a very strong and powerful method. Try this practice five times per day. Within five to six days, if not sooner, you will catch the glimpse.

Actually your inner space is not so difficult to contact. It is, after all, your inner space. It is just that we neither had the technique, nor the patience, nor the inspiration to try, that’s all. That is why the moment you have the knowledge about the truth, half of the work is done. The remaining half is just relaxing and experiencing it.

source: Living Enlightenment

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  1. Thank you I ll pass it on to my middle age son and try myself.
    Do u know why sometimes I go into spells of very very deep sleep and then it goes away? Why do abilities leave? I m 75 now. Your weight loss makes you look younger but you still have the same humorous vibe. Nemeste.


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