When you continuously expand your mind to go beyond, you will be in the present moment!

Duration: 10 minutes

The moment you perceive anything, the moment you are able to think about it, it becomes past.

For example, in the beginning, when you are told to think of something that is beyond your thoughts, you may think of the entire solar system. But the moment you think about the entire solar system, you have already made that into one more thought! So now, drop that.

Next, try to think beyond. You might think about the galaxy, beyond the solar system. When you are able to think of the galaxy, then drop that thought. Go beyond the galaxy. When you continuously expand your mind to go beyond, you will be in the present moment.

Understand, the moment you are able to grasp something and think about it, you have already made it into the past, into your property. Your mind can flourish there. So think further and further beyond what you can think. Even if you are thinking about what you can’t think about, drop that. The mind will always try to grasp everything and keep it in storage, so it can eat slowly and ruminate, just like a bull! So do not bring the things that you have already grasped back into the mind.

Continuously drop them.

Whatever you think is the ultimate in your life, drop it, and expand your thinking to something bigger. Then again your mind will automatically grasp something else. But don’t allow your mind to hold that idea, drop it also. Continuously your mind will say, ‘If I am dropping every moment, then what will happen to me? Where will it end?’

Don’t bother about this ending. Your mind is just trying to grasp onto something by asking you this question. Your mind is asking you to prove the result before even starting the practice. Do not allow it. That is where you get cheated. Understand, you constantly keep dropping each boundary, each thought, and expanding, going beyond.

Meditate on the real master, or the real cosmos or the real god. You may think you have grasped the essence of god, but it can never be, because your mind can never grasp the real god! If your mind can grasp god, it means your mind is greater than god. So what you grasped is not god, it is just your idea of god. Drop the idea and try again. Grasp something bigger than that.

Continuously try to grasp the ultimate truth. Understand, when you throw a particular idea from your mind, not only do you throw that idea, you also pick up one part of the bone structure from your mind and throw it out. Every time you pick up some thoughts from your mind and throw them out, not only the thoughts are discarded, but one part of the bone structure of your mind is also thrown away. So after discarding and discarding, finally there will not be any bone structure left! Suddenly you will see your whole mind has been thrown out! You will experience the bliss of no-mind.

source: Living Enlightenment

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