When you understand that all the reflections have the same one Source, you can relax in the peace.

Just as you see the one sun reflected on the water as many suns, in the same way see the one real Source and be free from all types of bondage.

Duration: 11 minutes

If you keep ten water pots outside in the sun, you will see the reflection of the sun as ten suns in the ten water pots. If you break every pot one by one, the number of suns will come down. Suddenly if you break the last pot, there is no reflection at all, only the sun. There is only one sun, but there are so many reflections in the water. In the same way, there is only one superconsciousness, one Source, having many reflections in all of us!

So many suns are seen in the water. But when you look for the source, you will see only one sun. There are innumerable reflections of that one source. Study any one reflection, and when you look to see from where it is being reflected, you will always find the source.

Each of you is also a reflection. Your body-mind is like a mirror, and the Divine is superconsciousness. That exact spot where the super-consciousness, the Source, touches your body-mind or the mirror, is what we call your individual consciousness. There may be so many individual consciousness, but if you trace the Source, you will reach the same superconsciousness. There are many suns reflected in the water, but the source is one.

The whole universe is the reflection of many body-minds and all the reflections have one Source.

When you understand that the whole universe is a reflection of all the body-minds, your effort or intention or need to do something will simply disappear!

If you understand that all the reflections have the same one Source, you can relax in the peace.

source: Living Enlightenment

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