Technique to handle enmity

Duration: twenty-four hours

Bring the image of your enemies to mind. The moment you bring their image, you will experience hatred and so many words will come up – words, which you wanted to tell them but didn’t have a chance to, or perhaps you were never courageous enough to tell them. Sometimes, even when you have the chance, you have so many words you want to say, but you forget half of them in the heat of the moment.

So bring the image of your enemy now, and when these words and feelings swell up inside you, just breathe deeply, then settle down, and relax. Continue to hold the image in your inner space, let the mind shout whatever it wants to shout. After a few minutes you will see, not only the number of words you want to shout comes down, but you will also start looking into your problems with more clarity.

Just holding in silence the image of the person for whom you have so much hatred in your inner space will bring down the enmity, the violence and the vengeance.

Suddenly, you will see there is no longer any violence inside you. Even when you see the person directly, that fear stroke or the fire will not happen. You are relaxed, you are able to handle things calmly. This is a silent catharsis to get over intense hatred or enmity towards any person.

For the rest of the day, whomever you see, whether it is your friend or enemy, try to maintain your body heat as it is. Try to keep the number of thoughts inside you as it is. Relax and do not become agitated, come back to your center. You will see so many new dimensions open in you, and you will be able to carry a deep silence throughout the day, the silence you experienced in the meditation.

source: Living Enlightenment

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