Realize the internal changing reality and let it grab or swallow the external changing world, then nothing will touch you.

Understand the change that is happening and consume the change through the change. You will find the ultimate unchanging consciousness.

You are constantly changing eternal energy. Let you consume the constantly changing external world. Let the changing internal world swallow the changing external world. Let the chaos swallow the chaos. Let the chaos be covered by chaos. Let the chaos be filled by chaos. Become centered in the peaceful, deep, restful awareness.

Next, as a hen mothers her chicks, decide: I will mother this understanding of consuming change by change. Visualize constantly your internal changing mind, swallowing, grabbing the external changing world.

Whatever you do, trusting your internal world or your external world is going to involve trusting chaos. For example, you may think, ‘I need this beautiful, flowering plant in the corner of my house,’ and you set about organizing for that plant to be in the corner of your house. By the time you get the plant in position and start enjoying it, your whole state of mind would have changed. You may decide the plant belongs in a completely different spot! This is a very common experience.

Another example: say you decide to move. By the time you locate and buy the new house, suddenly you realize that you don’t want that house after all. Instead, you want to live in an apartment, or in the ashram!

Everything is constantly changing. Realize the internal changing reality and let it grab or swallow the external changing world. Then nothing will touch you.

Now you are trying to fix this or that. It is like trying to travel in two boats. You put one foot in one boat, another foot in another boat. You are trying to balance between these two boats. But this approach will never work. Just jump in and start flowing, start swimming with the current!

When you understand that both the internal and external are constantly changing, then consume this change through the change, and mother this understanding in your heart. You will see that the unchanging consciousness is the ultimate reality.

When you mother this understanding, you will experience tremendous strength. You will find that sincerity and intensity will be added to your life, to your being. When that sincerity and intensity gets added to you, it means you are living enlightenment!

Living enlightenment means living authentically. Living enlightenment means mothering authentic experiences, mothering authentic knowledge and authentic action.

source: Living Enlightenment

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