Omkaara Meditation Technique

Total Duration: 21 minutes

Close your eyes and just sit in a relaxed way.

Step 1:

Duration: 11 minutes

Concentrate on the navel center, manipuraka chakra (a vital energy center in the body, located in the navel area). Just take a few moments to place your awareness on the navel center. Forget all other parts of the body, remember only the navel center.

Now from your navel, start creating the deep vibration of Omkaara or ‘Om’ sound. Start the sound from your navel center, as deeply as possible. Don’t allow the mind to go anywhere else. Just be centered on the sound, go into the center of the sound.

Step 2:

Duration: 10 minutes


Just sit quietly for a few minutes with eyes closed. Try to hear the sound
without creating the sound.

Relax and open your eyes.

Try this meditation for just ten days. You will see that you are able to sit without thoughts. You will be filled by the sound, by the vibration that you create, and your mind will not move outside the vibration.

source: Living Enlightenment

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