Listen to the music, not from outside but from inside your head and transform

Duration: 21 minutes

This technique needs a piece of soft music to be played. Close your eyes and sit in a very relaxed way.

(Turn on the music)

Concentrate on the spot inside your head where you experience sound. Understand, sound may be created outside your head but you experience it only inside your head. The hearing happens only inside your head. Remember that spot, remember that space where you experience sound. Completely concentrate on that space,
feel that spot where you listen, where you hear the sounds of the music that is playing.

Do not make any judgments about the music. Don’t think it is either good or bad. Don’t start thinking about all the music you have heard earlier. Don’t start comparing this music with some other music. Don’t start thinking about any other musicians you have heard until now.

Forget about all other senses. Forget about seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, just forget about everything else. Be filled with the space of listening. Feel the space where you experience sound inside your head.

Listen to this music, not from outside but from inside your head. Be in that space and feel the music. Do not allow any thinking.

Don’t go away from the music. Go into the music. Along with the notes there is a center sound, a rhythm, the backbone of the music. Try to feel that center, that backbone of the music, you will relax into the base rhythm of the music.

Just listen every moment to the composite central sound, the backbone, that central thread of the music. Go into it.

Feel the vibration of the sound inside your head. Again, no thinking is allowed. Don’t move away from the present moment. Be in the present moment, be in that music.

Play with this technique whenever you find time alone at home. Play some music and enter into that music, don’t start thinking. Give the music your total attention. Now, you understand the difference between listening to music as you normally
do, and listening meditatively. Play with this technique as time allows for at least a month. It can cause a powerful transformation in you.

source: Living Enlightenment

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