Do not engage with the thought currents of comparing, life before seeking and life after seeking, because with Seeking only Life itself starts in you!

Only when the Seeking enters into you, Life starts happening. I am seeing many people discuss, express in such a way, they think the lifestyle of Seeking is an alternative lifestyle. No! No! It is not alternative lifestyle, it is native lifestyle. There is no ‘alter’ for it, there is only ‘altar’ for It. It is a native lifestyle to be worshipped in the altar. There is no alternative actually.

This is one of the major thought current with which many of the Vaakyartha Sadas participants are stuck. I went through many of the Vaakyartha Sadas. Today I wanted to clear some of these important points where you are stuck. Please understand, if you say – “Should I practice this Kundalini thought current in this way or should I practice it in this way? Is this ultimate or is that ultimate?” Its great. Vaakyartha Sadas is going well. But if you think – “Is my old lifestyle better or this is better?”  You are gone.

Please understand, only when the Seeking enters the Life itself starts in you. Till then, whatever you may have, may be ‘style’ but not LIFE. Understand. May be ‘style’ but not LIFE. Don’t call that as lifestyle.

Seeking integrates you.

Seeking evolves you.

Seeking awakens you.

Seeking aligns who you are to yourself.

I tell you, till the Seeking starts, even you will not experience what you call as YOU. I know the stupid human beings who think they are rich by having only money.


Poor are those who have only money. Uneducated are those who are educated only in schools. Read More

Re-invent and Re-strategize your cognition based on Upanishadic principles constantly

andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate |

tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 ||

Listen. If you know, if you develop the attitude of inaction in the face of spiritual truths, inaction in the face of spiritual truths, then nothing, nothing can help you reinvent yourself. Please understand, each of the lines of Upanishads, whatever Upanishads are saying, it’s a spiritual strategy to reinvent yourself. But if you think, “I’ll attend all the sessions, classes and learn the strategies, but I don’t need to do anything, because I have known–I am Consciousness–since last 2003 onwards when Swamiji did first ASP in Malaysia, I attended that, and when Swamiji came first time to New Jersey, I attended ASP, from that time I know I am Consciousness, when Swamiji came to Paris in 2004, that time I attended, from that time onwards I have known I am pure consciousness then, you are just doing avidyām upāsate, worshipping the ignorance, you are stupid. Please understand, see, pains in the life makes part of you stagnant constantly. Stagnation is the residue of pain. Being stagnant, feeling stuck is the hang over of pains in the life, which happens constantly till you become enlightened. So the one and only solution is: reinventing yourself and re-strategizing yourself constantly, constantly, please understand. Read More

Listening to the truths but not living them, is the most dangerous

andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate |

tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 ||

Those who worship avidyā, the ignorance that veils the true knowledge of Truth, Consciousness, enter into blinding darkness characterized by the absence of perception; but into greater darkness of ignorance than that, enter they who, considering themselves as scholarly and learned, are engaged in vidyā, the incomplete knowledge acquired for vested interests characterized by the impure perception of Truth, Consciousness.

Listen. These two concepts you need to understand. One, those who worship ignorance, the initial level seekers get into a kind of a tiredness, boredom, unable to move further, don’t care attitude about ignorance. This is one group.

There is another group, little advanced level seekers, but, after certain amount of time, listen, please listen, when you spent time with certain concepts and don’t align your life to those concepts, you will feel acquaintance with that concepts. Intellectually, but not experientially. Familiarity always breeds contempt, even with the idea you are the consciousness, if you are acquainted, means if you are having exposure to that idea, you are thinking about it quite a long time, but you never made that as your cognition, you never transformed your Life, you never aligned your life to the truth, then slowly, slowly, slowly, you think what you living what you are doing is much better than common men, normal people who don’t even know they are Consciousness.

So with this justification, the worship of imperfect knowledge, the incomplete knowledge, starts, the danger is by now, you know how to manipulate others, how to be a half-guru, all your neighborhood gurus are formed like this only; each neighborhood will have one guru, in India, each street will have one Jagat guru. You can ask him “why are you calling yourself as Jagat Guru?”, “No, I have one disciple I have named as Jagat, so I am Guru of Jagat  so I am Jagat Guru.” Read More

The obstacles you will face in seeking

Let us enter into today’s Satsang. I will continue to expand on 9th verse of the Isavasya Upanishad. Please recite along with Me:

andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate |

tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 ||

Those who worship avidyā, ignorance that veils the true knowledge of Truth, Consciousness, enter into blinding darkness characterized by the absence of perception; but into greater darkness of ignorance than that, enter they who, considering themselves as scholarly and learned, are engaged in vidyā, the incomplete knowledge acquired for vested interests, characterized by the impure perception of Truth and Consciousness.

See, this verse talks about two types of people—one, who worship ignorance, second, who worship half-truth. Knowledge for the sake of vested interest, not for the sake of knowledge itself. Understand, knowledge for the sake of vested interest, not for the knowledge itself.

When you start worshipping the knowledge for the sake of knowledge, you become embodiment of vidyā, knowledge. Read More

Contemplation on Consciousness itself will make you so sure you are that Consciousness!

Understand. Listen. Only a person who practiced whatever I said can understand this explanation, but this is the most straight explanation. When you are exploring into Consciousness, while you are making your brain subtler and subtler, when the subtler and subtler grooves in your brain is developing to catch Consciousness, to reflect the Pure Consciousness as it is, how can your brain be trained and developed to catch the Pure reflection of Consciousness as it is?

By internalizing, intranalyzing, meditating, thinking, contemplating, debating, having Vaakyartha Sadas about what is Consciousness. What is that all-pervasive, beyond going and coming, the space, nature, action and result, what is that which is center of all this? What is that which is muscleless and boundaryless, which is beyond all relationships and association? What is that?

When you contemplate, contemplate, contemplate, and I tell you, no one needs to become a believer; the contemplation on Consciousness itself will make you so sure you are that Consciousness! When I had the experience of third eye awakening, and able to see everything around Me, it did not take more than micro second to know I AM THAT! What a fool that I considered this as Me! Read More

Let the purpose of life be being active, being knowledgeable then wealth will simply happen!

Let your reason for exploring knowledge not be the decision to acquire your comforts and luxury and settle down in your life. What is the meaning of that word settle-down? Settle-down means just being above the ground but doing everything as if you are already below the ground, is settling down. That is the definition of settling down. If you are under the ground, sealed, how you will be, you trying to be in the same way, being above the ground, is settling down. No!

I have this big doubt about the great theory. Especially in India, this theory is very popular after this stupid IT revolution. No. When I saw my grandfather, my great grand mother, all of them, the concept of settling down does not exist for them. Good I was brought up by them. Now, these modern day IT fellows, they think, “I will work till 40 and retire. Make money, make a flat and a car and settle-down by 40.” What do you mean by settle-down by 40?” “I will quit the job and retire and settle down by 40.” Means even while you start studying, acquiring knowledge, the goal is just to acquire some comforts and luxury, and drop. What kind of a inspiration you have about knowledge and life? Read More

You are ever pure space devoid of the dirt of ignorance!

Romance itself is nothing but exploring the other person. When you feel you know the other, your romance is dead. I want to coin the new word, ‘rumance’ it becomes. It ends just in one room. The excitement is not actually from the other person. It is actually your excitement to explore and know. Excitement is always from knowledge, understand. The moment you decide to have something else as the purpose of your knowledge, the ignorance starts in you, cunningness starts in you. When your teacher tells you to memorize the mathematic table and you think, “Wow. Without that mathematic table itself my friend has passed the exam or my other friend is having his candy because his father is rich. Why should I memorize all this mathematic table?” The moment you decide, not to, that is when the layer of ignorance, the dirt of ignorance starts covering you.

Maha Saraswati, the embodiment of knowledge, she is very clear, only if you decide she will put you in ignorance, not otherwise. Putting yourself in ignorance is out of your will. You are never pushed into ignorance. Listen. The five actions – Creating, Maintaining, Destroying, Putting in ignorance and Liberating. In these five actions, this ‘putting in ignorance’ you do it by your own. These three — Creation, Maintenance, Destruction, Mahadeva does from His Cosmic form. ‘Putting in ignorance’ you do it on your own. Giving liberation He assumes the form of Guru. Read More

Being active is thousand times more joyful, exciting than any of the so-called luxuries and comforts you have in your life.

For surviving why should I know so much? For surviving why should I do so much? If somehow I catch this small department, sit as a Thanedar or I run away and get one job in one office as a clerk and get some thirty-forty thousand salary and one two-wheeler and one apartment, that is enough. For surviving why should I know sooo much? For surviving why should I do sooo much? This is what I call the most silliest pattern in your life, with which most of human beings are stuck.

Knowledge is a knowledge is a knowledge. Being active is being active is being active – should not be judged, scaled, measured based on the returns, income or the luxury or the comfort, it is expected to bring.

Knowledge should be for the sake of more knowledge. Work should be for the sake of more work. Work to get more work. Have knowledge to have more knowledge.

Understand, whenever you try to use knowledge to achieve comforts and luxury, nothing wrong. Saraswati can always bring you Lakshmi, but when Lakshmi becomes the goal of Saraswati, then starts ignorance. Wealth can always be achieved by knowledge, nothing wrong, but if just wealth becomes the goal of your knowledge, there stops your knowledge and ignorance starts.

Let wealth and comfort not be the goal of your knowledge. The moment that becomes goal of your knowledge, your ignorance starts, because you start feeling, ‘Oh! Others are all not that knowledgeable and they have so much of luxury. They have a BIG house and car, and what not, and a private helicopter, and everything. Then why should have so much knowledge to have all that. How can I also get, with less knowledge, more luxury and comforts – all this conspiracy.

The conspiring tendencies and cunningness enters into your system. The goal of the knowledge should not be wealth. Wealth can always be achieved through knowledge, nothing wrong about it. But that should not be the decision making factor for you. Constantly exploring knowledge! Knowledge itself is the taste, joy, excitement, experience. Only that person becomes the embodiment of Saraswati. MahaSaraswati. Being active – Durga, being active just to be more active. See, by being active, acquiring wealth is not wrong, acquiring luxury is not wrong, but that alone should not be your goal. Then, the moment you have your basic needs or wealth or luxury, you will just become inactive. You will plan cunning ways – how to be less active, less doing and more wealthy, and more comfortable.

World suffers with this cunningness, silly thoughts. I tell you, knowledge and being active actually makes you LIVING. That is the one of the biggest pleasures. 1000s and 1000s of times more than any romance or any luxury it can give you. I tell you, being active is thousand times more joyful, exciting than any of the so-called luxuries and comforts you have in your life. Having the love for knowledge is thousand times greater than any romance you will experience in your life.

Ignorance is declared first time in you when you do not want to know, not when you don’t know

I will continue to expand on the 8th verse of the Īśāvāsya Upaniṣad

sa paryagāc-chukram akāyam avraṇam  asnāviram śuddham apāpa-viddham |
kavir manīṣī paribhūḥ svayambhūr   yathātathyato-arthān vyadadhāc-chāśvatībhyaḥ samābhyaḥ || 8 ||

Pure Consciousness is all-pervasive beyond the coming and going, absolute radiant and self-effulgent, un-embodied boundary-less whole, woundless, muscleless having no incompletion with the body; Consciousness is the ever pure space devoid of the dirt of ignorance (beyond causal body), and is untouched by the delusion of incompletion.

Listen. I wanted all of you to take up this as a Vakyartha Sadas – subject and homework. Start working on – unembodied, boundaryless whole, woundless muscleless having no incompletion with the body. Consciousness is ever pure space devoid of dirt of ignorance and is untouched by the delusion of incompletion. Consciousness is the all-knowing seer of all — past, present and future, Consciousness transcends all beings. Consciousness is self-existent by Itself.

Actually only first two lines will take so many days. Once you know the knack, now you can work on all these truths in one or two days. So by today and tomorrow, finish-off all this by doing the homework of — what is the pattern which makes me experience otherwise the Upaniṣad is describing as ‘me.’ Read More

Giving up on is nothing but arrogance !

Cognizing your life and decisions based on just these few truths, these few facts, is what I call “Space of Advaitha”. Everything is you. Whether you call everything is a joy addition to you, whether you call everything is a problem added to you, whether you feel everything is lead in your life to further you, or a load to your life to stop you from furthering – listen – whether you feel everything which comes around you, the people, things, situations, everything is a lead happening in your life to further you, expand you, make you successful, or you feel everything coming around your life is a load happening, both are Advaitha! Understand, whether you feel life is a lead or a load, Advaitha is a fact! If you understand everything is you, naturally you will work now in the space of, ‘Then I am responsible. How can I make everything around me as a lead instead of as a load?’

Understand, when you know everything around you is you, you will have tremendous compassion and sympathy and not to give up on people. How will you give up on? You will not even have the arrogance to give up on! Giving up on is nothing but arrogance! That Kalabhairava beats left and right, smashes! Kalabhairava is highly allergic to arrogance. The moment he sees the arrogant people, he starts sneezing. His sneeze is thunder….lightning and thunder! When Kalabhairava sneezes, it is lightning and thunder! Giving up on others is arrogance, please understand.