Giving up on is nothing but arrogance !

Cognizing your life and decisions based on just these few truths, these few facts, is what I call “Space of Advaitha”. Everything is you. Whether you call everything is a joy addition to you, whether you call everything is a problem added to you, whether you feel everything is lead in your life to further you, or a load to your life to stop you from furthering – listen – whether you feel everything which comes around you, the people, things, situations, everything is a lead happening in your life to further you, expand you, make you successful, or you feel everything coming around your life is a load happening, both are Advaitha! Understand, whether you feel life is a lead or a load, Advaitha is a fact! If you understand everything is you, naturally you will work now in the space of, ‘Then I am responsible. How can I make everything around me as a lead instead of as a load?’

Understand, when you know everything around you is you, you will have tremendous compassion and sympathy and not to give up on people. How will you give up on? You will not even have the arrogance to give up on! Giving up on is nothing but arrogance! That Kalabhairava beats left and right, smashes! Kalabhairava is highly allergic to arrogance. The moment he sees the arrogant people, he starts sneezing. His sneeze is thunder….lightning and thunder! When Kalabhairava sneezes, it is lightning and thunder! Giving up on others is arrogance, please understand.

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