Contemplation on Consciousness itself will make you so sure you are that Consciousness!

Understand. Listen. Only a person who practiced whatever I said can understand this explanation, but this is the most straight explanation. When you are exploring into Consciousness, while you are making your brain subtler and subtler, when the subtler and subtler grooves in your brain is developing to catch Consciousness, to reflect the Pure Consciousness as it is, how can your brain be trained and developed to catch the Pure reflection of Consciousness as it is?

By internalizing, intranalyzing, meditating, thinking, contemplating, debating, having Vaakyartha Sadas about what is Consciousness. What is that all-pervasive, beyond going and coming, the space, nature, action and result, what is that which is center of all this? What is that which is muscleless and boundaryless, which is beyond all relationships and association? What is that?

When you contemplate, contemplate, contemplate, and I tell you, no one needs to become a believer; the contemplation on Consciousness itself will make you so sure you are that Consciousness! When I had the experience of third eye awakening, and able to see everything around Me, it did not take more than micro second to know I AM THAT! What a fool that I considered this as Me!

Please listen. By nature the highest thing your brain can reflect, it associates itself with that. If you think sex is the highest experience, you associate yourself with that. If you think eating is the strongest experience, you associate yourself with that. If you think Krishna is the highest experience, you feel you are Krishna. If you think Mahadeva is the highest experience, you’ll feel you are Mahadeva. If you feel Consciousness is the highest experience, you’ll feel you are Consciousness.

The subtlest grooves in your brain develops to reflect the Pure Consciousness as it is when you contemplate on what is Consciousness as guided by the Upanishads. Upanishads are guiding you, Consciousness has no space, there is no coming and going, it is the center of space, nature, action, responsibility, result, but it is not bound by any of that. It is center of all that. I am sitting in this chair but I am not bound by this chair, it belongs to me, so anything you are center but you are not bound by you, it belongs to you, you are the power of that!

Understand, Consciousness is the center of action, result, knowledge, responsibility, space, nature, everything! But, it is not bound by any of that. When you are contemplating all this, you can see, many of the qualities of Consciousness is already permeating your life in a smaller scale. In a smaller scale. You can never be without Consciousness. In a smaller scale, all that will be permeating your life, but when you contemplate deeper, it will permeate higher scales, more Pure Consciousness will reflect in your brain, in your system. Understand. A person, understand, here no compromise! No compromise! Nothing, nothing can come in between you and realizing you are Consciousness! Nothing can come in between you and your Enlightenment.

That’s the beauty of Hindu tradition. First we teach you to become enlightened, then we ask you to worship; that is what is Advaita Bhakti, because the Advaita gives you the powerfulness and completion, after that, your bhakti, you will be overflowing with the God which you created out of your very being, not begging and praying.

Prarthana should not be translated as “prayer,” no, no. Prarthana should not be translated as prayer; the concept we have in Agamas, the reason for worshipping, reason for doing rituals, is straight from the space of Shivoham!

Actually, the whole Somaśambhu Paddhati, which is the manual for our sangha, Kamika Agama is the Agama, Somaśambhu Paddhati is the manual wrote based on Kamika Agama, is the manual for our Sangha. The reasons, the yes or no, right or wrong, explanations, everything logically presented to do what to do, and why we should do, all this is beautifully presented, the manual very clearly says: Shivoham is the purpose and the center of this manual, means, by using you will achieve Shivoham experience, after that, to radiate, continue to use that manual, that’s all.

So nothing can come in between you and you realizing the Shivoham experience.

Advaita Anubhuti, more and more intranalyze, when you intranalyze more and more, dig out more and more, you are Living Enlightenment, I am telling you. If you just find the taste of intranalyzing, manana, Vaakyartha Sadas, you will understand, that becomes your stronger experience. Consciousness becomes your stronger experience, you start associating yourself with that, with your pure Consciousness, is completion, meditation, dhyana, samadhi, unclutching, enlightenment. Associating yourself with Consciousness, the Pure Consciousness as Upanishads describe, which is verily possible, which is not somewhere far away, no. Even if you are a lawyer you can achieve Consciousness, understand. Nothing, nothing can be the reason, obstruction, obstacle; any amount of logic can be awakened, used inside you. Any amount of right or wrong can be awakened and you can go on brooding over it. Please understand, go on contemplating, go on doing Vaakyartha Sadas, go on thinking — “what is Consciousness?” Automatically, your brain will start catching That as you, associate that as you.

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