An enlightened being can interfere into karma cycle and change as they want.

An enlightened being can interfere into that cycle and change as they want because everything is centered on Consciousness. Everything is centered on Consciousness!

You do yoga, you work out, you run, you do all the things required, and then health comes, it’s a karma, bringing result, but suddenly Master puts his hand on your head and health happens is consciousness interfering and creating a result which independent of your nature, space, action and responsibility, that is what is initiation.

Understand in every being, only if a intervention of the consciousness happens, the ball starts rolling in a new direction and the progress towards enlightenment will start happening. You can never, ever reach the ultimate just by flowing through the law of karma. When will you reach? It’s only by the intervention, by the spiritual intervention and conscious intervention the results can change, you can reach enlightenment. 

Somewhere this Karma Chakra needs to be broken, and you need to be given a new energy, inspiration, understanding and possibility. If you are always stuck with this action-result cycle, you will never ever be given a chance to taste the possibility. Possibility, the taste of possibility can be given to you only when the divine intervention happens. Mahadeva intervenes in your life in the form of the Master, He assumes the form of the Master just to liberate people from the Karma Chakra, give inspiration, joy, bliss and cause miracles and enlightenment.

In tradition, it says any sannyasi should not stay in any place more than 3 days, but Varanasi is exempted. Somebody asked, ‘why? Why is Varanasi exempted? ‘Why you can stay any number of days in Varanasi?’ Because Varanasi, once in 3 days, the city will change. You will see once in 3 days completely new scenes, different different, different atmosphere, new new new people, because the whole city is constantly changing, you can stay any number of days in Varanasi your life will not be same. In other places, you should not stay more than 3 days so this is not, this instruction is so that you don’t settle down. Settling down stops your growth.

With a living Master, you can never settle down. In Varanasi you can stay as long as you want because it’ll never let you settle down; once in every 3 days, the whole city is different. In Bidadi, every day city is different. One day you get the Rose, one day you get the Trishul, one day you get the Lotus, one day you do Guru Puja, next day Guru does ‘pooja’ to you, it’s the exchange of pooja and what not.

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