Do not engage yourself in the bondages from the body and through the body, re-cognize you are Pure Consciousness!

Constantly cognizing you are Consciousness; you are not father of somebody; you are not son of somebody; you are not daughter of somebody; you are not wife of somebody; you are not brother of somebody; you are not son of somebody; you are not even disciple of somebody. Understand even I cannot corrupt you. Then who can corrupt you? You are Pure Consciousness.

You can cherish your disciplehood, enjoy your discipleship, celebrate your discipleship as a nostalgia, as a sweet nostalgia, how I bow down to Mahadeva, how I fall flat in front of the deities in the temple, just as nostalgia. “In those days, when you came as Arunagiri Yogeshwara, how I enjoyed it so I remember those beautiful vacation moments, now I bow down to You,” that’s all, nothing more.

Actually, even Saiva Siddhanta is very clear, when I’m reading more and more Agamas, it is so clear: Shaiva Agamas are Advaitha Agamas! It is the stupid fellows, few pundits, who are actually not even pundits, bandits! It is these stupid fellows, they missed and they go on trying to fight; see just they want something different. See, somehow this Saiva Siddhantis and Advaithis have a big incompletion, because all these Shankara Sampradaya are trying to put down the Siddhantis. Siddhantis always try to put down the Smartas. This community problem you should solve it in the community level, you can’t bring that and force it on the philosophy and destroy the truth of the philosophy! These stupid fellows wanted to claim something different from Advaita because they feel if they accept Advaita they become subordinate of Smartas. Arrey, if there is a community issue, solve it! Don’t bring that and impose it on the spiritual philosophy, just because you need to tell something new, different, these fellows are saying that Siddhanta is duality, God is separate and you are separate.

Today I declare: if I have experienced Mahadeva, if I am the embodiment and incarnation of Mahadeva, I’ll establish the truth of Saiva Siddhanta, the reality of Saiva Siddhanta, which is Shuddadvaita, to the world, again!

It is Shuddadvaita. In Shaiva Agamas, there are Advaitha Agamas and Dvaitha Agamas, Dvaitha Advaitha Agamas. Dvaitha Agamas declare God is separate, we are separate; Dvaitha Advaitha, in the beginning God is separate; you are separate but by the spiritual practice, you and God become one. Advaitha agamas declare you and God are one from the beginning, knowing this is spiritual practice. Shuddadvaita agamas declare even if you don’t know this is the reality. I tell you Shaiva Siddhantha is Shuddadvaita Agama. Not even just Advaita Agama it is Shuddadvaita Agama.

I tell you, truth always empowers you. Reality always makes you powerful! Nothing, nothing can make you so powerful than Pure Advaitha. Dvaitha can make you egoistic. even in your surrender, you will have a humble ego, powerlessness will continue to rule you, nothing, nothing like Advaitha has a capacity to empower you. I tell you, that is reality!

The action, result, nature, space, responsibility, everything, everything, is Pure Consciousness. Today, debate on this.

Do not remember the bondages from the body, through the body, as part of you. From the body means your disease, your concepts about body, feeling good or bad about the body, your skin colour, everything. Through the body means feeling, “I am son of somebody, daughter of somebody, sister of somebody.” Even disciple of somebody, no. I love Mahadeva just for the sake of Love, that’s all, not bargaining, expecting tomorrow He will give me enlightenment, no; I already realized it, I already got it. In the course of my love I had it. Now my love for Him is only Love for the sake of Love. I just know, he is me. All my aspirations are his aspirations; all my inspirations are his inspirations; all my desires are his desires; all my powers are his powers. Advaitha Bhakti. Bhakti established in Advaitha, understand, even with Mahadeva, no question of duality, then where is the question of duality comes with your family, parents, brother, sister, boss, subordinate? No. Do not entertain, cherish, engage yourself in the bondages from the body and through the body; recognize you are Pure Consciousness!

When you re-cognize you are Pure Consciousness and live your life, it becomes leela and drama. No incompletion will have place, no incompletion will have power over you. Your responsibility, your nature, your space, your desires, your actions, your results, if they go as per the law of the karma, its life. Suddenly, it changes and brings the results which you never expected, which you feel bad for you, it’s called accident. Suddenly it changes and brings the results, which you never expected but which you feel are so good for you, it’s miracle.

Anyhow, understand, the basic truth, everything is centred on Consciousness. I am asking all my disciples, don’t even cherish the idea you are my disciple. When I say this I mean then don’t cherish any other relationship other than you being Consciousness. See the last relationship you need to break is the idea that you are a disciple of me. When I say even break that it means I am asking you to break everything else and then break this. People try to break this first and then try to break everything else. No that is not possible break everything else and then come and break this also.

Remain only with one clarity:

I am a Pure Consciousness. So my responsibility, my being, my nature, my space, my action, my result, everything is centered in that Consciousness, belongs to that Consciousness, just me surrendering to Consciousness is enough to change anything I want as I want.

It is Consciousness that is Life that is result.

Touch with the Consciousness can be million, million, million times beautiful, amazing, fulfilling than any pleasure, any fruit of life you are expecting, so decide to cognize yourself as Pure Consciousness.

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