Varanasi, Anandavana, the place of Annapurni. Only yesterday I realised the power of Annapurni’s energy field. Please understand, it is not only that she gives food, the moment you enter this space your metabolism just goes up. That is the power of the Annapurna’s energy field. Just yesterday night, I discovered it, why I feel so blissful. See, the bliss of enlightenment is always there, why I feel so blissful when I enter Varanasi? I was just looking why I feel so healthy the moment I enter the energy field of Varanasi. Because, the metabolism goes so high, literally the body is digesting the air itself. The very air is digested by the body. Body is enjoying the very breath or the energy field of this Anandavana, Varanasi.

This place is ecstasy for people who seek the higher purpose of life. See, the highest purpose is enlightenment, no doubt, but even if somebody is seeking little higher than what they are seeking. Even if they are seeking for health, they want complete health, then little higher than what they are seeking. They were looking for wealth, now they are looking for more wealth. That is little higher than what they are seeking. Read Full Article


Please listen, I am using little tall words. See sometimes the tall words are required to tell you what I am talking about is a tall philosophy. If I am doing small talks, I can use silly words. But if I am explaining some tall philosophical truths, sacred secrets, tall words are required. Listen, giving in to your pattern compulsions are not freedom; unfortunately, the western society is teaching you, the western civilization is teaching you, the materialistic civilization is teaching you, giving in to your pattern compulsions is freedom, and they supply material for your pattern compulsions, and swindle you, rob you. Giving in to your pattern compulsions are not freedom. If you think that is the freedom, you are stupid; that is the right word I will use, you are stupid. Don’t give in to your pattern compulsions. Make seeking as the compelling reality of you. Let the seeking be the first response from you.

Let me define Seeking. Please listen, let me define Seeking.

Whatever I feel as ‘me,’ what is that? It is constantly changing, dilly dallying, sometime it feels good, sometime it is bad, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, sometimes knowledgeable, sometimes ignorant. What is it? What am I? You should not even as ‘who am I,’ because the moment you say—“Who am I”—you already assumed you are a being.

You should only ask the word—“What am I?” because you don’t even know whether you are a being or some inanimate object. The word ‘Who am I’ comes with the presumption you are a being, even that is not sure. Only when you realize who you are, you can be a being; till then, you are just only innate existence. Read Full Article

Let us enter into today’s Satsang. I will continue to expand on 9th verse of the Isavasya Upanishad. Please recite along with Me:

andhaṁ tamaḥ praviśanti ye’avidyām upāsate |

tato bhūya iva te tamo yau vidyāyāṁ ratāḥ || 9 ||

Those who worship avidyā, ignorance that veils the true knowledge of Truth, Consciousness, enter into blinding darkness characterized by the absence of perception; but into greater darkness of ignorance than that, enter they who, considering themselves as scholarly and learned, are engaged in vidyā, the incomplete knowledge acquired for vested interests, characterized by the impure perception of Truth and Consciousness.

See, this verse talks about two types of people—one, who worship ignorance, second, who worship half-truth. Knowledge for the sake of vested interest, not for the sake of knowledge itself. Understand, knowledge for the sake of vested interest, not for the knowledge itself.

When you start worshipping the knowledge for the sake of knowledge, you become embodiment of vidyā, knowledge. Read Full Article

असुर्या नाम ते लोका अन्धेन तमसाऽऽवृताः । ताँस्ते प्रेत्याभिगच्छन्ति ये के चात्महनो जनाः ॥

Asurya naama they lokaa andhena thamasaavruthaah | Thaagumsthey prethyabhigachchanthi ye ke chaathmahano janaah ||

Listen!  “Athmahana”, saying “NO” to life, leads to the lower levels of existence, “Dussangha”, company of the lower level people.  I tell you, that is the hell!  That is the hell! 

Company of the lower level people, because, they will somehow brainwash you to get into their space, and they will make you do what they want you to do.  Finally, they will put you in trouble; then they will escape; because they are very shrewd.  They will escape so that they will go and haunt the other person. One fellow, very popular preacher of suicide theology, he will preach, teach, literally mesmerize, hypnotize everyone to commit suicide, and lot of people have started committing suicide.  Teaching death is very easy.  That is why all death-based concepts spread like a wildfire.  All the death-based religions, concepts, killing yourself and killing others, they spread like a wildfire.  But the life-based religions, concepts, take lot of time.  The best life-based religion in Toto, hundred percent, is Jainism.  The pure, life-based religion, Ahimsa and life, saying “YES” to life!  But how much struggle that religion has to go through to spread!  Actually, there are no followers; literally there are no followers of Jainism.  That is the truth.  Except a handful of monks, a few people!  Because, it is life-based, doesn’t spread that wildly.  But all death-based concepts, they just spread like wildfire!

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Please understand, I am defining this word “coveting”. “Kasyasvid” (कस्यस्विद्) I am defining. Anything which you take from others, which is not enriching them, is “coveting”. Anything, by enriching them, they offer, is “offering”. Understand, the whole life, all transactions, either covet, coveting or offering. Whether it is a simple smile, or billion dollar, simple smile, or billion dollar, anything, if you are enriching, and they share it, it is “offering”. If you are not enriching, and taking it, it is “coveting”. I tell you, keep your accounts free; that is the best way to prepare yourself for your death!

My accounts is free. This moment if I want to leave the body, my accounts is free. I have not coveted anything from anybody. It was always enriching, enriching, enriching, enriching. From that anybody shared anything, that was “offered”. So, the cycle of life, I have functioned in this cycle of life only by enriching, enriching, enriching.

Decide! Please listen! It has nothing to do with quantity. Sometimes, even a small stone will be stuck. Sometimes even this huge stone ball can be rotating in the water. I have seen in these fountains, where pressurized water lifts the huge stone ball, and that stone ball rotates in the pressurized water. So, when you are flowing with enriching, your whole life will flow beautifully like the ball rotating or floating in the water. No friction. All around you, life is completely lubricated. No incompletion. All around you, life is beautifully flowing. So decide, whether it is your career, personal life, relationships…..even with your body! Even with your body, don’t covet pleasure from your body. Whenever your body feels tired and you continue to do some action because you think it brings pleasure, it is “coveting” from your own body. Whether it is relationship with your body, relationship with other person, your career, your attitude towards life and world, human society, anybody, decide, from today – “Maa Gridhah Kasyasviddhanam” (मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम्). “Thena Thyakthena Bhunjeethaa Maa Gridhah Kasyasviddhanam” (तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम्). Read Full Article

Every form you carry in your life, everything which is most valuable or most dangerous in your life, most valuable or most dangerous in your life, gets alive, becomes alive, gets life only based on the incompletions you infuse into it. Understand, everything is gas balloon in your life. Whether it is the most important form or the most dangerous form, it’s a gas balloon which balloon you are going to inflate it by infusing your incompletion. Please understand, the most dangerous thing you think in your life, whether it is poverty, or death, or disease, or accident, or losing your name and fame, or losing your identity, the most dangerous thing is also inflated balloon by your incompletion. And the most beautiful form in your life, even if it is Guru’s form, even if it is your Ishta devatha’s form, is nothing but form inflated by some of your incompletions. Please listen; I am using the word “incompletion”, not “Completion”! I am using the word “incompletion”, not “Completion”. Even you making your God or Guru a hero or saviour or father figure is nothing but you feeling something is missing in your original space of Completion. So, both inflations are your creation. Please listen, I am giving you one of the greatest advaitic truth in a simple, straight-forward way.

The most important truth you need to know, whether it is the most dangerous form you think in your life or the most blissful, reassuring form you think in your life, form is a form is a form. Form gets its power only based on incompletion. If you think somebody is a villain, somebody is a hero; both are from your incompletion. Do not have God or Guru in your life because of your incompletion. Have both of them because of your Completion, strength and love. I tell you, people who try to project hero figure, father figure on me because of their incompletion, I am afraid of them, because any day they will pull out their gas supply to my form. Whether it is Guru or God, if your devotion, if your love is based on Completion, only then you will also grow, you will be really, really, really growing in pure love and devotion towards Guru or God.

If you have fear of snakes, in your whole life if you see the statistics, you would have seen snake only once and that also in a zoo, at a very safe distance where they cannot come near you. You can only see them and they can only see you. You would have seen only twice, but mentally you will be seeing snakes every day two-hundred times and having the panic attack. Not by the snake, but by the memory of the snake, you will have much death sooner. Not by the poison of the snake, but by the visualization of the snake, you will have early death!

Life in its pristine pure form is Completion. When you bring Completion into you, no form will bind you, whether it is love or danger, no form will be binding you whether it is love or fear.

Means, only by spontaneous decision of Completion, anything great can happen in the life, never by something which you have been mulling over in incompletion for ages and ages and ages.

Adi Shankara says in Viveka Choodamani, ‘Even Kalpakaala Paryanthaam you are sitting with certain visualization or ritual out of incompletion, nothing can be done’ – He says, “even the age of a Brahma if you are sitting with some ritual, visualization, you cannot achieve anything great, you cannot achieve any Completion”. So, understand, even Kalpakaala Paryanthaam if you sit with incompletion, whether you sit with your negative visualizations or positive visualizations, life is not going to become complete, it is not going to be liberating you.