Do not engage with the thought currents of comparing, life before seeking and life after seeking, because with Seeking only Life itself starts in you!

Only when the Seeking enters into you, Life starts happening. I am seeing many people discuss, express in such a way, they think the lifestyle of Seeking is an alternative lifestyle. No! No! It is not alternative lifestyle, it is native lifestyle. There is no ‘alter’ for it, there is only ‘altar’ for It. It is a native lifestyle to be worshipped in the altar. There is no alternative actually.

This is one of the major thought current with which many of the Vaakyartha Sadas participants are stuck. I went through many of the Vaakyartha Sadas. Today I wanted to clear some of these important points where you are stuck. Please understand, if you say – “Should I practice this Kundalini thought current in this way or should I practice it in this way? Is this ultimate or is that ultimate?” Its great. Vaakyartha Sadas is going well. But if you think – “Is my old lifestyle better or this is better?”  You are gone.

Please understand, only when the Seeking enters the Life itself starts in you. Till then, whatever you may have, may be ‘style’ but not LIFE. Understand. May be ‘style’ but not LIFE. Don’t call that as lifestyle.

Seeking integrates you.

Seeking evolves you.

Seeking awakens you.

Seeking aligns who you are to yourself.

I tell you, till the Seeking starts, even you will not experience what you call as YOU. I know the stupid human beings who think they are rich by having only money.


Poor are those who have only money. Uneducated are those who are educated only in schools.

Seeking sets the right standard, right expectation about life. All these words have no meaning till Seeking enters into you, till you start questioning your very existence, till you start analyzing genesis of your identity. Till you start looking. Please understand, I am not saying – till you find answers. No. Because Seeking can never answer, it can only find experience. A Seeking, please understand, Seeker never finds answers, he finds only experience. Seeking actually awakens the seeker to his original state. Seeker never finds answer, he only finds his nature – Sadashivatva.

Till seeking penetrates your thinking system, till seeking becomes an important component of your cognition, Life has not started in you. Life starts when Seeking becomes your cognition. When the Seeking becomes your cognition, everything, everything, everything becomes sweet – thinking, feeling, working, living, loving, caring, even fighting, everything becomes juicy; because you have a purpose, you have a reason, you are NEEDED.

Look into this important pattern in which all of you are stuck. All of you are constantly comparing the lifestyle and thought current which develops after seeking, its plus and minus, and the lifestyle before the seeking and its plus and minus. If you are doing that, you are stupid. Then you are comparing like an adult’s life’s plus and minus and kid’s life’s plus and minus. Yes, surely kid’s life has some plus which adult’s life does not have, but that does not mean you can remain as kid forever, that is a disease. That is sickness. That is immaturity. Being childlike is different, being ‘childish’ is different. You are trying to be ‘childish’ and you think your ‘childishness’ should be ‘celebrated’ as cute. No. No!

Ignorance is not celebrated in the Life. Childishness cannot be celebrated as cute.

A responsible childishness is ‘childlikeness’. You are comparing of non-seeking lifestyle of plus-minus and seeking lifestyle’s plus and minus. No. May look cute but not cute. Your expectation is your ignorance, childishness should be celebrated as cute. No! Life celebrates only ‘childlikeness’ which comes out of complete responsibility. Not childishness which comes out of ignorance. So understand the comparison. Sometimes when the Seeking has not started in you, you may have a kind of a pseudo silence. When the Seeking has started in you, the whole churning happens, when you need to realign yourself to your authenticity. You think, “Oh God! Life before seemed to be peaceful.” ‘Piece-fuls’ not peaceful, PEACE. PIECEFULS its P-I-E-C-E FULLS. Piece-fuls is different; Peaceful is different. When there are to many pieces filles, fulls.

The idea you have, the cognition you have, don’t compare that with the cognitions you have after the Seeking is awakened in you. Please understand, don’t approach Seeking with the attitude of comparison. It is stupidity. Don’t approach Sadashiva with the attitude of comparison. “Before SadaShiva in my life! After SadaShiva in my life! After SadaShiva in my life, will I clear all my debts? Will I clear all my this? Will I clear all my that?” Arre, you will clear you itself. Your debt will become irrelevant. It’s very unfortunate. No. Look into your life. Do not engage, entertain with the thought currents of comparing life before seeking, life after seeking because with Seeking only Life itself starts in you.

Truth of the Life, sacred secret of the Life, the satya of SadaShiva, the satya of existence is SEEKING.

You can have this as today’s thought current. Me clarifying your doubts and questions, the points where you are stuck, that is the best kundalini current you can have, what else?

Seeking is LIFE. With Seeking life enters in you. Seeking is not alternative lifestyle; it is native lifestyle need to be kept in altar.   

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