Why ?

WHY?! This is the first stone you face in the life. You can take this stone as obstruction and never move beyond it. Or you can use this stone as a stepping stone and start going up. Or you can use this stone even to take off!

This great ‘WHY?’! Please understand whatever is said and done, human-beings can move only with this ability to handle the great ‘WHY?’ If you are not able to answer to this great ‘WHY?’, if you are not able to convince yourself for this ‘WHY?’ you will continuously suffer lack of inspiration, energy, laziness, boredom. 

I tell you, the worst things can happen to human-beings is laziness attack, boredom attack. People talk about panic attack. No! I tell you, boredom attack and laziness attack is more costly than panic attack.

Panic attack happens to you if you have too many answers for ‘WHY?’

Boredom attack happens to you if you don’t have answer for ‘WHY?’

Laziness attack happens to you if you don’t even want to know the answer for ‘WHY?’! 

The great ‘WHY?’ which created philosophies, gave birth to principles, gave birth even to gods, goddesses, gave birth to religions, gave birth to spiritual groups, cults, sects, cultures, we will today indulge on this great ‘WHY?’
I have a news. You can take it as a good news or a bad news. For this great ‘WHY?’ you have to discover answer. It can be a good news if you are interested in finding the answer. It can be bad news if you think, ‘Oh, I have to find out! Nobody else will give me the answer!’

I tell you, with Integrity and Authenticity I tell you, please do not accept anybody’s answer for the ‘WHY?’ If you accept my answer for ‘WHY?’ you may be living for my answer. At the most, my answer can be an inspiration for you to find out the answer for ‘WHY?’

This ‘WHY?’ created religions, made many people reach their peak and killed many people brutally in religious terrorism. For the religious terrorism to spiritual enlightenment, for the whole – see, one end of the spectrum is religious terrorism, one end of the spectrum is spiritual enlightenment – for both, “WHY?” is a reason. If you don’t find the answer for “WHY?” and eat somebody else’s answer, you can even be made as a religious terrorist! If you find your own answer for the “WHY?” you will become spiritually enlightened! 

This great “WHY?” this was the yesterday’s discussion with me and my, I can say that top organizers of Dhyanapeetam who run my sangha literally. I was having discussion. 

All of them asked, ‘We need to answer this one question, Swamiji, “WHY?”! 
So, I contemplated, contemplated, contemplated on it. I told them straightaway, ‘Now I don’t have answer. I will get back to you.’ Thanks to the disciples who give me the space to say, “I don’t know”, understand, it is a; it is not greatness of me; it is the greatness of my disciples! They are ready for an answer of this sort from me that ‘I don’t know! I will get back to you guys!’ Of course, I have started contemplating, meditating, and I can see the answer is evolving. 

They were asking me, ‘Why these four tattwas? Why meditation? Why kriya? Why all this?’ We go on teach people ‘HOW’: how to live the four tattwas; how to do the kriya. But still we have yet to answer this great question of “WHY?”

If you say health, for health reason do the kriyas, 

‘Why health? Why not die with disease? Why health?’ 

No, the wealth! ‘Why wealth?’ 

No, relationship! ‘Why relationship?’ 

This “WHY?” has to be answered! 

Some of the ashramites were trying to give pseudo answers: ‘No, no no! No, this, that!’

I said, ‘No! Let us be very clear. I am very clear I don’t know the answer. I will get back.’

I literally sat on it! From yesterday, after the discussion, one great thing with my mind or no mind is, any problem, till it blossoms into solution, it sits on it! It will not get diverted by anything. Nothing can divert it, even the sleep, including sleep. 

Any answer I give for ‘WHY?’ can only be inspiration for you to find your own answer for ‘WHY?’ If you just swallow my answer, you will never reach the space where I reached. You should take the answer to achieve the Bhava Samadhi. After that you have to travel for Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Please understand, people who go on proving Srinivasan Ramanujan’s mathematics theorems and theories are right will never achieve the space of Srinivasan itself! It can be an inspiration for them to work on mathematics. Finally, one day, they have to even drop Srinivasan Ramanujan! With that inspiration they have to start travelling. Only then they experience the space from which Srinivasan Ramanujan is operating.

I am analyzing this great WHY? from all angle. I sat, sat, sat, sat, sat on it. Now I hatched it! When a hen sits on the egg, it hatches; the chicken comes out. When a Master sits on a question, he hatches it, and solution comes out! Now solution is walking out!

To put it in plain words, the ‘WHY?’ can be answered in a very simple way: For manifesting your potentiality! Manifesting your possibility! This can be the simple, plain, straightforward answer for ‘WHY?’ 

‘WHY?’ That can be answered in a simple way: For manifesting your potentiality, possibility, reality!

But now, this answer need to be expanded, explained. 

When a child asks at the age of four, ‘Mom, how did I take birth? How did my younger brother came? How did my elder brother came?’ you can’t explain the whole process of sex, and then pregnancy, and then delivery to him! He won’t understand. Even if you explain, he will have thousand why? 

Even to have the answer for the WHY, first thing the questioner needs certain maturity and person who answers need to spend little time with the questioner. 

So, many time, please understand, even to get the answers about sex, body need to be sexually matured, physically matured. Even to have the answer for the WHY? you need to be mentally matured! Otherwise, it is like trying to make a three-year-old kid understand how the sex happens, why the sex happens, why one person gets pregnant, why the child is born, how the child is born. It is impossible! The child will ask one-thousand questions. Why? Why? Why? 

Same way, even for the answer, even for you to have the answer for ‘WHY’, listen, even for the answer for the ‘WHY’, you need to physically, mentally be matured. You need to be mentally matured! 

Millions of people die without even reaching the mental maturity to ask ‘WHY?’ Billions die, they reach the ability to ask ‘WHY?’ but do not know, do not have the ability to receive the answer! If you are matured enough to ask the ‘WHY?’ and able to receive the answer, I tell you, all sufferings in your life is destroyed, because basically you are a logical animal. If your logic is convinced, done! You are in enlightened space! 

When you have found your own answer for ‘WHY?’ you are a Jeevan Muktha! 

If your mind is not even matured to ask ‘WHY?’ your individual consciousness is not even awakened! So you are not even a Being! Killing you is not considered as a crime in the Cosmos! Of course, it will be a crime in the country, based on the country’s Constitution. Person who does not even ask ‘WHY?’ whose Prathyagaatma Chaithanya, individual consciousness, is not awakened, killing him is not crime in the Cosmic Constitution! I am not saying you go round and kill him. No! All I am saying is, you are not even a Being worthy of being! 

Person who is matured enough to ask ‘WHY?’ but unable to grasp the answer, he enters into the realm of human-beings. He can be considered as “animal-human”: little human, little animal. Person who is able to ask ‘WHY?’ and able to grasp the answer for that ‘WHY?’ becomes human-being. He is free from suffering. He will be filled in joy forever! The Being who is able to ask ‘WHY?’, grasp the answer for the ‘WHY?’, and discovers the answer for his own ‘WHY?’ discovers his own answer for his own ‘WHY’ is a Jeevan Muktha. 

So, why this great ‘WHY’ Till you understand ‘why this great WHY’ ‘why this great WHY’ will be in your consciousness as ‘Why this great WHY! Understand, till you are able to grasp ‘why this great WHY’, your inner space will continue to have this one question: ‘Why this great WHY’ And ‘Why this great WHY?’ will not disappear till you find out ‘why this great WHY’! 

‘Why this great WHY’ is the seed of the God put inside you, and sent so that you won’t rest till you become tree! Understand, each seed has an energy called veerya that does not rest till it produces more seeds. Till then, it cannot rest. Even if you destroy the seed or eat the seed, that veerya goes into your body and does its job in some other way!

Listen! Listen! Listen! Same way, the question WHY?, the great WHY? is the veerya which is in your DNA structure. You will not be able to rest till you realize the answer for this WHY? When you realize, you will be an enlightened Being! You will be an enlightened soul! 

If you want to market a product, you need to make people understand why.If you want to make people to meditate, you need to make them understand why. If you want people to do what you want, to even join in your company, or work, or to become a lawyer, doctor, engineer, politician, for anything, you need to make them understand why.

The great ‘WHY’ is the veerya of your very DNA. Just like the veerya cannot rest till it becomes more seeds, seed becomes more seeds, same way the ‘WHY?’ cannot rest in you till you become God, till you become more enlightened Beings! 

The great ‘WHY’ Contemplate! Contemplate! Do not try to avoid that ‘WHY’ inside you! If you avoid, you will fall into depression! Sometime you suppress, that WHY?, and go on carrying on with your life. At the age of sixty, you ask, ‘Why did I become doctor?’ After practicing fifty years! 

One guy, great writer, came to me. He was, I think, sixty-four at that time when he came to me. 

He asked me, ‘I don’t know why I became writer, author, speaker. Please guide me, Swami!’. 

I said, ‘You don’t know? You would have written so much! You have spoken so much! Have you never contemplated about it?’.

‘No, by the time I started contemplating why I became a writer and author, I already became too popular. So, I continued with it!’.

Many time, before you find out why you are a doctor, you become too popular as a doctor! You continue with it! Fortunately, I found out why I became a Swami before I became too popular; so that I had a choice to change; I had a choice for transformation. If you go through the choice for transformation, choice for change, and then choose, you will be most stable person. That is why nobody is able to move me out of my decision! Nobody, nothing, nothing, nobody can move me out of my decision, out of my choice. 

Sometimes, some of my disciples will tell, close disciples, ‘Nobody can change you, Swamiji! Nobody can do anything! You will live only your life! You will live only as you want! People only have to adjust with you! Nobody can do anything!’
I have grown out of my millions of choices. So I will be stable in my choice. 

Man who grows out of freedom will be the most stable person. Understand! People who grow out of bondage will be the most instable people.  

Sometime, my Swamis and Swaminis or Brahmacharis, they ask me, ‘Why these people run away Swamiji? They say they want freedom!’ 
I tell them, ‘No! He is grown up in bondage. He is suffering with the bondage pattern. That is why he is instable!’
Anybody who is instable is suffering with bondage pattern. If you have grown out of freedom pattern, you will be so stable in all your decision!

One of my ex-brahmachari, he ran away. Still I remember him, because of his; he was with me in the past life. He was a sadhu. And again came back. Fool! This time also missed! Last time he missed, that is why he has to come back! 

See, there are two category of people came back to be around me. One, people who missed me last birth. In the last birth they were around me, but never became enlightened; they missed me. So, they have come back for completion and fulfillment, to achieve enlightenment. There are some who were with me and became enlightened, completed, came back just to be part of my Sangha, to enjoy the leela, to play the leela, to see the leela with me. 

When a magician comes to perform shows in a city, he brings his own people, because only with his own people only he can do magic. He can demonstrate and do all the shows. May be once in a while he takes some visitors to prove his authenticity, but he does not perform all the tricks with the visitors. Sometimes he calls the visitors. ‘Come, stand here!’ Where he knows thoroughly they cannot smell the intrinsic details of the game and the magic. Otherwise, the people who conduct the show are completely his own people.

Understand, same here! Only one difference, magic is ‘Entertainment’. What I am doing is ‘Enlightenment’! Magic is entertainment. What I am doing is enlightenment! 

So, there are some who came down to play the game, to be an insider. Some missed and came back. This guy is in that category of missed and came back. 
I asked him, ‘Why do you want to leave?’
He said, ‘I want to have freedom! Freedom! Freedom!’
I saw, poor fellow, with the same pattern he is dying for the last two-three janmas (births). Fool! Again got caught in the same pattern! 

I tell you, if you are suffering with the bondage root-patterns, if bondage, feeling bondage is your root-pattern, you will be so instable! People who grew up with freedom will be most stable. I tell you, even when you are going to marry! When I say ‘when you are going to marry’, I mean so many things, not just regular marriage. Even the job you are taking up with the company is a marriage! And your lawyer is a marriage! Your auditor is a marriage! These are all different marriages you go through in your life about which you don’t concentrate much and later on it comes back to bite you. In every marriage, be conscious, be aware! Choose a person who has grown out of freedom pattern, not who has grown out of bondage pattern. Person grown out of bondage pattern will always be instable. Person grown out of freedom pattern will always be stable with his words, deeds. He will have extraordinary integrity and authenticity. I have grown out of freedom; that is why stability! Grow out of freedom; you will have stability! You will have stability! 

Sometimes people ask me, ‘What is this Swamiji? You say this person was with you in the past life, that person was with you in the past life! But if you see them, their whole life is such a……no integrity, no authenticity, no responsibility! Their mind and their way of living is much worse than others!’

Understand, just because they were in the past around me does not mean they have become achieved, siddha purushas, yogis, jnaanis. No! They missed that time and they came back again now. If they miss this time, they will come back again! Blessed are those who catch first time itself and achieve enlightenment! Even if they come back, they come back just to play, be part of the leela – the show of the Master!

Be established in stability. Stability comes from patterns of freedom. Instability comes from bondage root-patterns. 

Yesterday, I could see, again and again, this drama happens. Every Inner Awakening, first day and second day, this drama will happen. Nobody will dare to look into my eyes! When I look…… (People look away). When I was giving energy darshan, I was not even in the Kalabhairava bhava. See, the moment I sat down, Kalabhairava settled. You can see with your own visible eyes, the body dimension changes! How many of you have observed the body dimension changes? With visible, open eyes, you can see! When I sat down, I was not even in the Kalabhairava bhava; Just a simple, my own Being. The moment I look, ‘Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me!’ Because, you know when I am looking, I will see your inauthenticities also. You are afraid of your inauthenticities. You are afraid of the wrong words you give it to you. 

Very powerful process! First you have to pen down all the dirty words you give it to you, all the inauthenticity you carry in your mamakaara, in your inner image. When you collapse, what all the words you give it to you, that is the inauthenticity of the inner image. What is not there you give it to you: ‘I am a failure’, ‘I am an idiot!’, ‘I am a fool!’, ‘I am a headache!’ You give all these words to you, and you go on hiding it, not bothered about it. 

And introduce yourself to all that ‘I am a failure, idiot talking to you!’, ‘I am a dirty, failure, fool interacting with you now!’ Then what will happen? You will understand your inauthenticity. It will be too much, because it is going to hit at you. Why, when you tell yourself you don’t bother? When I ask you to tell others, ‘No, no, no, no, no! How can I be?’ Then don’t tell yourself also! 

Whatever worst words you use towards you, you are going to tell those words to everyone and introduce. Come on! Why then there is so much of inauthenticity? You constantly repeat this to you, but you can’t repeat this to others? If you cannot repeat this to others, why are you repeating it to you? How many of you are getting it? The remaining people will get it when you do! The remaining people will get it when you do! 

Now you will never ever build wrong inner image for you, because from today you have to take the oath whatever words you utter towards you, whoever comes in front of you at that moment, you have to tell only those words and introduce yourself to others! You can’t say, ‘I am General Manager of this Company, that Group, this Funds, that Bank!’ No! I can’t say that ‘I am a senior lawyer, I am a senior doctor, I am the most popular Kidney Specialist, Chutney Specialist’, whatever! No! You have to use the exact words you use towards you! ‘I am a dirty, failure, idiot talking to you! Come on! Please handshake with me!’ 

Your whole mamakaara will be exposed! Your whole inner image will be exposed to you now! It is nothing but I am getting the pus out of your system and showing you, ‘See, with this only you are living!’ Then now, naturally you will know how to build the inner image consciously. Consciously! 

When I look into your eyes, why are you afraid? 
Because, I will expose your inner image to you! I will expose your inauthenticity to you! Your actual inner image that which is hidden even from you, I will expose that to you! 

LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! The great ’WHY’ can be answered; the great ’WHY’ can be answered only if the listener is matured enough. Only based on the maturity of the listener the ‘why’ can be answered. The answer for the ‘why’ will change based on the listener. If a 3 year old child is asking ‘how I am born, how my elder brother is born, why my younger brother is born, why I am born’, what you will say. What I heard when I was 3 is my mother told me ‘crow brought you and dropped you here’. But my grandmother told me

‘We bought you for the husk from the market’.

Then I asked ‘how much you paid?’

She said ‘two basket’.

‘Then how much you paid for the elder brother, because he is little big?’

She said ‘three basket’.

‘What about the younger brother, he is so small?’

‘No, he was given free’.

That was the answer I was given by my grandmother and that much only she can also answer because I am only matured to understand that at that time. So it is depending on the maturity of the listener only the answer for the why can be given.

So evolve. The same question if a 14 year old child is asking or 15 year old child is asking he can be made to understand. He can be given the straight answer, answer authentically and he can understand; because now he or she knows what is happening in their own body, what is happening in their own mind. With that they can easily make it, make out. They can understand the answer for why.

I tell you; till you get the glimpse of kundalini awakening you can’t understand what is going on in my body. Sometime people ask me ‘Swamiji, what happens to you, during Kalabhairava darshan your body moves so much?’ Arey when I am drinking the honey, which comes very, one or two drops to the lower hand, you only take that small. For that itself you jump so much. Then what about the person who is drinking the whole honey?

The bhava, actually what happens you know, when Kalabhairava enters I don’t feel like somebody else is entering. I just feel like a 10000 Nithyananda entering. The frequency just goes up. See when your kundalini is awakened, when you jump, you don’t feel like somebody else is entering into you. Your own, but frequency has gone up. How many of you cognize what I am saying? That’s all, same thing. How many of you experience that energy moves your body beyond your logic? Raise the hand. So all of you can understand; but understand unless you grow, it is not possible even to give you the authentic answer for the ‘why’.

So the ‘why’ has to be answered based on the maturity of the person when it comes to answering others. When it comes to your own, you have to find your independent ‘why’ and your independent answer. Understand even your why will grow when you grow. Your why will grow when you grow.

So the great answer for ‘WHY’ is no answer. All my answers can be inspiration for you to find out your own why and your own answer; your own why and your own answer. 

I tell you all, if you contemplate on this great why, why, why, you will have higher and higher and higher answer. Finally the answer you get will be the ultimate solution itself.

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