Meditation technique to transcend the gross body and enter into subtle consciousness

Duration: 10 minutes a day, for ten days

This is a wonderful technique even for beginning meditators. You don’t need any training, understanding or belief for this technique.

First, remove whatever accessories or jewelry you may be wearing on your body.

Either sit or lie down. Be as comfortable as possible. You can also lean against a wall if you feel comfortable that way. You can stretch your legs in whatever way you want, but you shouldn’t need to exert effort to hold your body. The idea is to feel very comfortable without supporting the weight of your body.

For example, if your head is straight, be very clear, you are exerting effort to keep it straight. It always requires effort to keep your head straight. This should not be the case here. In the same way, don’t keep your spine erect, because that takes effort. No part of your body should feel effort or tension. Just drop your arms and relax; do not hold tension in any part of the body.

The weight of your body should not be felt anywhere. Otherwise you will be constantly feeling that you are heavy. Let your whole body be relaxed. Visualize that you are a weightless being.

Actually you are weightless. You only constantly visualize that you are heavy. When on a bed or chair, feel yourself become weightless and enter the space beyond the mind.

Feeling you are heavy is one shaft of thought. We will now break that shaft with the thought shaft that you are light. It is like using one thorn to remove another. Then, we will throw both thoughts out!

Let your whole body be relaxed, totally relaxed. Just drop the body, let it be as it is. Let the body take its shape. Even when you stretch your leg, let it take its own shape.

Part by part, let your whole body just be. If you feel you are holding any part of your body, relax and stretch. Feel your legs are weightless. Feel your thighs are weightless. Feel your whole body is weightless. Just relax into that weightlessness.

Use your visualization power. Without any personality inside, just let your body be. See your body without any personality. You can function without any individuality or personality. Let your body be without any identify, just as the animals function without any personality or identity interfering.

Do this meditation for ten minutes a day for ten days. You will discover you are weightless! How will you know that this meditation is working? Mentally you will feel like your body is not on the earth, like you have to pull yourself down to the earth because you are so light! You will not feel like you even have a body. Just practice this technique for ten days, it can work miracles.

source: Living Enlightenment

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