This is a powerful technique that can straightaway transform you and put you in silence, in bliss.

Duration: 21 days

This technique requires that you first cleanse your inner space.

Cleansing technique

Close your eyes. Sit and look into yourself. First, honestly examine all aspects of your life. Ask yourself exactly in how many areas of your life have you built your identity based on lies? When have you uttered words or made promises, knowing that you are not going to live up to them or not going to fulfill them?
No matter how painful it is, do this process honestly. Do not avoid facing yourself honestly. See this as a wonderful chance for self-analysis for introspection. At least be able to admit to yourself where you have constructed your identity based on lies.

Now, for the next 21 days, do not utter any word that you do not mean. Do not use any word or make any promise, knowing that you can’t keep your word. Do not think that no one else can pin you down or corner you. Be absolutely straightforward in all your relationships and interactions. Then this technique will work beautifully for you.

Main Technique

Visualize a word like ‘love’, ‘joy’ or ‘bliss’. Even negative words are okay. So, positive or negative, just choose a word to visualize.

Visualize the word. First visualize it with letters. For instance, for love, visualize L-O-V-E.

Next, drop the visualization of the letters. Repeat that word internally just as a sound. Hear the sound.

Then relax from the sound also. Just be with the feeling of that word. Only remember the feeling, neither the letters nor the sound, just the feeling. Put your whole awareness on the feeling.

Now relax even from the feeling. Just be silent. Do not create a thought of the letter or the sound or the feeling. Just be with yourself.

This is a powerful technique that can straightaway transform you and put you in silence, in bliss.

source: Living Enlightenment

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  1. Namastate – my first chance to look at the spread of these: very beautiful and practical. I will be back regularly. Tku



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