Meditation technique to experience a shift in Consciousness

While doing this technique, do not analyze, do not measure and do not calculate. Just allow the movements happening in you to take place.

If we look inside ourselves, we can see that there are slight movements always happening in us and these are happening in invisible circles. Just be with those movements and allow them to happen.

Whenever we allow these movements to happen and meditate on them, we will suddenly see and realize that we are not a solid body, we are a flowing energy.

Experiencing ourselves as a flowing energy is what I call enlightenment or the ultimate experience. Suddenly we will realize we are not just the body. We may be dwelling in the body, but we are not the body.

This meditation will help us move ourselves with the prana, the life force or subtle energy that is moving inside our body. We have become so frozen that in the initial level it will be difficult to experience the energy.

In the initial level we should try to help our body and cooperate with it by creating small invisible circles and small movements.

Sit straight and close your eyes. Inhale and exhale as slowly and as deeply as possible.

Just move the body in very slow and small circles. Even if you only visualize this, it is enough. Suddenly, you will see that your body is moving slowly and you are feeling comfortable with the motion. Just be in that state and allow the movement to happen.

Concentrate near the manipuraka chakra or navel center, which is the source of prana. You will see that your whole body is moving in small invisible circles and you are centered on the navel.

Whenever you are in a moving vehicle, on an airline flight or in a car and when you are not driving, you can try this technique. Suddenly you will see you are disengaged from the ‘I’ and you are beyond the body.

Try this technique for at least eleven days. You will start experiencing a shift in consciousness.
source: Living Enlightenment

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