Pure mirror experiencing pure reflection is what I call unclutched space, the space of nirvikalpa samadhi, the space of complete Completion

I will expand on aushada. Understand, for example, understand this example: A light, for example: Sun reflecting on the mirror. If the mirror is pure, mirror will reflect the sun as it is. The reflection inside the mirror feels it is sun itself. I will not say it is a crime. It is ok because there is no other damage done to the reflection because of the mirror. It is literally the pure reflection. But if the mirror is broken, the reflection cannot feel it is a pure reflection of the sun. It is a distorted reflection of the sun. Read More

Nithyanandam Swamiji, so what leaves the body and assumes the another body is the soul from my understanding..

Conscious reflection. Please understand, this is the Cosmic Soul, if I keep the mirror here, the reflection is the individual soul. When the mirror is damaged, the reflection stops. There is no such thing as the reflection leaves & comes back. It stops reflecting. And there is some other place, some other mirror with the same quality, the mirror is made and again it starts reflecting.

Questioner: So mirror is the body ?

Swamiji: And mind.

Questioner: so, what leaves the body, does it carry all the memories ??

Swamiji: Llisten.. listen.  Cosmic soul stops reflecting. But this mirror cannot keep quiet because it  still wants to enjoy something through this reflection. So that bio-memory assumes another one body and again this reflection continuous to reflect there. Your soul, My soul has no difference. Your Bio-memory & My Bio-memory only has a difference.  All your souls and My soul, all our souls are reflection of the same soul. Only our bio-memories are different. Your bio-memories only carry and create another one body. On death you can ask any question today and I commit with you I am giving the answer exactly from the cosmic archives, as it is. Now Kaalabhairava is conducting the death session. Its exactly the truth from the Kaalabhairava’s archives I am opening it.

Questioner: So, when the body passes away, does the bio-memory also leave the body with the soul or bio-memory is recorded

Swamiji: The mirror(shown by left hand on one side), reflection(shown by right hand on left hand). This is cosmic soul (shown by right hand which is placed away exactly opposite from left hand), reflection is the individual soul. The mirror broken does not mean disappear. All the broken pieces put together travels and gets assembled in some way in another one place. That assembly again the reflection starts.

Questioner: so, the mirror travelling is the soul?

Swamiji:   Mirror travelling is what you call as individual soul travelling, but the individual soul cannot travel own, because it has no independent existence. It is only a reflection of the cosmos, Cosmic soul.