Pure mirror experiencing pure reflection is what I call unclutched space, the space of nirvikalpa samadhi, the space of complete Completion

I will expand on aushada. Understand, for example, understand this example: A light, for example: Sun reflecting on the mirror. If the mirror is pure, mirror will reflect the sun as it is. The reflection inside the mirror feels it is sun itself. I will not say it is a crime. It is ok because there is no other damage done to the reflection because of the mirror. It is literally the pure reflection. But if the mirror is broken, the reflection cannot feel it is a pure reflection of the sun. It is a distorted reflection of the sun. Read More

Continuously live in the space of Completion.

Completion is the puja. Completion is the homa. Completion is the tapas. Completion is devotion. Completion is yoga. Completion is the path. Completion is the growth. Completion is everything.

Out of completion any moment brings the greatest stability and most exciting.