The Upanishads, the ancient vedic texts by the sages and mystics that happened as revelations, say that for the person who is initiated, the whole world is heaven.

Understand the word ‘initiation’. It does not mean doing some ceremony or ritual. Initiation means that ‘click’ happening in you. When a master expresses the truth, if the click, the realization, happens in you and if you suddenly feel, ‘O god! What he says is right. I was always thinking exactly this. He put it in the right way,’ that is what initiation is. If you feel whatever I am speaking is what you always thought about but I am verbalizing it and properly putting it in words, the initiation has happened.

Please understand, only after all the preparation is done and only when you are in the state of high intensity, the truth uttered by the master just clicks. When the master says there is no need for any seeking any more and just liberate yourself right now, you will be able to do so only if you have done enough of seeking and created the intensity. That is the paradox! Read Full Article


Question is a word. Quest is a feeling.

Man is born as a quest. The rest of Existence cannot reflect the Divine like man can. Man is like a mirror. He has the choice to face and reflect the Divine or to turn away. Man can make a conscious choice, which is why he can grow. Man can choose to realize the Divine through his human form. No other being in Existence has this choice.

If these words, ‘How do I get enlightened? I want to… real bad and urgently,’ have come out, if this question has come out as a deep quest, then you don’t need anything. Just boil, let the whole being burn with this quest. That is enough. Nothing else needs to be done. Let this boiling be intense. Allow this boiling. Allow this burning. Allow this intensity. Allow this urgency. Let the urge become urgent. Let the question become your quest. Let it just eat your ego, eat your inner space.

People ask me, ‘Have you been enlightened by the divine grace or by your effort or by your quest?’ Read Full Article

There are two ways of living.

One is living like a buffalo, just being alive and breathing but with no intensity and passion in life.

The other way is like a Buddha, living intensely in the present moment in the current action.

Have you experienced a nightmare? During a nightmare you will experience that even if you want to open your eyes you cannot. You want to move your hands but you cannot. Then the nightmare becomes so intense. It may be that a lion is chasing you and has almost caught you or you are falling down a deep chasm or you are in some such life-threatening situation in your dream. When it comes to its maximum intensity, the very intensity wakes you up. If the nightmare is not that intense, you cannot wake yourself up and come out of it. If it is very intense then that very intensity wakes you up, and suddenly there is no nightmare. It was only a dream, but you thought that it was reality.

The moment you are lost in the action, you become like a flute on the lips of Existence itself. Read Full Article

You see, usually we feel a terrible restlessness towards the outer world, ‘I have not done this, I have not done that’ and so on. The same restlessness when directed to the inner world is called intensity. You do not know what is happening, you do not know what should be done, but the deep dissatisfaction about what is there in the inner space is what I call intensity. You may be wondering why I am teaching dissatisfaction. I am supposed to teach satisfaction, right? I tell you, your dissatisfaction, which is now directed towards the outer world, has to turn towards the inner world, and only then it will lead to satisfaction.

First thing which needs to happen is not satisfaction but the turning of direction, the psychological revolution. Restlessness should become intensity. If it is towards the outer world, if your consciousness is constantly moving towards the outer world, it is called restlessness. If it is moving towards the inner world, it is called intensity.

The meaning of intensity is that desperate feeling that something needs to be done immediately, to break free from the clutches, or to break free in the inner world. Intensity is not emotion. When you are intense, one part of it may be emotional. But intensity cannot be called emotion. It is like heat. The part of intensity that melts and comes out can be called emotion. Read Full Article

Try to sit down and make two lists. One of all the things that you have and one of all the things that you don’t have. The first list should include every single thing that you have, starting from your eyes, ears, hands and legs, because there are people who don’t have some of these. Include all your physical and mental faculties before moving to material things. If you write very sincerely without leaving out anything, you will not be able to complete the first list! That is the truth. If you find you are unable to finish the first list, it means gratitude has started happening in you!

The problem is that there is a continuous expectation in us all the time. That is why gratitude doesn’t happen easily. We continuously receive input from our eyes, nose, ears, tongue and touch. Based on this, we continuously expect something or other to happen in a certain way. When we see someone who has a better house or a better car, it registers in us. When we hear of some great achievement by someone, it registers in us.

Our energy moves only outward, constantly following our five senses, never inwards towards our self. Gratitude is when this process reverses and you suddenly awaken to the abundance in you! With gratitude there is no expectation or greed. Read Full Article

Sufism is completely a gratitude-based religion. If I have to reduce the whole of Sufism to one word, it is gratitude. You can see it in all the poems of the great Sufi masters like Jalaluddin Rumi and others. You can see the flowing energy of gratitude in their words.

Gratitude makes you a nobody, just flowing energy. Gratitude is like a fire that can burn all your karmas.

What is karma?

It is an unfulfilled action on your part that pulls you again and again to fulfill it. In order to fulfill and exhaust all such karmas that we have accumulated, we take birth again and again on this planet. Read Full Article