The law of Cosmos and the natural law of Existence – Dharma is not comparison based philosophy of communism, socialism, capitalism or corporatism. But it is Responsibilism.

The idea of duty is different for different people, different countries, different cultures, and different religions. Hence the term ‘duty’ is impossible to clearly define. We have always been trained by society to consider certain acts as duty; some as good and others as bad. Duty and responsibility are totally different.
For example, it is our duty to help elderly people, to follow principles of truth, non-violence, non-stealing and such tenets. We are brought up with these concepts of morality, but have we experienced the beauty of implementing them?

When you actually take responsibility, Indra enters your hand; it becomes vajrāyudha. Yama enters your lungs; it means ‘not-stopping’. Lakṣhmi enters your heart; it means ‘continuously sharing’.

Then there are certain principles that get handed down depending on the religion we follow. For example, a starving person who finds a piece of meat has no problem eating it if he is a non-vegetarian. On the other hand, a vegetarian would feel it is his duty not to touch meat even if it means losing his life. These are all socially defined duties. Never judge the customs of other people by your standards. There is no common standard for the Universe. Continue reading →

Your own suppressed part, which is yet to be realized, goes and sits in the other’s heart. When you fulfill the expectation of others, only then you realize that it is your own expectations that are fulfilled

In these verses, Kṛṣṇa beautifully explains what walking the talk means through His own example. He says there is nothing in the three worlds the nether world, earth or heaven, for Him to achieve. There is no duty that binds Him. Even though He has nothing to gain, lose or even to do, He is constantly engaged in action and enriching the three worlds. Why?

After Enlightenment, I came from the Himalayas to be amidst the people to enrich them with Enlightenment. I could have just stayed there happily and blissfully. But I have come here because of my responsibility to guide people with the right path of living Enlightenment.

Because people look up to Him as God, they would obviously follow the path He sets. People’s anyakāra, the expectation that world has from Kṛṣṇa is that He is God, He is Bhagavān. They would simply follow what He does. He is now responsible to fulfill even others’ image about Him for leading them on the correct path. That is Bhagavān Kṛṣṇa’s authenticity and responsibility! Continue reading →

What is it that is not allowing you to see that you are already unclutched, already complete and bubbling with life ?

Just understand this one simple truth. In order for an animal to breathe, it does not need ego, it does not need an identity or any character. But as a human being, you are afraid that if you drop your identity you will not be able to use your body. You fear that something bad will happen to it.

You are afraid that if you drop your identity, your body will not function smoothly. You have an idea about yourself as ‘I am somebody’s father, I am somebody’s brother, I am somebody’s son.’ This idea that you have, this identity that you carry, this ego that you carry, is not necessary for the smooth functioning of your body and mind. Of course it is very difficult to believe this.

Do you need to think about breathing, making your heart beat, digesting food, or eliminating wastes from your body?


This very fact should help you to realize that your ego is not needed for you to survive. There is something beyond the ego that is keeping you alive and functioning. If your existence depended on your ego what a catastrophe that would be! We would not be able to manage it! We are so much more than our ego, but that too is hard to believe. Continue reading →

Life becomes materialistic when you expand your ahamkara and it becomes moralistic when you work on your mamakara. Unclutch from both and realize you are beyond both.

This is an incident from the days right after my enlightenment when I was in Tamil Nadu in South India.

One evening, I was sitting in a very relaxed mood in a forest. My eyes were open, but I was not seeing anything, as there was no information going inside and getting processed. There was a huge snake lying about three feet in front of me. Because the eyes were not processing any information, there was no fear inside. I was sitting and the snake was also so relaxed and comfortable.

Then slowly, my mind came down to the normal plane and I had a thought, ‘Oh, there is a snake.’ Then the next thought came, ‘I should move away.’ The moment the thought ‘snake’ came in my inner space, I saw very clearly that the snake also felt disturbed that there was a man in its presence.

Until I felt ‘There is a snake,’ the snake never felt that I am a man. Until I felt the fear, the snake never felt threatened by me. Neither did I have fear nor did the snake have fear. But the moment I had fear, the snake also got fear. It was not that the physical distance between us reduced. Just the thought ‘snake’ came in me and I was clearly able to feel there was a disturbance, a restlessness, in the snake’s inner space. The moment I had the thought ‘I should move’, the moment I had the fear, immediately the snake also felt the same insecurity, the same threat. Immediately, the snake started moving, even before I started moving.

When your ego becomes strong, your ability to connect with Nature is disturbed. Continue reading →

What you think as your identity is not required for you to run your life. You have an automatic intelligence to run, to maintain, to live and to expand life!

The identity that you project to the outer world is called ahamkara. The identity that you believe as you internally is called mamakara. Again and again vedic psychology says that you are beyond these two. You are not just these two. According to Western psychology you are just these two. That is why so much of work is done to protect your identity. So much of attention and energy is given to hold on to your identity.

The reality, the real you, is much more than these two identities. You are beyond these two identities.

Above all, you need to understand that your mind is not a machine. It is not connected as you think. Because you do not experience the gap between two thoughts, you start believing it is connected. You go on repeating that you are disturbed and tensed. No. You are not disturbed. You are a disturbance. You need to understand the basic root where the problem starts, where the problem is created. The first basic root is you believing yourself to be a shaft or a thing. You are not a thing. Your idea about pleasure, your idea about pain, your idea about life, everything is built on that one lie, that you are a thing. Continue reading →

When you expand what you think as you, directly you expand what you project as you and you also expand and fulfill what others expect from you!

Just like a film kept in front of the projector light is seen as a reality in the screen, mamakara kept in front of the consciousness is seen as a reality in the life. Authenticity expands the mamakara. Authenticity transforms the slide kept in front of the projector. So, naturally that transforms.
When you start working on authenticity constantly every day you are reminded of expanding your mamakara – what you perceive as you, what you experience as you, what you feel as you. When you expand continuously what you feel as you, what you perceive as you; when you are working on what you perceive as you, I tell you so much miraculous changes will happen the way you experience your reality. Life will change; how the life responds to you will change, how you perceive the life will change, everything will change!
With authenticity every day you have to work on your inner image. I tell you, working on your inner image is excitement. Thinking you cannot change your inner image anymore is boredom. As long as you are interested in developing your inner image you continue to have life even if your body drops. The day you decide you can’t develop your inner image anymore you are dead even your body is functioning.

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Manana means all your thinking is concentrated on your Inner Image, Outer Image, Others’ Image and Life’s Image betterment. Please understand, Inner Image is the ideas you carry about you. Outer Image is the ideas you project about you. Others’ Image is the ideas others carry about you. Life Image is the idea you carry about others and life. Constantly concentrate your thinking to make all these four better, better, better. Betterment of all these four leads to intense thinking and intense thinking leads to betterment of all these four.

Thinking to better all these four is what I call “manana”.

Vague thinking is one of the biggest mental disorder, psychological disorder, conscious disease, disease with which your consciousness is suffering. First thing, let your thinking be aligned to your Inner Image, Outer Image, Life’s Image, Others’ Image. Anything which is away from these four, consciously, decisively complete with that pattern. Let your energy be intensified just on these four. Stop this vague thinking. Learn to think.

Take four days off from your regular routine. Go somewhere where you are not demanded, where you are not expected to follow any routine. Wake up whenever you want. Start writing down your usual thinking but if you wake up, naturally your usual thinking will start. Pen down. After you pen down half-an-hour or one hour, when you don’t have further any thoughts, then read what you wrote, see how you can align your thinking to the betterment of these four – Inner Image, Outer Image, Others’ Image, Life Image. Whatever is not in alignment, complete with those thought patterns.

For example, if you are a sannyasi and if you have a thought pattern of the lust or power, then sit with yourself and complete with that root-pattern. Find out why that parasite patterns exists in you. I tell you, at some point you would have felt powerless, weak; that is why you wanted social power or political power as a alternative to your existential power. So complete with that pattern. I am not saying you should not have social power or you should not have political power, no. All I am saying is, having social power or political power due to the powerlessness inside is something seriously wrong. That powerlessness has to be completed, has to be attended. Complete with all the root-patterns which is not in sync, alignment with your Inner Image, Outer Image, Others’ Image and Life’s Image, which is not helping you to better all these four. Betterment of all these four is “manana”. Please listen if your thinking is vague, you do not align yourself with these four.

Authentic thinking, authentic thinking is Manana. Please understand, our thinking, is it going hand-in-hand with the way we want to build ourselves? If your thinking is bettering your four identities, then your thinking is your friend. If your thinking is functioning in the opposite direction of your four identities, if they are not bettering that four identities, then your thinking itself is your enemy. Please understand, first you need to find out whether your thinking is acting as a god inside you or as a demon inside. Whether it is acting as a god inside you or as a demon inside you. Sometime many of you are possessed by ghost. What is that ghost? Your own thinking which is not in alignment with the betterment of your four identities.

First, sit and pen down the four identities you wanted to have – the best Inner Image, best Outer Image, best Other’s Image, best Life Image. Have that four. Pen down. Then align all your thinking to it. If there is some thinking which goes in a completely different direction, complete with it, complete it. Declare spontaneous completion and drop it. Align your thinking towards these four identities – Inner Image, Outer Image, Others’ Image and Life’s Image.

Dense thinking, intense thinking, sincere thinking becomes authenticity. You don’t need to do anything special to be authentic. You don’t need to spend every day some time to become authentic. First, spend few days and learn authenticity, learn to think in an authentic way.

“Manana” is one of the biggest treasure, power, God has given you and unfortunately, you are not using it.

Sometime, when people come and stand here asking me for healing them, I really feel, ‘Oh, God, why are you coming and standing in front of me like a beggar? Narayana, why do you stand here like a “daridra” without realizing you are Narayana? You are capable of everything I am capable of!’

It is unfortunate, people have, their own head becomes a dead-weight on themselves. It is like a big rock is sitting on you, you cannot move your body. So their own thinking becomes a big rock on themselves and they feel they are bound, they are bound, they are bound. They are bound, they are bound, they are bound. So unfortunate. All you need to do is only one thing: align your thinking towards your four identities. That’s all. That’s all.

Your thinking can become your enemy; your thinking can become your friend. Bringing intensity into your thinking is Manana.

Science of all four images

 “Inner Image”, the idea you have about you, inside you. Most of us have a confused idea. We don’t even have a clear idea about us – what we are and what we want or anything. Anyhow, the inner image, the idea we have about us.  Second, “Outer Image” – the idea we project about us to others. In Sanskrit, Inner Image is Mamakaara – Outer Image is Ahankaara. And, “Others’ Image” – what others expect from us. In Sanskrit we call it Anyakaara. “Life Image” – is what idea we carry about life and others – Swa-Anyakaara. Just understand these four English words; that is more than enough:  

• Inner Image – the idea you carry about you;

• Outer Image – the idea you project about you to others;

• Others’ Image – the idea others expect from you;

• Life Image – the idea you have about life.

 Now, I am going to give you some of the equations. I am giving you the powerful sutras, principles for life with which you can understand in every situation what you are trying to do. The greatest confusions can be destroyed only by the greater truths. Simple confusions can be destroyed by simple truths! Greater confusions can be destroyed only by greater truths! 

If the Outer Image is pulled towards Inner Image, it is called “Peace”.

If Inner Image is pulled towards Outer Image that is called “Success”.

 If Outer Image is pulled towards Inner Image, that is called “Peace”. If you keep Inner Image as a base and align your Outer to the Inner, you will be peaceful, renouncing, giving up. But if you pull your Inner to the Outer, that is called “Success”. Keeping Outer as the standard, pulling the Inner to this standard, to this scale, you will be successful. That is called “Success”.

 If your Inner image is pulled towards Others’ Image, that is called “Love”. 

When your Inner Image stands up to fulfill Others’ Image, that is “Love”. If Inner Image aligns itself to Others’ Image, it is “Love”.

 If the Others’ Image is pulled towards Inner Image, it is “Selfishness”.

 And when your Inner Image stands up to the Life’s Image, please listen, if your Inner Image stands up to Life Image, that is “Destruction”.

Because Inner Image is always lower than Life. If the Inner Image tries to make the Life Image you carry as reality, it will be “Destruction”. If your Inner Image aligns itself to Life Image, it is “Destruction”. And the Life Image you carry, if your Inner Image tries to align with it, it creates accidents. Means, what is the Life Image you carry? Usually you carry a very low idea about life and others. When you try to make that into reality, you attract constantly accidents in your life. You understand “accident” as just going in a vehicle and hitting and falling. Don’t reduce the word “accident” to just that. Even a broken relationship is an accident! Disturbed understandings are accidents! Life-negative ideas are  accidents! Depression is an accident!

These four completely play with all your emotions, whether you make or break your life, is dependent on how you handle these four. Handling – a clear knowledge about these four is a basic requirement. 

If your Inner Image aligns with Life Image, that is “Destruction”. If your Life Image is purified by the Outer Image, it is called “Miracles”. Whatever you show in the outer world is always larger than you are. If this base enters into the Life’s Image, it causes miracles!

If Inner Image aligns to Life Image, it causes accidents. If the Outer Image aligns to the Life Image, it causes miracles, because Outer Image is always larger than life. Outside you go on projecting you are a big guy. If your Outer Image is aligned with what you consider as life, you will constantly be seeing miracles in your life. If all the four reaches their peak possibility, it is Enlightenment.

If Inner moves towards Outer, it is “Success”.
If Outer moves towards Inner, it is “Peace”.
If Inner moves towards Others, it is “Love”.
If Others moves towards Inner, it is “Selfishness”.
If Inner moves towards Life it is “Accidents”.
If Outer moves towards Life, it is “Miracles”.
If all move towards their peak, it is “Enlightenment”.

Understand, the science of all these four image will be the introduction to the IA Level 4. Science of all these four images is introduction to the IA Level 4, where experientially you are able to move all the four in the direction you want, especially to the peak possibility of you. Moving all these four to their peak possibility is “Enlightenment”. You will be having the first introductory sessions, classes, intranalyzing and Kriyas, initiation on aligning all these four to their peak possibility.

The moment you wake up jump out of bed !

Every morning 21 minute, so that is the one cycle of you waking up. When you remember you are alive, you are awake about this world, few minutes after that and few mins before that. I can say 5 mins after you waking up and 16 mins before you waking up that 21 minute plays a major role in everyday designing your body. Understand, everyday you design your body. It is not that just once in a year on your birthday you design your body. NO. Everyday it changes. That is why I say, “the moment you wake up jump out of bed”. Everyday you design how you should look, how you should feel. How you should feel about you (Mamakara) and how others should feel about you (Ahamkara).