When you expand what you think as you, directly you expand what you project as you and you also expand and fulfill what others expect from you!

Just like a film kept in front of the projector light is seen as a reality in the screen, mamakara kept in front of the consciousness is seen as a reality in the life. Authenticity expands the mamakara. Authenticity transforms the slide kept in front of the projector. So, naturally that transforms.
When you start working on authenticity constantly every day you are reminded of expanding your mamakara – what you perceive as you, what you experience as you, what you feel as you. When you expand continuously what you feel as you, what you perceive as you; when you are working on what you perceive as you, I tell you so much miraculous changes will happen the way you experience your reality. Life will change; how the life responds to you will change, how you perceive the life will change, everything will change!
With authenticity every day you have to work on your inner image. I tell you, working on your inner image is excitement. Thinking you cannot change your inner image anymore is boredom. As long as you are interested in developing your inner image you continue to have life even if your body drops. The day you decide you can’t develop your inner image anymore you are dead even your body is functioning.

What is spirituality?
Seeing the transformation you do in the inner world is seen as a result in the outer world is spirituality. The joy and the excitement you feel is because the moment you start the transformation in the inner world the outer world is changing.
Don’t give up on you. Go on developing your inner image. Listen, if you consider your life as an industry, your inner image is the product, how you project you to the outer world is marketing, what others expect from you is feedback from customers. Constantly bring the feedback and develop the product. That is the only way you will be alive in the market. If you are working with humanity, this is the Law of Life.
Constantly work on the mamakara, don’t give up on you. The moment you stop bringing the feedback from the customers and develop the product, when you stop it, you are dead— just the tomb needs to be built on you; that’s all, the coffin needs to be closed. However big maybe your brand is, however big you may be, listen, even if you are a big established brand, if you, when you stop receiving the feedback from customers and developing your inner identity, society will start rejecting you.
If you want your life to be successful, constantly receive, constantly get the feedback from the customers – means others expectation about you – who are all involved in your life, their expectations about you.
We all ask the question, “Why should I fulfill others expectation about me. World is so much of selfishness. Why should I bother what others want about me? Why? “When you always want others should live as you want, others should fulfill your expectation, is it not others right to expect from you? Who will fulfill their expectation? At least whoever is involved in your life and how many lives you are involved – decide, decide! Life is fulfilled only when you fulfill others expectation; with whoever you have expectation at least. You don’t need to fulfill the expectation of a person somebody in the street with whom you have no expectation. But you have to fulfill the expectations of the people with whom you have expectations. If you have expectation with that person the person has a right to have expectation about you.
Constantly, expanding your inner identity, expanding the identity you project yourself as you to others and taking responsibility to fulfill what others expect from you is AUTHENTICITY. When you take responsibility to fulfill what others expect from you, cosmos expresses through you, the whole Brahmaanda expresses through you, you will have extraordinary powers because it is directly seva, service to others. Whenever you serve others with a responsible feeling without having any other motive, cosmos celebrates your existence! It just celebrates your existence! Cosmos just celebrates your existence!
Continuously, when you decide to expand your identity the way you project you to others and take responsibility to fulfill it—suddenly your reality starts changing, your reality becomes better and better.

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