The only way to develop your inner identity about you is integrity!

What is your reality?  Your perception about you, your perception about what you feel as you and what you project yourself to others and what others are expecting about you. When you practice authenticity naturally you have to develop what you feel as you continuously.
How to develop?  The only way to develop your inner identity about you is integrity. With more and more and more integrity you will be purifying your inner image more and more. When you take the responsibility to fulfill others expectation about you more and more, you become more and more responsible.
Understand, when you start practicing authenticity, your integrity and responsibility automatically starts happening and you can’t give up on you, you have to continuously enrich you. So enriching automatically happens. You can’t give up on others you have to enrich them. Enriching others automatically happens.
Every day, continuously by developing your integrity improve the identity you carry about you.
Many teachers tell you how much ever you listen unless you practice it won’t help you. I tell you how much ever you try to practice, unless you listen, it won’t help you.

Authenticity starts with listening, continues with listening, continues with listening.
Human beings miss life when they miss listening. J. Krishnamurti says -Listening is God. Buddha’s first teaching is Right listening.
In Vedantha,
the first principle is shravana – Listen.
Second principle manana – Intranalize.
Third principle nidhi dhyasana – Radiate it! Live it! Radiate it!
Constantly expanding your possibility for you and your possibility for others is Authenticity; your possibility for you and your possibilities for others – expanding it. If you are volunteering in our sangha, associating with our sangha, you will understand, this whole sangha is a training ground for making you experience Authenticity, Authenticity, making you experience Authenticity.
Let the authenticity become your muscle memory and bio-memory. Let you continuously enrich you.
Expanding your possibility for you and your possibility for others is authenticity.
I want everywhere, in every village; people gather and start practicing these four principles – Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching. This is the best way for human resource development.
Hope Indian government takes these principles of life and gives training to the youth – Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching. When you teach Integrity Authenticity Responsibility and Enriching and practice it in your life the amount of joy you feel and the expansion you feel and the experience you feel is unimaginable. So much can be brought out from your being.
See even now the only one idea which does not allow you to experience your maximum potential is “why should I do so much when others don’t do for me?”
Fool! If others don’t do they are the losers. If you do you are the winner.
What society did to me for me to continuously work and give it to society? Nothing! Society has not responded to my authenticity back; but I don’t care! I continue to radiate my authenticity and going to expand my possibility for others and my possibility for myself. Naturally society will, has to respond authentically for me.
No other way, no other way!
All the youth who are watching the satsang now, I request all of you start the group in your villages to teach this four principles and develop the human life! Every village centers practicing this dharma should be created; goshalas should be created; temples should be created.
Everywhere people should start living these principles: satsang centers, teaching centers, ashrams, monasteries should be created: hundreds of thousands of sadhus who are living these principles should be created, hundreds and thousands of volunteers who are teaching these principles should be created.

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