Living the instructions and initiations without waiting for your logic to get convinced is Shaktinipatha!

To manifests Sadashiva’s creativity, bring Integrity.

To manifest Sadashiva’s sustenance energy bring Authenticity.

To manifest Sadashiva’s destruction energy bring Responsibility.

To manifest Sadashiva’s delusion energy and handle it, bring Enriching in your life.

To manifest Sadashiva’s liberation energy, liberating energy, bring Causing in your life.

Then what will make you manifest the unmanifest, Avyakta of Sadashiva, that is Shaktinipatha. As much as possible, be in Shaktipatha with Sadashiva, the Guru, who is embodiment of Sadashiva. Be in Shaktipatha with Him, be in Shaktipatha with Him. Be in Shaktinipatha with Him. I tell you, being part of the Sangha, is nothing but being constantly being in Shaktipatha with Guru, Sadashiva Himself.

Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes I have seen people asking me, “What is the difference working here, working outside?” The moment you have this question be very clear, you are fool of the worst order—not even recoverable, irrecoverable. Stupid of the Satanic order, fool of the worst order—does not understand the basics of life. Working here is not work, it is Shaktinipatha every moment. It is Shaktinipatha.

Manifesting powers, even if you pick up a stone from the ground to clean the area— it is Shaktinipatha for manifesting powers, because Swamiji wanted, my Guru wanted me to remove this. Read More

In your Creation bring Integrity, in your Sustenance bring Authenticity, in your Destruction bring Responsibility, when you are in delusion decide to throw yourself away and get into Enriching!

The manifest and unmanifest components of Sadashiva is part of you.  The manifest is Sadyojatam, Tatpurusham, Aghoram, Vamadevam, Ishanam. If I put it in your user-friendly language— I should tell you, I am not translating, I am putting in user-friendly language, means roughly equating it. Tatpurusha, Aghora, Vamadeva, Sadyojata, Ishana—these are the five manifest aspects of Sadashiva. If I have to put it into user-friendly language, I should say—creation, maintenance, destruction, delusion and liberation.  Listen. You go through all the five. When you are in the mode of creation, if you add Integrity, you will manifest Sadāshiva’s creation. Listen. When you are in the mode of creation, add Integrity to you—you will manifest Sadashiva.

Let me repeat. When you are in the creation mode, add Integrity to it.

You may ask, “What is creation mode?”

When you feel like doing something active. It can be your office work, it can be manifesting wealth, it can be doing something for name and fame, including career activities. Or it can be physically creating something; art, painting, drawing, even sexual desires, activities—all this belongs to creation when you are in the creation mode, bring Integrity to you, you will manifest Sadashiva—your creativity plus integrity is Sadāshiva’s creation energy, is Sadyoyata. Only from Satya, anything can be born, Jāta means born. Sadyojata means born out of Integrity. Anything, which is born out of Integrity, only will stand forever. So the creation face of Sadashiva is Sadyojata in all your creativity. It can be as simple as cooking to as complicated as manifesting wealth. It can be as lower as you think; sexual desires, or it can be as high as higher, as creating your Enlightenment. Any creation—including manifesting powers—any creation, including manifesting powers, add Integrity to it. Out of Satya, anything born, Sadyojata, anything born out of Integrity will stay forever and do good to you. 

You all have that creation mood in you, that is Aham.  When you add Integrity to it you will become Sadāshivoham, in your creativity. 

Understand. Add Integrity to all your creation. Read More

  • If you don’t care about Life, Life will not care about you.
  • Possibility is the flavor of Advaitha. Friendliness is the smell of Advaitha.
  • If you fall into powerlessness, you will be beaten more. Destruction is the gift to anybody, for anybody who falls into powerlessness by Kalabhairava. This is Advaitha. 

Science of all four images

 “Inner Image”, the idea you have about you, inside you. Most of us have a confused idea. We don’t even have a clear idea about us – what we are and what we want or anything. Anyhow, the inner image, the idea we have about us.  Second, “Outer Image” – the idea we project about us to others. In Sanskrit, Inner Image is Mamakaara – Outer Image is Ahankaara. And, “Others’ Image” – what others expect from us. In Sanskrit we call it Anyakaara. “Life Image” – is what idea we carry about life and others – Swa-Anyakaara. Just understand these four English words; that is more than enough:  

• Inner Image – the idea you carry about you;

• Outer Image – the idea you project about you to others;

• Others’ Image – the idea others expect from you;

• Life Image – the idea you have about life.

 Now, I am going to give you some of the equations. I am giving you the powerful sutras, principles for life with which you can understand in every situation what you are trying to do. The greatest confusions can be destroyed only by the greater truths. Simple confusions can be destroyed by simple truths! Greater confusions can be destroyed only by greater truths! 

If the Outer Image is pulled towards Inner Image, it is called “Peace”.

If Inner Image is pulled towards Outer Image that is called “Success”.

 If Outer Image is pulled towards Inner Image, that is called “Peace”. If you keep Inner Image as a base and align your Outer to the Inner, you will be peaceful, renouncing, giving up. But if you pull your Inner to the Outer, that is called “Success”. Keeping Outer as the standard, pulling the Inner to this standard, to this scale, you will be successful. That is called “Success”.

 If your Inner image is pulled towards Others’ Image, that is called “Love”. 

When your Inner Image stands up to fulfill Others’ Image, that is “Love”. If Inner Image aligns itself to Others’ Image, it is “Love”.

 If the Others’ Image is pulled towards Inner Image, it is “Selfishness”.

 And when your Inner Image stands up to the Life’s Image, please listen, if your Inner Image stands up to Life Image, that is “Destruction”.

Because Inner Image is always lower than Life. If the Inner Image tries to make the Life Image you carry as reality, it will be “Destruction”. If your Inner Image aligns itself to Life Image, it is “Destruction”. And the Life Image you carry, if your Inner Image tries to align with it, it creates accidents. Means, what is the Life Image you carry? Usually you carry a very low idea about life and others. When you try to make that into reality, you attract constantly accidents in your life. You understand “accident” as just going in a vehicle and hitting and falling. Don’t reduce the word “accident” to just that. Even a broken relationship is an accident! Disturbed understandings are accidents! Life-negative ideas are  accidents! Depression is an accident!

These four completely play with all your emotions, whether you make or break your life, is dependent on how you handle these four. Handling – a clear knowledge about these four is a basic requirement. 

If your Inner Image aligns with Life Image, that is “Destruction”. If your Life Image is purified by the Outer Image, it is called “Miracles”. Whatever you show in the outer world is always larger than you are. If this base enters into the Life’s Image, it causes miracles!

If Inner Image aligns to Life Image, it causes accidents. If the Outer Image aligns to the Life Image, it causes miracles, because Outer Image is always larger than life. Outside you go on projecting you are a big guy. If your Outer Image is aligned with what you consider as life, you will constantly be seeing miracles in your life. If all the four reaches their peak possibility, it is Enlightenment.

If Inner moves towards Outer, it is “Success”.
If Outer moves towards Inner, it is “Peace”.
If Inner moves towards Others, it is “Love”.
If Others moves towards Inner, it is “Selfishness”.
If Inner moves towards Life it is “Accidents”.
If Outer moves towards Life, it is “Miracles”.
If all move towards their peak, it is “Enlightenment”.

Understand, the science of all these four image will be the introduction to the IA Level 4. Science of all these four images is introduction to the IA Level 4, where experientially you are able to move all the four in the direction you want, especially to the peak possibility of you. Moving all these four to their peak possibility is “Enlightenment”. You will be having the first introductory sessions, classes, intranalyzing and Kriyas, initiation on aligning all these four to their peak possibility.