Celebrate your Self saying a deep ‘yes’ to you as you are! Celebrate the very Existence of the world by realizing it is an independent intelligence with profound mystery constantly expanding with causeless auspiciousness! Celebrate God as creativity overflowing for no reason! When you celebrate the existence of Self, World and God, you will suddenly see all these three disappear into celebration and what remains is eternal bliss, Nithyananda!

One thing has to be understood very clearly.

The whole of Existence is an auspicious happening. You are part of Existence, so everything happening around you is also auspicious. This is the truth of Existence. Nothing that happens in Existence is inauspicious. Everything is only a blessing.

If this is understood clearly, there is nothing to complain about in life. If this is understood clearly, your very eye becomes a grateful eye. It sees everything as extraordinary. Nothing appears mundane. Everything appears as a miracle. Miracles are continuously happening in front of our eyes. But we continuously miss them! Only because we miss them, life itself appears to be dull sometimes. When we start perceiving them, our entire life becomes a miracle. The truth is, there are too many miracles happening around us in our lives.
If we celebrate the three things, the existence of the self, world and god, we will experience the whole of Existence as a blessing that is happening continuously. Let me explain.

When you celebrate the existence of the self, god and world, all three will reveal their mysteries to you. Please understand that when I say celebrate the self, god and world, I am not giving you moral advice. I am giving you a spiritual technique. Read More

Drop seriousness, and bring sincerity and sensitivity to life!

All our comparison with other people begins with what we think of ourselves. Jealousy disappears when we understand our uniqueness. We may then create another problem. We may believe ourselves to be so special that we start taking ourselves far too seriously.

What is seriousness?

Seriousness is nothing but paying undue importance to something, at the cost of everything else. It arises from the inability to see that all of life is just a drama that is unfolding every minute. Seriousness is the result of over-expectation from life. All our seriousness is just about sandcastles! For the child, at that young age, sand castles seem precious, whereas at our age, stone castles seem precious, that’s all. Whether it is a sand castle or a stone castle, the seriousness behind it is the same. The object may be different, but the seriousness is the same. So don’t laugh when children fight over sand castles.

Seriousness closes your mind to the openness and freedom of life. It makes you dull and dead. It curbs your thinking and makes you stick to the familiar patterns that you know and use all the time. Read More

In your Creation bring Integrity, in your Sustenance bring Authenticity, in your Destruction bring Responsibility, when you are in delusion decide to throw yourself away and get into Enriching!

The manifest and unmanifest components of Sadashiva is part of you.  The manifest is Sadyojatam, Tatpurusham, Aghoram, Vamadevam, Ishanam. If I put it in your user-friendly language— I should tell you, I am not translating, I am putting in user-friendly language, means roughly equating it. Tatpurusha, Aghora, Vamadeva, Sadyojata, Ishana—these are the five manifest aspects of Sadashiva. If I have to put it into user-friendly language, I should say—creation, maintenance, destruction, delusion and liberation.  Listen. You go through all the five. When you are in the mode of creation, if you add Integrity, you will manifest Sadāshiva’s creation. Listen. When you are in the mode of creation, add Integrity to you—you will manifest Sadashiva.

Let me repeat. When you are in the creation mode, add Integrity to it.

You may ask, “What is creation mode?”

When you feel like doing something active. It can be your office work, it can be manifesting wealth, it can be doing something for name and fame, including career activities. Or it can be physically creating something; art, painting, drawing, even sexual desires, activities—all this belongs to creation when you are in the creation mode, bring Integrity to you, you will manifest Sadashiva—your creativity plus integrity is Sadāshiva’s creation energy, is Sadyoyata. Only from Satya, anything can be born, Jāta means born. Sadyojata means born out of Integrity. Anything, which is born out of Integrity, only will stand forever. So the creation face of Sadashiva is Sadyojata in all your creativity. It can be as simple as cooking to as complicated as manifesting wealth. It can be as lower as you think; sexual desires, or it can be as high as higher, as creating your Enlightenment. Any creation—including manifesting powers—any creation, including manifesting powers, add Integrity to it. Out of Satya, anything born, Sadyojata, anything born out of Integrity will stay forever and do good to you. 

You all have that creation mood in you, that is Aham.  When you add Integrity to it you will become Sadāshivoham, in your creativity. 

Understand. Add Integrity to all your creation. Read More

With Integrity anything you express will be creativity

Krishna receiving King Yudhishtra in the fores...
Krishna receiving King Yudhishtra in the forest (yellow background) (Photo credit: thesandiegomuseumofartcollection)

When you are integrated in thinking, anything expresses will be creativity because integrity means naturally you have to be aware. When there is integrity towards the words you utter, you are very cautious, very careful of every word you utter because its your life.

You have to become like a Yudhishtra Raja. He was so integrated, the whole world respected his integrity. Even his enemies believed his word. In the Mahabharatha war, Dhrona the Master and Teacher of Yudhishtra, in the opposite side at one time needs to be conquered because he was literally destroying the whole Pandavas army.  “Ashwathama the Elephant died”-Yudhishtra said. During the time of the word elephant Krishna blows the Conch and Dhrona heard “Aswathama died’. Ahswathama was Dhrona’s son name. Dhrona looks at Yudhishtra to confirm. Yudhishtra’s eyes tells “Yes”. That is the moment Yudhishtra fell to the ground. After that he was never a king even though he was coronated as king afterwards. Yudhishtra’s words did not lose integrity. His eyes lost integrity. Integrity of thinking is broken in Yudhishtra. Last moment of his life when he left the body he carried his whole body, he could not carry his eyes. His eyes has become wordly,dirty. He has to leave both of his eyes in the place Kedharnath. Kedhar means in that local language – eyes.

Integrity in thinking is more important than integrity with words. Integrity with words brings lot of awareness to the words you utter. Integrity in thinking brings tremendous awareness to your thinking.

When tremendous awareness comes to your thinking two things happen

1) Your thinking reduces, and

2) What ever you are thinking becomes creativity – because every time you complete one statement, thinking one sentence, you will also verify whether that sentence is aligned to your life’s existence, purpose.

Integrity in thinking cleanses away 1001 things which you may have to work individually. For example: Your worry thought pattern, your jealousy thought pattern, your attention-need pattern, your ego thought pattern – you may have to cleanse individually. But when you bring integrity into your thinking all these patterns get destroyed by just its own existence because every time when you think every statement, you complete every statement, you will see whether it is in alignment with your existence, life’s purpose. So please understand take the integrity to the level of Yudhishtra and don’t even do the one mistake which he did. For every human being Yudhishtra’s integrity is extraordinary, start with that.

Past records verses Possibility is the fight between creativity and laziness.

Past record continuously claims laziness even for the greatest creator. I want to confess here even my past record makes me believe I am a failure,after creating this whole universe.Understand when I said ME at that moment I don’t mean this six feet, I meant what I experience as ME. 

Do not believe in Past records. Believe only in Possibility. All great things are created by people who believe in possibility.

The man who perceives the possibility is a Theist – creator. Man who constantly looks at the past record is Atheist.

Integrity of thinking means not having past records continuously influence you, instead letting the new life happen to you. Possibility is life. Past record is dead. When ever you look at the Past records you are dead. Whenever you look at the Possibility you are alive.Whether it is relationship, health, wealth or mental health or even enlightenment, if you look at the past records you are sure you will never be able to get enlightenment, not only now, never. If you look at the possibility you will feel – “Wow! He is here, why can’t then me?”

Creativity means aligning your every thought with the purpose of your existence.

Creativity is not just painting or sculpting or designing something, creativity means creating the life as you want.

Take Responsibility!

When you take responsibility for everything that is happening inside and outside you, then many possibilities are available for you. Take Responsibility! When you take responsibility, then your very breathing will expand. Your thinking, breathing and experience of life – all this progress, when you take responsibility. When you take responsibility with integrity and authenticity, then the mystical spiritual powers are awakened in you. Taking responsibility, awakens the power of creativity in you. With responsibility, you can cure all diseases from your head ache to cancer. Understand – When you expand and experience responsibility, then a unique grace is awakened in you.  

Being responsible is not just to increase your productivity in your work, but to enrich your entire life. Taking responsibility is life. Not taking responsibility is death. When you don’t take responsibility, you shrink. When you take responsibility you expand. In whichever field you feel responsible, you expand in that field. If you take responsibility in every field, then in that every field, you will expand.When you take responsibility for your heart beat, then you will have the capacity to understand the others heart beat also. 

Creativity, Efficiency, Perfection

Creativity is the depth of honesty expressed towards your possibility.Work more on creativity not on changing work. There is no plan-B.

Breaking the blanket of lazyness whenever you think you have done too much or breaking the not to do anything feeling is Efficiency.

Perfection in the action is measured by quality of action but not by result.