Past records verses Possibility is the fight between creativity and laziness.

Past record continuously claims laziness even for the greatest creator. I want to confess here even my past record makes me believe I am a failure,after creating this whole universe.Understand when I said ME at that moment I don’t mean this six feet, I meant what I experience as ME. 

Do not believe in Past records. Believe only in Possibility. All great things are created by people who believe in possibility.

The man who perceives the possibility is a Theist – creator. Man who constantly looks at the past record is Atheist.

Integrity of thinking means not having past records continuously influence you, instead letting the new life happen to you. Possibility is life. Past record is dead. When ever you look at the Past records you are dead. Whenever you look at the Possibility you are alive.Whether it is relationship, health, wealth or mental health or even enlightenment, if you look at the past records you are sure you will never be able to get enlightenment, not only now, never. If you look at the possibility you will feel – “Wow! He is here, why can’t then me?”

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