With Integrity anything you express will be creativity

Krishna receiving King Yudhishtra in the fores...
Krishna receiving King Yudhishtra in the forest (yellow background) (Photo credit: thesandiegomuseumofartcollection)

When you are integrated in thinking, anything expresses will be creativity because integrity means naturally you have to be aware. When there is integrity towards the words you utter, you are very cautious, very careful of every word you utter because its your life.

You have to become like a Yudhishtra Raja. He was so integrated, the whole world respected his integrity. Even his enemies believed his word. In the Mahabharatha war, Dhrona the Master and Teacher of Yudhishtra, in the opposite side at one time needs to be conquered because he was literally destroying the whole Pandavas army.  “Ashwathama the Elephant died”-Yudhishtra said. During the time of the word elephant Krishna blows the Conch and Dhrona heard “Aswathama died’. Ahswathama was Dhrona’s son name. Dhrona looks at Yudhishtra to confirm. Yudhishtra’s eyes tells “Yes”. That is the moment Yudhishtra fell to the ground. After that he was never a king even though he was coronated as king afterwards. Yudhishtra’s words did not lose integrity. His eyes lost integrity. Integrity of thinking is broken in Yudhishtra. Last moment of his life when he left the body he carried his whole body, he could not carry his eyes. His eyes has become wordly,dirty. He has to leave both of his eyes in the place Kedharnath. Kedhar means in that local language – eyes.

Integrity in thinking is more important than integrity with words. Integrity with words brings lot of awareness to the words you utter. Integrity in thinking brings tremendous awareness to your thinking.

When tremendous awareness comes to your thinking two things happen

1) Your thinking reduces, and

2) What ever you are thinking becomes creativity – because every time you complete one statement, thinking one sentence, you will also verify whether that sentence is aligned to your life’s existence, purpose.

Integrity in thinking cleanses away 1001 things which you may have to work individually. For example: Your worry thought pattern, your jealousy thought pattern, your attention-need pattern, your ego thought pattern – you may have to cleanse individually. But when you bring integrity into your thinking all these patterns get destroyed by just its own existence because every time when you think every statement, you complete every statement, you will see whether it is in alignment with your existence, life’s purpose. So please understand take the integrity to the level of Yudhishtra and don’t even do the one mistake which he did. For every human being Yudhishtra’s integrity is extraordinary, start with that.

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