What is Reality ?

Not having any conflict internally and contradictions internally about what you want to experience as your inner world and outer world and projecting it powerfully, so powerfully that there is no conflict between your projection and your experience perception, no conflict, no contradiction. Because there is no conflict and contradiction inside what do you want and outside what you are experiencing, feeling the non-dualityAdvaita is Reality.

First thing inside itself there is so much of conflict, contradiction, what you really want inside you, outside you. What you really want inside you, outside you. That itself has so much of conflict. Second because there is a conflict inside what you project is not able to move the outside the way you want. Because when you say you want money, one part of you already says “No..No.. I will ask but you don’t give”. Because of the conflict, contradictions, unconsciousness inside what you project also has conflict, contradictions and unconsciousness outside, because of that the outside world also has unconsciousness , conflict and contradictions,. This is what I call un-reality. The confusion of Dwandwa – duality.

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