Completion in the present moment is the key to unlocking the mooladhara chakra and dissolving lust. It is only completion that brings you in touch with reality as it is and dissolves your fantasies.

Arjuna then asks Kṛṣṇa why even a centered person is led to commit sinful acts, as if forced by unknown powers.

Arjuna’s question is the eternal dilemma of expression or suppression. For example, if you see a beautiful woman and you feel attracted to her, you feel this is not right according to what society has taught you and you try to suppress your feelings. Can this inauthenticity work? If you try to suppress something, it will surface with more intensity. We are always conditioned to believe that anyone with passion or lust is a lower human. There is no lower or higher person. Only a transformation of energy needs to happen. People who pretend to be moralists are either afraid or guilty of their lust. They are completely inauthentic. The moment you think you are a lower human, you start fighting that feeling. Then it becomes very difficult to get out of it and to transform. Anything you resist persists. What you need is to bring completion and allow the transformation, the ultimate reality to happen.

The ultimate completion for a woman is when she expresses the motherliness in her. The ultimate completion for the man is when he comes back to the innocence of the child. Continue reading →

Once love starts flowing, jealousy and possessiveness and all that simply become non-existent!

Jealousy does not allow you to experience your true nature of love and bliss. It arises out of misunderstanding life and yourself. You misunderstand love to be something outside of you that has to be acquired. Not only that, you think love is a quantity that needs to be shared. That is why you are afraid, thinking that if you share your love, your share will be reduced.

Love is a quality inside you. It is not a limited quantity. It is an unending happening overflowing from within you. It cannot be blocked by anything or anybody except you because it is your very nature.

Once love starts flowing, jealousy and possessiveness and all that simply become non-existent.

If you accept yourself just as you are, you can accept others also as they are.

Ocean of Energy Technique

This technique puts you in touch with the tremendous energy inside of you. There is an immense reservoir of energy inside us that most of us are not even aware of. If you know how to tap into this vast energy source, you can simply go beyond what you now think are your limitations.

The key to this meditation is to keep the mind fixed on the throat region, the location of the vishuddhi chakra, throughout the technique. When you do this, the cosmic energy enters through the vishuddhi chakra and becomes a tremendous source of energy for you.

Stand with your eyes closed and focus on your vishuddhi chakra. Stand behind a chair or some support and hold it and start walking slowly, very slowly in the same spot where you are standing.

Now start increasing your pace very gradually. Keep walking faster and faster in the same spot. Push your limits only to the extent that you can, with no discomfort. Don’t over-exert yourself at any time. At all times focus on the vishuddhi. You will be able to feel the energy coming from it. The important thing is never to slow down at any point in time but always keep your awareness on the throat region. Stop after twenty minutes.

Then, for the next ten minutes, just sit down quietly wherever you are. Keep your eyes closed and focus on the vishuddhi. You will absorb the energy that is generated during the movement.


source: Living Enlightenment

I am like a full cloud ready to shower, you don’t need to do anything or deserve to be showered on!

Many people carry the guilt of not being worthy of being loved.

This guilt happens from young age conditioning. When we are children, our parents tell us, ‘If you do this I will love you more. If you do that, I will give you a candy. If you listen to me, I will take you to a movie.’ All these things take root in you and you grow up with a strong impression that you should deserve to be loved.

You feel guilty if someone loves you without you doing anything to deserve it.

Many people when they come to me, carry the same guilt. Be very clear, you are here not because you deserve to be here. You are here as part of the flow of Existence, that’s all. There is nothing deserving or undeserving in this. I am like a full cloud ready to shower. You don’t need to do anything or deserve to be showered on.

There is no question of the master’s love asking for any qualification from you to receive it. If you are open, if you choose to stand with open arms, you will receive. Instead if you decide to open an umbrella of guilt and stand under it, naturally you will not receive much.

If you are caught in guilt, you can never feel connected to the Divine. The only way to get out of guilt completely is to feel the connectedness to your higher Self. But your very guilt acts as the barrier to this.

The only way to overcome this guilt is to start melting with gratitude.

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Lust will become love the moment you add sanctity and respect to it. Technique to move from lust to love

Changing the object is never a solution. Changing the attitude (cognition) is the solution.

  • Make a list of things you feel attached to or things you feel greedy about. It might be a habit, perhaps a particular pleasure or object or person.
  • Include anything or anyone on the list that makes you feel possessive, greedy or lustful.
  • Then just sit and meditate with a deep and sacred feeling. Anything can become sacred when you are respectful and feeling connected to it.
  • Bring in respect towards the object, or person.

With a lustful attitude, you will make even a person into an object because you try to possess the person. With an attitude of love and respect, you will make even an object into a living being!  Lust will become love the moment you add sanctity and respect to it.

Promote each object or person, elevate them to the level of a being. Suddenly you will see that the lust has transformed into love. The passion has become compassion. Then every relationship is such an ecstasy, and you experience real love.

source: Living Enlightenment

Lust transforms to Love when you remove the impurity of your fantasies, add the purity of friendliness and process this with your patience!

What is alchemy?

The process of changing a lower level metal such as copper or iron into gold is alchemy.

In the same way, when our being is ripe the base feeling of lust transforms to love, the highest emotion we are capable of.

Alchemy involves removing the impurities, adding some pure elements and then processing to change the base metal to gold. In the same way, remove the impurity of your fantasies, add the purity of friendliness in your relationship and process this with your patience.

In the beginning, people may not be able to understand the change in you. Just continue with belief and confidence in yourself. Your sincerity and strength has no way but to touch others around you positively. Continue reading →

The more society tries to suppress your imagination and desires, the more they grow, because society aims at suppressing the symptoms without getting down to the root cause!

At fourteen, the child attains physical maturity. His activities become diversified and the child or teenager doesn’t spend as much time with his parents. The child now begins to collect images from outsiders and media. The media are perfectly aware of this. That is why you will see that all advertisements always have sexual undertones – an attractive woman or man will be modeling for the product, even if the product has nothing to do with them.

Almost all motorbike ads show women, but how many women ride motorbikes! Whatever the product may be, you will find a smiling woman recommending it. When you go to the market, you promptly pick up that product, forgetting that the woman does not come with it! This is the media’s way of cashing in on your suppressed desires.

If you are alert and aware, advertisements can never fool you. Of course, by seeing them, you can always be aware of the latest things on the market, no doubt, but they will not deceive you. Continue reading →

Whether we accept it or not, we are an embodiment of both male and female energies. We are whole, not divided!

Lust is a primal emotion provided by nature for continuation of the species. To go beyond lust is the first major step in realizing the ultimate potential of human life.

Humans are forever confused between love and lust. They think only animals are lustful. Actually only animals are capable of pure lust when they mate! Humans, with their rationalization, can neither be lustful nor loving. That is why they feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

When a desire is fully experienced it leaves your system. In ancient times, lust and sex left the householder around the age of forty because they had enjoyed these fully. Physical relationship is used to verify whether the other person is still loving or not, whether you are still loved or not. It is only the doubt that creates bondage. Continue reading →

When your inner space is occupied with hangovers from your past, how are you going to directly feel connected and rise in love with Existence ?

If you are completely open-minded, every person you meet in your life will cause you to blossom further. But if you are egoistic, even your spouse or your lover cannot cause you to blossom. Please understand, you have a great responsibility to create an open and non-egoistic mind before entering into a relationship such as between husband and wife or between lovers. Then the very feeling will transform you eternally. If this eternal transformation does not happen, you miss a major dimension of your life.

If a husband and wife are unable to create that kind of feeling of being without ego, the relationship cannot be called a relationship. It is similar to the physical relationship in animals. A true relationship is nothing but creating the transformational impact.

You don’t have enough energy because all your emotional energy is taken away by the past incidents or the people who are in your memory, either as attachment or anger or guilt. Your whole energy, your inner space, is occupied and you will not be able to directly feel connected and fall in love with Existence. Continue reading →

Any joy, any ecstasy, any sweet experience is important because it brings you back to that ‘Ever living Presence’!

Unless you experience ordinary love, you will not understand what happens when you are in love. Only when you understand what happens when you are in love with an object will you be able to turn your attention towards the experience. Turning your awareness towards the experience itself will naturally turn yourself towards you. That love will lead you towards your being. Love can lead you to the object or to the subject. It is a bridge and it can take you towards the subject. Whoever used the gate to enter into the subject became enlightened. They liberated themselves and liberated others.

In this whole world there are only two kinds of people. One group of people experiences life once in a while in their life and the other group of people experiences life continuously. Whenever you think you are feeling joy, you are experiencing life in the world for those few moments. That is why you feel so alive. You feel as if everything is beautiful. You have a positive experience with the universe. Continue reading →

True Love!

In real life, we always look to express our love towards others in some tangible way. Only if love is demonstrated in tangible form, it is considered to be love nowadays. True love is like a communion. It is a resonance between two beings. It can be felt without any expression. It doesn’t need communication because it is already happening as a communion. If you really love a person, then your very body language will show it. It will be too much to express in words. You will feel that any words are inadequate and will only bring down the love that you feel. But if you are using words, then somewhere the love has not really happened. When you have to speak to express love, then somewhere there is a lie in it! You are using the words just to decorate the lie.

Real love liberates because it doesn’t compel you to express it all the time. It just is. Real love also gives you the freedom to freely express what you want to express. You can easily express anything like disapproval or anger and it will not be mistaken for reduced love. Not only that, with real love, there will be no domination or power play in relationships. Each person will be like a beautiful flower that has blossomed to radiate its unique fragrance, that’s all. With real love, there will be no fear or insecurity either.

In normal love, physical distance between two people causes a lot of insecurity and a lack of trust. Real love doesn’t look for utility. It operates on sheer trust and is also beyond space and time. These days I see people gifting each other with so many things to show their love. Gifting has become an expression of love. If the gifting happens as causeless overflowing, it is okay. We are totally relaxed anywhere in the world. Continue reading →

If we turn our attention towards the experience of love itself, we will be liberating the object and we too will be liberated from the object!

Hatred and love are opposite sides of the same coin as long as love is conditional. Love can flip into hatred the moment we feel that our expectations are threatened. In love of this type, it remains love only as long as the conditions remain as expected. The moment the conditions change, the love also changes.

Often what we believe as love is actually related to time and space. So long as the distance between lovers is large and the time of contact is minimal, they feel love towards each other. However, once they get closer and spend more time together, they feel that they are not so much in love after all! That is why they say ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. Familiarity can also convert love into hatred. To transcend both love and hatred, we first need to drop expectations. Expectation is the first enemy of love. We all go through several stages of relationships in our lifetime. If you observe very closely, whichever stage we are in, when we ask for love we are actually asking only for the other person’s attention. When we say a person doesn’t love us, we actually mean that the other person doesn’t give us enough attention. The basic need for any human being is attention from others. The attention-need, along with our dependency on others for survival, is what we experience as love.

The dependency on others might be psychological, physical or spiritual. For example, when you expect someone to lend you a shoulder to cry on, you are dependent upon that person psychologically. When you expect someone to provide you with money or fulfill your bodily pleasures, you are dependent upon them physically. In whatever way people may fulfill this dependency, what it boils down to is the attention that they give us! The whole idea of love is nothing but getting the attention of the other in some way. Continue reading →

You must have at least one relationship in your life that exists for no reason!

Many people confuse lust with love. This is one of the greatest tragedies. The person who thinks lust is love remains confined to the physical plane. He never rises higher than that. He has no idea that there is a higher plane. He remains in the basement of his house. Sex is the basement. It is not the place to live in. You can use it for other purposes, but it can’t be your home. Your home is above it.

You must have at least one relationship in your life that exists for no reason. The first thing we need to understand is that relationships can happen causelessly, without any reason. Only then will we understand that the experience of love is much more important than the object of love. You must have at least one relationship in your life that exists for no reason. If you don’t have such a relationship, be very clear, even if you have money, deep down you are still poor. From today onwards start relating with someone for no reason. There should be no monetary or physical benefit from the relationship. If you experience causeless love once, after that, if the money is shared, if the body is shared, it is okay. The quality is totally different. I am not against money or against marriage. I am not against the physical relationship, but if it becomes the center of your life, you are missing something very important. That is what I want to convey here. You miss a major dimension or energy center of your being. Continue reading →