Lust transforms to Love when you remove the impurity of your fantasies, add the purity of friendliness and process this with your patience!

What is alchemy?

The process of changing a lower level metal such as copper or iron into gold is alchemy.

In the same way, when our being is ripe the base feeling of lust transforms to love, the highest emotion we are capable of.

Alchemy involves removing the impurities, adding some pure elements and then processing to change the base metal to gold. In the same way, remove the impurity of your fantasies, add the purity of friendliness in your relationship and process this with your patience.

In the beginning, people may not be able to understand the change in you. Just continue with belief and confidence in yourself. Your sincerity and strength has no way but to touch others around you positively.

When we do not accept ourselves fully and copy someone else artificially, we can be beautiful at best, but never graceful. Grace comes from within. Accept yourself as you are and your partner just the way he or she is.

Add friendliness to love.

As of now, our lust is deep-rooted violence to possess the other person. Add friendliness to the relationship. Welcome the partner as he or she is, do not just accept him or her. Welcome and accept the mind, body and being as it is. Then you can see lust turns to love and your being is in eternal bliss.

Patanjali says, ‘To whatever your mind is attracted, just meditate on that object.’ You may say, ‘But my mind goes to all kinds of dirty things.’ Don’t bother. Do not give the title ‘dirty’. Just beautifully meditate with a deep sacred feeling. Anything can become sacred, when you are respectful and feeling connected. The lust will become love the moment you add sanctity and respect to it.

Love adds life even to the person. With love the person is a spirit, life! Without love the person is reduced to a thing, utility! Without love, when you look at a beautiful man or woman and plan for what you can get out of that person, you reduce him or her to a thing. Only when you look at that person with love, the person is a spirit, a living being.

That is why whenever people look at you with lustful eyes, you feel repelled, it looks ugly, and you just want to move out of that place. Whenever somebody looks at you with a deep love, you just feel like being around that person continuously.

Celibacy is nothing but not craving for the suppressed half that is inside you, that’s all.

If you are a male, you need to experience such fulfillment unto yourself that you no longer miss the suppressed half or female inside you. If you are a female, you are so enough unto yourself that you don’t look outside to experience this fulfillment.

Once you have achieved this state, you can live with or without the female in the outside world. If this is not achieved, even if you get married, you will continue to be under the torture of your hormones. Your hormonal torture is nothing but a yearning for the fulfillment that you are actually supposed to get from within, not without.

When you achieve this fulfillment, whether you are married or not, there will be peace in your mind. It is then that you can be celibate even in married life! This is true celibacy.

source: Living Enlightenment

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