When you decide universe is not obligated to make sense to me, but I am obligated to make sense to the universe, it starts making sense to you, you feel just with life, you feel life is dharmic, nothing is negative in the universe, everything is auspicious.

I tell you, just internalize this one thing: neither you know your identity, nor people around you know who you are. The thoughts which you feel you are, changes every once in a week, month, sometimes once in few hours. And others when they see you what mood they are in, that is the way they perceive you. For example, if you feel somebody is a bad person due to his past 100 activities, and due to some situation in your life, you are in extreme ecstasy, so much of good feeling you have about life, then you will not feel that person is 100% bad! You will feel, something may be wrong, but something may be good! Same way, their idea about you changes, that is why I tell you, live with happy people, you will have a good life. 

Sad people are bad people. I am not lying. Sadness is not cute. Do not sympathise with sadness. This is warning from Kalabhairava to you. It is so sad society constantly asks you to empathise with sad people. Sad people need powerful cognition, right knowledge, not attention. Sad people need meditation, spiritual knowledge, completion. I am not saying be violent or cruel to sad people. I am saying don’t celebrate sadness. It is not cute. I am saying, don’t try to justify, generalise, making sadness as sacred, cute. Consciousness is not sadness.

Sad people will perceive you only violently. Don’t ever be in sadness or make sad people feel cute about their sadness.

Sometimes you may say, the universe does not make sense to you. It does not need to make sense to you. It is not obligated to make sense to you. You are obligated to make sense to the universe.

You deciding to make yourself sensible to Paramashiva is surrender to Paramashiva. I decided, my behaviour, my lifestyle, my thought currents…I am supposed to make myself sensible to Paramashiva. Paramashiva is no way obligated to make Himself sensible to me. When I decided that, Paramashiva made Himself sensible to me! This is the deepest sacred secret..

Jeeva means the individual soul, atma of me. Eshwara is comic soul. Jagat is the world. These three put together is Paramashiva. Instead of thinking world should make sense to you, when you decide Paramashiva is not obligated to make sense to you, he will start making so much sense to you. When Paramashiva starts making sense to you, you feel just with life, you feel life is dharmic, nothing is negative in the universe, everything is auspicious.

Even when Kalabhairava is removing the head of Brahma, he is so just and compassionate. He is just removing only the cancer, not killing Brahma!

The best way to experience and express Paramashiva is you decide constantly, you will rest in Paramashivatva. Even if you struggle to rest in Paramashivatva, you will manifest only Paramashiva component to others.

Declare today – my individual components, as I know me, with all my SDHD, complications, incompletions, I surrender to Paramashiva. From today even if I have that incomplete identity, I will show that to Paramashiva, not to anybody else. I will show my Paramashiva component to others, means extreme love, joy, auspiciousness.

Start today. By karthigai deepam, Paramashiva brahmotsavam, you will become enlightened! Everyone will start feeling, smelling, the fragrance of Paramashiva in you. You will start tasting Paramashivatva internally, externally. It is like from inside also the honey oozes out and from outside, the honey is injected inside. I am revealing the deva rahasya – the most important sacred secret.

Decide to radiate Kalabhairaba’s non-violence, Kali’s compassion. Decide to manifest that extreme love. Through all 3 eyes radiate love. Hug everything you see including the air. If you want to bend air, start loving and hugging it. Hug the air and bend the air as you want with everything in the universe, with every person, being. There is no dead in the universe. Even stone is alive. In Hinduism, nothing is dead. We call it sentient and insentient beings. Paramashiva is fully pervading. He is sthavara and jangama both.

From today to Paramashiva brahmotsavam, I want all my disciples to declare this, call it as Paramashivatva power manifestation! So, you will surrender what you know as you, what others have told you about you to Paramashiva. And declare to Paramashiva:

“you are no way obligated to make sense to me. But I am only obligated to make sense to you and I declare my surrender to you. And I decide to manifest only your component in me and to me and to others.”

Take this as Deepavali prasadam. This is the deepavali sweet I want to give to all of you. Decide to yourself and others, express the Paramashiva component of powerfulness, joy, bliss, powerful compassion, powerful non-violence, everything from the powerfulness of Paramashiva. Start manifesting love, joy from Paramashiva is powerfulness.

When I said don’t support bad people, sad people – I did not say be violent! I said don’t support or encourage sadness. You need to make them understand the powerful cognition. Go on enriching sthavara and jangama through this Paramashivatva manifestation.

When you show love, show real care from powerfulness. You will radiate so much of powerful integrity, powerful authenticity, powerful enriching, powerful responsibility. When you manifest this, everyone around you will start manifesting Paramashiva.

Meditate on the powerful cognition I revealed on Kaala: 25 faces of Paramashiva. Again and again listen to those words, meditate on now! Now! Now !Paramashiva

source: https://www.facebook.com/srinithyananda.swami

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